Drabble #15

Jul. 4th, 2008 04:24 pm
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Prompt #80: Relaxed
Fandom: Karrah/Everquest
Genre: General
Rating: G
Notes: Another nice spoilery chunk of my Karrah story! For those of you who hadn’t been following, Karrah is an insomniac. That’s important here.

The party had trekked across the Karanas all day, against the heavy, relentless rain. The trip was uneventful and long, and when the sun set they were all happy to be setting up camp for the night, especially when the rain finally stopped, giving them some calm for the night.

They sat in a circle around the campfire Ryder built, and pitched some small tents in case it started to rain again. It was a tranquil wilderness scene, and Karrah, for once, willing rested her head.

She lay on the bedroll Ameila lent her for the trip, while the bardesses sat on the other side of the fire, talking. Ryder sat next to Karrah, a small book in his hands, in which he was writing something. Karrah looked up at him, lying on her stomach and resting her chin on her crossed arms. She couldn’t help being curious, but didn‘t say anything.

But she didn’t have to. Without missing a beat or looking up, he smiled to her and answered her silent question.

“Jus’ some new lyrics.”

“You write lyrics?”

“Sho’. I wroyt mos’ everythin’ we perform. I jus’ don’t sing it, ‘cause, well, ‘oo’s gonna listen to a bloke loyk me?”

Without even prompting, he held the book out to Karrah, letting her read over the lyrics he’d written. Curious she sat up a little, reading two of the poems that were on the pages it was open to. He kept his smile as her eyes softened, smiling as she read.

“These are beautiful…” she complimented.

“Yeah, we bards always seem t‘ave a way with words.” he replied casually, matter-of-factly, “I wroyt the music itself, too.”

He reached into the pouch on his belt, sitting aside by his bedroll, fishing out a recorder. Offering her a quick smile, he touched the recorder to his lips and started playing a slow, sweet melody. Karrah closed her eyes, listening.


When she opened her eyes again, Ryder was suddenly gone from her side. The campfire was starting to fade to embers, it had gotten darker, and after a moment she realized that she hadn’t heard the end of the song. Instead, she could hear some faint mumbling.

She blinked, pushing herself up quickly and looking around. That was when she saw Ryder again, sitting on the far side of the camp with Helen, talking quietly.

He stopped when he saw Karrah sit up, smiling at her.

“Did we wake ye?” he asked.

“…What?” she took a moment to process the question.

“Our chatterin’ on didn’t wake ye up, did it?” Ryder repeated, standing and striding slowly to her side. She rubbed her eyes and blinked again, looking at him, confused.

“I was asleep…?”

Ryder blinked, then suddenly laughed lightly.

“You was out loyk a loyt before I even finished that tune I wos playin’ for ye!” he laughed.

She didn’t answer, simply lowering her gaze to the ground.

She was asleep.

She just couldn’t explain it.

“Oy, ‘salroyt…” Ryder added, more serious at her bewildered expression, “I ain’t offended or nothin’. You was toyed.”

“No…” Karrah shook her head, “It’s not that.”

“Wot is it, then?”

“…nothing. Nevermind.” Karrah shrugged it off, settling back down onto the bedroll.

Ryder shrugged and went back to let her go back to sleep.

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