Aug. 5th, 2005 08:26 pm
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- I've only been able to work 3-4 hours this week because we can't get the fucking scanner working.
- I cannot for the life of me get David over here to visit, so I won't be able to see him since Otakon.
- My backup wig looks like shit compared to the main one, and I'm still not sure that I can get the main one to dye properly.

I'm gonna go cry now.
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Since when did work go from exceedingly boring to exceedingly stressful?!?!?!?!

I hope none of you will ever need something as badly as I want to scream right now.
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I love Titanic.

I've loved it ever since I saw it in theatres 8 years ago. I love it even more now, after doing research on the real thing.

What I hate are the people who bash it for no good reason.

I state this because I remember talking with [ profile] rinichan about Titanic; she hasn't seen it, and doesn't want to because of many things that people have said about it.

I was going to list several, but I spent so much time on this one I can't think about the others :P )


Seriously, Rini, don't listen to people who say that. Titanic is a wonderful, dramatic, heart-throbbing, pounding, and wrenching movie. You must see it. You will see it. If I half to tie you to the loveseat and duct tape your eyes open, you will see it. Yes, the love story is the main plot point, but I still consider the movie Historical Fiction first, Romance second.

Bonus stuff that might catch your eye; Kate Winslet (Most recent character: Clementine) plays Rose!
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I want a normal life again.
I want to go back to school.
I want whatever the hell is plaguing my body to go away and stop driving knives through every part of my throat.
I want to stop coughing until my throat is raw.
I want my eye to stop turning red.
I want my nose to stop clogging and drying up.
I want to know what the fuck is wrong with me.
I want a cure before the pain drives me to insanity.
I want to live again!!!

Gods, I'm so upset that mom's music is making me cry more than the first time I ever heard this song.
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April Fools day is another one of those days that really irks me. Frankly, I fail to see the humor in scaring a person half to death with a big dramatic story about their pet dying or their house falling down. Even little things, like a few years ago when [ profile] evenshadowscry called me and said that Powerpuff Girls was canceled, are obnoxious and absolutely positively NOT funny!

The only reason I ever liked April Fools Day was when Dad used to make green eggs and ham (ham and cheese omelets with green food coloring in them), but he hasn't done that in quite a few years.

Oh well, it'll be over in about...six minutes, so I guess we're fine.

According to [ profile] buff, today is Sakuma Ryuichi's birthday. Happy birthday, O Genki Gravitation Character of Kawaii! *glomps*

(translations for the mundane: "genki" means energy or energetic, usually in the sense of happy-go-lucky. "Kawaii" means cute.)

My throat's been sore since I woke up yesterday afternoon. I'm getting another cold, aren't I?

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I'm glad Housemate helped me figure out the easiest bus routes to Rio, but....

Does the easiest route have to be so goddamn complicated?!?

It's probably twice as complicated to me as so someone else because I only have half a clue where the hell I'm going....>_<

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The good:
-actually being able to to work in Food Trends. And by work, I mean I actually got to cut some vegetables!
-walking in the pretty snow
-kitten break picture:

The bad:
-realizing too late that I had to sign up with a partner for the morning announcements. I hardly know anyone in my grade! That's really discouraging. Waaah!
-spending half of lunch crying
-being dizzy all morning
-being clumsy and sleepy all afternoon
-chances of going to Katsucon for my birthday are veeeeeeeery slim. (not blaming anyone for that. Just pointing out that it's a blech thing)

The ugly:
-having to deal with Heather while I was upset. She always says "Sorry, I'm not very good at sympathizing."

Ok, first of all, DON'T SAY THAT!!! That makes me feel worse!

Second of all, I don't expect you to know every single detail of how I feel. I just want someone to listen (and make it clear that they're listening!!!! Heather, when someone's talking to you, the book gets put AWAY!!!) and give me hugs. You're good at the hugging part.

Lastly, at least try?!? Don't sit there and read a book while I'm ranting and then say "Sorry, I'm not good at sympathizing." I'm not very good at socializing! But I still try, right?
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SS Supernova got canceled! Waaaaaah!

