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Title: Skeleton War
Category: Fanfiction, computer game, Everquest
Rating: PG
Genre: Action/Adventure
Summary: Sunnburst and her husband Syngo get caught up in a skeleton raid near Qeynos.
Status: Complete

This was actually written as an English project. I kinda paniced near the end, so it didn't come out as good as I hoped it would, but I like the beginning.

Peace stretched over Qeynos. All of the city’s inhabitants had settled into their beds for the night. Only a few taverns were still open; giving the few who were still awake a place to relax and have fun.

In a small room in the Lion’s Mane Inn, a young wood elf girl lay in bed, leaning against the bare chest of her sleeping husband. Giving up on sleep, she quietly slipped out of the bed and paced about the room, listening to the singing and laughter and clinking of glasses from the tavern downstairs.

It was rather cold this evening. She shivered slightly as she leaned against the window, peering out at the sparkling sky of stars. It was beautiful, but something about the sky seemed tense and full of worry.

“Sunnburst? Darling?”

The sleepy voice turned her attention from the window back into the room. Her husband had awoken, probably from her absence in the bed. His aqua eyes gazed at her with a sign of worry.

“What’s wrong?”

“I can’t sleep.” Sunnburst replied slowly. He approached and brought an arm around her, letting her lean on his chest as he held her, running his fingers gently through her golden hair.

“You miss the forest?” he asked softly. Sunnburst shook her head.

“It’s not that, Syngo. I just have this awful feeling of foreboding. Like something terrible is going to happen.”

“Norrath is a dangerous world right now, my love.” Syngo whispered, hoping to sound encouraging, “Terrible things are always happening everywhere.”

“I know. But this is different.”


“I’m not sure.” Sunnburst slowly pushed away from him and began to gather items from about the room; a long steel sword, a bow and a quiver of arrows, and a silver chainmail tunic.

“Where are you going?” Syngo asked quickly

“To the hills.” She replied, slipping the tunic over her head, “Since I can’t sleep I might as well go hunting for a while. Perhaps then I can find what’s troubling me.”

“I’ll go with you.” Syngo said.

“You don’t have to come, love.”

“But I want to.” He replied, “I love hunting with you. And if you find whatever danger you sense, I want to be there with you to fight it.”

Sunnburst simply smiled and kissed Syngo once on the cheek. Syngo smiled back, took a small fife from the table, and the two of them set off for Qeynos Hills.

It was more comfortable moving about the city at night. Although it was a little haunting how empty the streets were, it was better than being constantly knocked about by the larger, broader humans. The two elves walked through the city, finding the North gate after some time of trying to remember the layout, and exited Qeynos.

As soon as they did, a cacophony of frantic screams and shouts reached their sensitive elven ears.

“By the Gods, what are those?!?”

“Look out! They’re coming this way!”


Sunnburst quickly ran towards the shouts, Syngo at her heels. She didn’t get far, though, as without warning a long, bony arm popped out of the ground, nearly grabbing her ankle. She jumped back, startled, and held her sword at the ready as the repulsing skeleton clawed its way to the surface.

It wasn’t like many of the walking skeletons that wandered the land. It was wearing rusty, mud-covered armor that was recognizable as that of ancient Norrathian tribes. It’s disheveled bones appeared to be much older and more brittle, yet it was carrying a heavy shield in one arm.

Sunnburst didn’t get any time to study it further, as the skeleton unconsciously stumbled towards her and hooked strong, bony fingers to her throat.

“Sunnburst!” Syngo cried out. He tried to reach the skeleton to pull it off of his wife, but two more appeared, seemingly out of no where, and were groping at him, separating the two of them. Sunnburst, meanwhile, was desperately trying to pry its fingers away from her neck with one hand, and fumbling for her sword with the other. But she found she couldn’t use one hand to draw her sword, and feared that if she were to stop pulling at the hand strangling her, she would be killed faster.

It was getting harder to breathe. She began to feel dizzy. Her vision blurred, and one thought clouded out all others.

Sweet Tunare, I’m going to die.

Suddenly her senses returned to her. She heard a sickening sound of steel on bones and she fell forward. She felt Syngo’s gentle but firm hands catch her before she hit the ground, and she started coughing at the sudden return of air to her lungs. She opened her eyes. A tall, blonde, broad-shouldered wood elf was kneeling before her, narrow eyes smiling at her warmly.

“Are you all right, Sunny?” he asked. Still vaguely light-headed, she could only manage a nod and a hoarse “Thanks, Bunchuu.”

“What in the name of Tunare is happening here?” Syngo asked, letting Sunnburst lean on his shoulder as they both stood up. Bunchuu looked off towards a small cottage in the distance.

“I’m not sure. These skeletons have been popping up out of the ground since the sun came down. They seem to be trying to raid the city. I think they’re coming from around that cottage.”

“Has this happened before?”

