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Title: Karrah
Category: Fanfiction, computer game, Everquest
Rating: PG
Genre: Action/Adventure/Fantasy/Mystery
Summary: A story based upon my monk character, Karrah.
Status: Incomplete


Chapter 1

I sat motionless on the wooden floor, my legs underneath me. My eyes were closed, but I could still see the room in my mind’s eye. I felt someone's hands brush my long bangs back and tie a cloth over my eyes. I didn't move. I only listened to the footsteps around me, backing away, barely loud enough for my ears to pick up the sound.

For a long time there was silence. I remained kneeling, listening, waiting. I felt eyes peering at me from behind. Footsteps approached me…


I used the balls of my feet to spring up, twisted in the air to plant a back kick in the chest of my opponent, then used the momentum from the kick to flip backward, finally landing on the floor, my hands raised.

I heard five more sets of footsteps on all sides. The one to my left was closest. I leaned back to dodge a punch from him, then kicked him sharply in the stomach. My foot touched the floor as a cue for my fist to snap over my shoulder, causing a sickening crunch from someone's nose, before my elbow connected with his stomach. I twirled about to block a kick from someone to my right, and struck him across the face.

I felt another blow coming at me, but I was sent to the floor. I caught myself with my hands and right foot, using my left to sweep under my opponent's legs, dropping him to the floor with a heavy thud. I half-twisted off the floor and brought myself back up, then turned and let the side of my open hand knock the last one down by the temple.

My opponents fallen, I relaxed and lowered my head into a respectful bow. Clapping came from across the room. I ripped off the blindfold and opened my eyes. As soon as they adjusted to the light, I saw my master, Dareth approach me, clapping in approval.

"Well, done, Karrah," he said warmly, "You've nearly mastered my teachings."

"Thank you, Master." I replied, bowing.

"However, Karrah, your reflexes might need a little work. You could have easily blocked the one who knocked you down."

"I know, Master."

"Good. You've done well today. Get some rest."

"Thank you Master." I bowed one last time and turned on my heel to the exit. The cool air soothed my sweating body as I stepped out of the guild hall. I glanced around the little village of Qeynos. Nothing out of the ordinary. People wandering about, doing their jobs, talking with their lovers, fixing their weapons or sparring with their friends. Same as it always was in Qeynos.

At least it wasn't raining.

I bent down and dipped my hands into the little pool that ran past the guild hall. It felt good to splash the ice-cold water to my face, washing away the sweat and clearing my head. I shook my head a little, spraying water from my bangs, and stuck my hands into the river again, then paused. I caught my reflection in the rippling surface and found myself staring at it, my eyes finding their way to my scar.

It was a deep scar that went from halfway across my forehead all the way to my right temple. Quellious alone knows how I got that scar.

It had been four years. Master Dareth told me that they found me outside of Blackburrow, the city of gnolls, barely alive. They carried me to their guild hall and nursed me back to health, but could not heal this scar, nor could they repair my lost memory. They named me Karrah, as I could not remember my own name.

I made my home in Qeynos and became one of the Monks. They trained me in the skills of meditation and self defense. It helped me to clear my head and give me peace, but a part of me was still uneasy.

Qeynos was not my true home; it never felt home. No one except the other students in the guild acknowledged my existence once I was on my feet. It was better that way, I thought. Behind the stone walls that crowned the city, one would find only vermin. One way or another...all vermin.

I had to get out. Soon, I would be free of my training in the Monk guild, and I would travel to Freeport, the other human city on the continent. I hoped that there I would possibly find some clues to my memory. And if not...at least I would have a change of scene.

Thunder rumbled over my head, and spontaneous heavy rain poured down over the city. I wasted no time in hurrying back into the guild hall. I didn't speak with anyone. I merely knelt at the window and watched the rain fall. I brushed my nut-brown hair over my face, self-consciously hiding the scar.

Patience, Karrah, I told myself, You’ll be out of here soon.

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