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I've decided to switch Crypt of the Necrodancer out for another game this year at Chessiecon.

I've enjoyed being able to introduce the game to more people in the past three years I've featured it in video gaming. I've even heard people say they bought the game because they played it at Chessiecon, which warms my heart immensely. However, last year was a revelation of a problem with trying to make the game an annual event; Crypt of the Necrodancer is extremely difficult. Many people who played lasted less than a minute, and nearly everybody opted to only play the first level because the difficulty was too high further in. And this is absolutely not a jab at anyone's gaming skill; I've owned the game for four years and I still can't beat it. But what this means to me is that the game isn't very accessible to people who aren't familiar with the gameplay, and my hope of being able to showcase custom music through it didn't quite work out because of it, and I expect if I were to continue showcasing the game at Chessiecon it would become extremely repetitive because of these factors.

But fear not! We will still have the game available for play in our supplied computer station, so you can still give it a whirl any time! We can even set you up with some of our custom music if you so desire. And to fill this rhythm game void, we're now switching to Audiosurf and/or Audiosurf 2, a game that creates a roller coaster esc map of any music you pick, that you then ride through collecting colored blocks to make matches. Easy to teach, a little tricky to master, but a lot of fun and far easier to get through a song in one sitting. Plus without the crux of Crypt of the Necrodancer's beat detector, we now have the option of EVERY SINGLE SONG in my >60 GB music library as a possible choice to play, or you can bring your own MP3s! We can't guarantee they'll all come out amazing, but this freedom is extremely exciting to me and I hope everyone enjoys this game that's already gotten me addicted in the three days it was gifted to me on Steam.

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