“I don’t know. I have a feeling that these guys will go away at sunrise, so all we have to do is keep fighting them off until the light returns.”

“You make it sound like it’s easy.” Sunnburst choked, rubbing her throat.

“It will be if you stick with us!” Bunchuu said blithely.


“Yeah, I’ve got a party up on the hill. Come on, we’ve got room for two!”

Sunnburst and Syngo followed Bunchuu up the hill. As they approached, a group of people came into view. There were three of them; a large pale ogre squatting in the grass, waiting to attack, a tall high elf lady, most likely a spellcaster, as she wore a long white robe and carried a tall staff, sitting cross-legged, as though in a deep meditation, and a squat, gray-haired gnome, apparently a wizard, for he wore dark robes and a tall, pointed hat, and had a small mound of living lava .

“Hey guys! A couple of friends want to join! A ranger and a bard! Whaddya say?”

Immedietly the three sitting on the grass stood up and greetings began.

“Mez Leedroph. Nice t’meetcha! I bash lttle skellies in!” the ogre introduced himself, shaking both of their hands rather roughly.

“I am Frathanis, sworn cleric and healer of our little family.” The high elf bowed politely as she spoke.

“And I’m Littl’fut. Don’t let my size fool you; my spells can pack quite a punch.” The gnome shook their hands in greeting. Sunnburst and Syngo politely gave their names as well.

“Derz dem skellies! Dey cummin diz way!” Leedroph jumped up, pointing towards an army of the deformed, ragged skeletons staggering up the hill.

“Everyone ready?” Bunchuu announced. Sunnburst nodded and drew her sword. Syngo held his fife at the ready. Frathanis and Littl’fut backed off slightly, ready to cast their magic.

“Let’s go!”

The battle started quicker than anyone could have predicted. In mere seconds, the battle had begun. Leedroph didn’t hesitate to use his great size and strength to effortlessly crush any enemy that came near him. Bunchuu and Sunnburst slashed their blades swiftly through the air, striking the skeletons as they passed. Many skeletons burst into flame or became embedded in ice from Littl’fut’s magic. Syngo stood close to the battle, tooting a cheery jig on his fife that magically augmented their strength. If one were to be injured, Frathanis was quick to heal their wounds.

The fight was in there favor for a time, but the skeleton army continued to come towards them, in higher and stronger numbers.

“Diz cud go on f’rever!” Leedroph complained, “Whenz de big bryte cummin up???”

“I believe that sunrise is in about one ho-AIEEEEEE!!!!!” the whole party turned on Frathanis’s scream to see that a rather large skeleton had grabbed her from behind and was sinking back into the ground with her.

“No!” the rest of the party rushed to them, deperately struggling to fight the skeleton away and pull Frathanis back, but to no avail. The skeleton seemed to be completely unaware that it was being attacked, and it held a strong hold to the struggling high elf. Before long, they had completely vanished into the ground.

Bunchuu collapsed over the spot where they sank, hopelessly beating at it, tears streaking down his face. Sunnburst merely bowed her head sadly. But there was no time for mourning, as the skeletons continued to come after them. Enraged, Sunnburst grabbed her sword again and swung it about frantically. Many skeletons fell, but more emerged with each one slaughtered.

The battle went back and forth, only Sunnburst fighting the horrid creatures. With each slash of the sword, the body count of the enemy grew, and she was struck again and again by others’ swords and bony claws.

At last the sun peeked over the horizon. The remaining skeletons recoiled at the blinding light and burrowed back into the ground without a second thought. Sunnburst stood in the field, breathing hard, her body drenched in blood. Exhausted and relieved, she merely let out a sigh and collapsed. Syngo quickly caught her and gathered her up in his arms.

“I’ll take her back into town.” He told the others.

“Sure thing!” Bunchuu replied, “Thanks for your help.”

“I’m sorry about Frathanis.” Syngo added grimly.

“We did just what she would have. She can rest peacefully knowing that.”

“Farewell.” he nodded to the party and carried Sunnburst back to the city. He set her against the wall and fumbled through his belongings for bandages. As soon as he found them and started to dress her wounds, she let out a small groan and opened her eyes.

“Are you all right?” Syngo asked, his eyes filled with worry.

“I’ll be fine, Syngo.” she smiled wearily, “But I have to rest now.”

“I understand.” Syngo smiled back. He leaned forward and kissed her passionately on the lips.

“Take care.” He whispered.

“You too, darling.” Sunnburst replied. Without another word, she leaned against his shoulder, taking in the faint aroma of his yellow hair. Syngo embraced her fondly, kissing her once on the forehead. Upon the kiss, the wounded form of Sunnburst began to fade away. Syngo said nothing, but continued to hold the slowly vanishing body of his beloved.

“I love you.” She whispered. Then she was gone.

Margaret stretched out in the desk chair as the computer brought up the main screen. Satisfied with her successful raid, she clicked the “Exit” button on the game and left the room.


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