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Title: Karrah
Category: Fanfiction, computer game, Everquest
Rating: PG
Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Mystery
Summary: A story based upon my monk character, Karrah.
Status: Incomplete

Chapter 1 of Karrah:
Chapter 2 of Karrah:

Chapter 3

An unfamiliar scent permeated the air around me. I opened my eyes, taking in the surroundings of my room.

"Master, she's awake." a student kneeling next to me exclaimed. My eyes focused in time to see Master Dareth turn from the open door and look at him.

"Thank you, Raieth. Keep watch outside. I wish to speak with her alone." Raieth bowed and padded out of the room, shutting the door with a soft tap. Master Dareth knelt next to me in his place.

"How are you feeling, Karrah?" he asked. I didn't answer.

"What is that?" I asked instead, referring to the smell, which seemed to be coming from a corner I couldn’t see.

"Incense from Shar Vahl. The smoke will get the poison out of your bloodstream."

"So it was poisoned." I muttered. Master Dareth slipped an arm under me, helping me sit up.

"Here, drink this," he placed a steaming cup into my hands, "It will give you your strength back."

I glanced at the thin liquid in the mug that was almost burning my fingers and carefully took a sip, wincing as it nearly scalded my tongue. I forced the tea down my throat before choking on the bitter taste. Master Dareth held my hands to keep the cup from upsetting.

I cleared my throat of the foul flavor and sipped more, rather reluctantly.

“We haven’t caught the assassin who attacked you yet.” Master Dareth said after some time, “She must have gotten away while we were getting you inside.”

I nodded, taking another gulp of tea.

“The guards are going to want to know what you saw. Did you see her face?”

I nodded again. I thought for a moment, bringing her face to mind again, describing as best as I could. Master Dareth listened, eyes closed so he too could see the image of the rogue.

But as soon as I mentioned the mark I saw, his eyes blinked open, a look of surprise worn on his face.

“A tattoo…near her mouth? Are you sure?” he asked in a suspicious tone. I raised an eyebrow.

“Does that mean something, Master?”

He hesitated, then with a sigh leaned closer to me, voice lowered.

“There are stories of a deadly band of rogues that hail from the east. They are said to have a mark carved into their skin, small enough to be hidden easily from the world; a symbol of their devotion to Freeport.”

“Freeport! They take sides with assassins?”

“It is only a rumor, of course.”

I stared at the tea swirling in my cup. I’d never heard of such a dark side to Freeport before.

Could such a place possibly be my home?

The door slid open, courtesy of Raieth kneeling outside the room.

“Master, the General is here to speak with you about last night.”

“One moment.” Master Dareth replied. He turned to me and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Get some rest, Karrah.” He stood up quickly and paced out of the room. The downed the last mouthfuls of the acrid liquid and placed the mug aside. The door glided shut, and I slumped back onto the bed.

The rain stopped a long time ago. Drops of water glistened on the windows from the sun rising over the city. I turned away from the blinding light, interesting myself in the pristine wood on the floor.

It’s only a rumor...

I wasn’t so sure what to make of that. I knew what I saw that night. I’d never seen such skill in a rogue before.

But from Freeport…?

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