I knew it was a possibility, after how flippant and tardy people were to rehearsals, but I had my heart set on it!!

And while...

-A David and Whitney group hug,
-Seeing Jackie from my friends in Freshman year again (she saw me crying and asked if I was ok),
-Ms. Wiggins in a good mood compared to last year, and
-A possibility of a really cool group in Food Trends who will share the damn work

did cheer me up, I feel really upset and annoyed that Lisa had to cancel the play.

Why couldn't those people just get their shit together?!? Why audition for the play at all unless you're going to work?!?!?!?!?!


Jan. 11th, 2005 09:12 pm
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I stayed during and after the auditions for one act rehearsals for hours, only to have Lisa cancel them because only a few people showed up.

She did say that we were having them today, people!!!


At least I had an awesome time with random theater people who stayed behind for whatever reason. I got to show off my flapper dress (even got brave enough to go up to Spencer and ask if he liked it. My excuse was that I was bored and looking for means of conversation), listened to very weird conversations, and got to see Brendan moon Maggie, then got a few cameos in pictures of the two of them wrestling (I was trying to pull Maggie off of him).

But I wish I didn't have to wait for a whole hour after auditions expecting to do work only to have it canceled because nobody else came.

I couldn't even bum a ride off Arden because he was one of the people who left ToT I was tempted to ask Spencer, but I wasn't sure when/where he was going, and I didn't want to burden him. He only really knows me from this year's play auditions, after all.

Am I being a wuss again?
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My Fairy statue fell and broke her arm and finger! Of ALL the other pieces that fell of the shelf, it HAD to be my Fairy statue that was wounded! WAAAAAAAAH!!!! Forgive me Fairies, I've been so careful! I didn't mean it! WAAAAAAAH!!!!


Dad, are you feeling well enough to fix her?
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We have Stupid Flippant Senior Logic! Yay....-_-

We were watching Naruto in the anime club today. It was pretty good, and it had nice music, but compared to FLCL, it was a bit of a downer, especially since we didn't get to watch the last five minutes of FLCL.

But here's the thing; Dylan was being a JERK! He was yelling at the screen CONSTANTLY, making fun of EVERY little thing! Being two rows away from him, it was really annoying. And it seemed like I was the only one not laughing at him. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and snapped "Dylan! SHUT UP!" And he blurted back "I don't care! This is boring!"

Uh-huh. First of all, YOU were the one who wanted to watch Naruto instead of finishing FLCL, so I would expect YOU of all people to sit quietly and WATCH like the rest of us. Second of all, since WHEN does finding something boring give you the right to be disruptive and bother everyone else who is TRYING to ENJOY it?!?

Good thing Ms. Hardinge isn't letting him have seconds with the cookies anymore.
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Today was Pajama Day at school, so by the time I was dressed to go, I was ready to go back to bed LOL. I decided to bring my stuffed kitty, Purr, with me, promising myself to be super-duper careful. She had a fun time! Lots of people thought she was the cutest thing in the world and asked to be introduced. And she liked to sit in my lap while I did my work.

Ms. Bodmer's gonna be out tomorrow and the day after, and she was out today too. Waah, I miss her already! Come baaaaaack! ;_;

Corey doesn't know Wacky Wednesday?!? I can forgive her for not liking Dumbo (barely), and I can understand not knowing half of the anime I watch, but SHE'S NEVER EVEN HEARD OF WACKY WEDNESDAY?!?!?!?! *Used Book Store Alert*

We had an assembly about drinking and driving. It was annoying. Mostly because the speaker had speaking problems. I have nothing against him trying, but I couldn't understand a single word he was saying and he talked for about 10 minutes -_-. But I understood once they showed the video on it. But something in the video bothered me; the driver was drunk, and carpooling his friends home. He fell asleep at the wheel. He hit the guardrail, which woke him and the others in the car up. When he dropped the last guy off, he asked him if he was going to be ok, and then just went to bed. Hello?!? If someone falls asleep at the wheel, you should assume that they're NOT ok!!! Let them spend the night! Have someone else take them home! Whatever you do, DON'T LET THEM DRIVE HOME BY THEMSELVES!!!! *pant pant pant*

In CWr, we had to write a poem about our thumbprint, combined with information about ourselves. I thought mine looked like a fuzzy caterpillar (I used too much ink) so I wrote about one. I was rather proud of it, and somebody said that it was really cute and that I should write children's books LOL

Which reminds me, I should update [ profile] sarias_stories *sweatdrop*

I took the bus to the mall after school. After getting lost and killing my feet, I turned in my application. They told me that there's a job fair on Wednesday. I should call [ profile] maugorn and let him know.

That's all for now. Sleepy Saria go update story journal.
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Dear Carlos,

There is a big difference between being supportive and being abusive. Encouraging good things and giving suggestions to correct mistakes is supportive. Yelling at everyone for every little mistake they make, ordering people around like they're nothing, and physically *threatening* those who make constant mistakes, like you were doing today, is abusive.

It doesn't bother Neil, and I don't know if it bothers Eric, but it bothers me. In a game of volleyball, I don't need somebody yelling at me for something I messed up on and being accused of ruining the game. Perhaps it was my fault that we lost because I made a mistake. But it happens! Don't scream in my face about it, tell me politely how I could have prevented that. All you did all day was completely break my concentration so I would make more mistakes.

And who cares if we lost? It's only our third week of playing VB, and the class has a lot of newbies! You expect us to start playing like pros right away?

You can't win them all. Shocking, I know. Learn from your mistakes and practice to get better and then you can win. That probably feels better than taking out anger from loss on everyone who couldn't get the ball.

You're irritated teammate,

Yeah, I'm not gonna really send that, but I'm really aggravated and bitter at this guy.
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Today just hasn't been my day.

This morning, I checked my e-mail, and I got this e-mail from somebody who decided that I can't write because he read the fanfic Rowan and I are working on, TPSE. He claims I'm not a writer because TPSE is just an introduction of myself as an author written at great length! What about him??? He writes MSTs! How would HE feel if I accused him of not being a writer because all he does is copy other people's work and mock it??? Of course, he also writes some pretty good stuff besides the MSTs, but that's exactly my point! TPSE is not the only thing I can do!!! You can't judge me by ONE STORY!!!

But what really made this day hit rock bottom......
I DIDN'T GET A PART IN INTO THE WOODS!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *sobs* I had my heart set on that play! I was crying so hard when I found out, I could barely get a hold of myself for the English exam.

Hurry up!

Sep. 21st, 2003 10:04 pm
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Isabel killed our power. Pepco says it'll be back on by Thursday >_< So I'm writing this from [ profile] scruffycritter's house.

We're probably gonna call Pepco and tell them that it's a medical necessity. We have reptiles, and Mom's life is made much harder when she has to go back and forth because of no power in her own home.
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Wow! I've been gone a while, huh? Well, I might as well tell you how my audition for 12th Night last Tuesday (see? It has been a long time LOL) went.

Compared to the other person who did the same monologue I did, I SUCKED! I was so nervous that I forgot almost all of my lines. Corey was holding book for me, but she had to repeat herself a thousand times because I couldn't hear her >_<

And the all time low was when we did Improv afterward, and I was *this* close to playing with Bobby Libby, but he got out of the scene before I entered. That majorly sucked ;_;

So in other words; I don't think I got a part ;_;
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The thunderstorms of last night caused a blackout at school, so we had a two hour delay. Unfortunately, I didn't get the notice about it, so I was stuck bored out of my skull waiting for school to start. Then afterwards, I got so much homework I couldn't believe it was only the second day. *sigh* At least it was small, the individual things I got. It's all done by now, of course.

If things keep up like this, it's gonna be a looooooooong Sophomore year.

My backpack weighs a ton from all the books >_< I feel like my shoulder is going to pop right out of its socket.

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