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I was watching a computer duel on Smash Bros. Melee; Young Link vs. Roy.  It was in Onette, so there were cars going back and forth, as you must always watch for.  By the time Roy killed Link so they were tied at one stock apiece, Roy was high enough on damage that if Link played his cards right, he would win.  However, JUST AS Link was coming back to life, Roy was lingering on the edge of the field, when a car comes from that direction.  BOOM!!! Roy goes FLYING to the OTHER SIDE of the field, where he rings out, and Link wins!

Roy just got PWNED big time.

It was even funnier because I was talking to Katrina on the phone at the time.  "Yeah, I'm watching some NPC's on Smash Brothers fight it out--OMG ROY GOT PWNED!!!"

I wish I could've taped it or something :)


Jul. 20th, 2005 12:55 am
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At a party with [ profile] cellophanefuji. Nobody seemed to really like me. Not even Fuji was paying any attention to me. I had magical powers that I kept demonstrating in a room filled with figurines and clocks, but I kept getting in trouble for doing so for some reason. Nobody liked anything I did, except when I made the clocks on the walls glow and chime.


Jun. 25th, 2005 09:52 pm
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This song reminds me of the LJ Dramanator. I find it rather amusing :)

(no offense to anybody...I just think this song is funny)

I'd like to tell you a story
About what it's like to be a walking hypochondriac in the 1990's
But I can't because...
I'm not feeling good...
I think I'm coming down with something,
Something serious.
*cough cough*

And I'd like to tell you a story
About what it's like to be the pessimistic voice in the crowd everywhere I go
But I can't 'cause...
What difference would it make?
Everything would still be as terrible as it is right now,
So *sob* why go on living?

And I'd like to tell you a story
About how I've alienated everybody I've ever met in my whole entire life.
But I can't 'cause...
'Cuz you're so stupid
You probably don't even know what a big word like "alienate" even means!

Life is hard
Life is rough
Life is cruel
Life is tough
Oh, like a dog stuck in a tree
I've been abandoned by humanity

(Ooooooh nooooooo)

And I'd like to tell you a story
about how hard it is for me to concentrate.
I'm so easily distracted everytime I try to do my work
But I can't tell you about that 'cause....
When did I break that nail?
Damn, I hate when that happens.

And I'd like to tell you a story
About how I can't ever seem to make a decision these days
I've become so undecided about everything.
But I can't cause...
Yes I can!
No I can't...
Yes, I can!
(etc. etc.)

And I'd like to tell you a story
About how it feels to be extremely PMS'ed right now
But I can't cause...
I don't feel like it!

Life is hard
Life is rough
Life is cruel
Life is tough
Oh, like a dog stuck in a tree
Whoa whoa, whoa whoa, woe is me

I really do think I'm coming down with something
I think I've got that chronic fatigue syndrome
The yuppie flu
I'd like to tell you all about it...
But I'm too tired
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context )
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[ profile] maurgorn came over for my guitar lesson, and I was singing There She Goes. But, as I often fear would happen when I play that song, I dropped my pick. I kept playing, trying to stifle a laugh (I thought seeing the pick fly out of my hand was funny). Maugie picked it up and tried to get it back in my hand, but dropped it again. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to play and sing and keep from laughing. Upon returning the pick to my hand, I start to chuckle a bit, but I keep trying to sing and play. After several botched lines because I was cracking up, I finally completely stopped, both of us in hysterical laughter.

I wish we were recording that. It was so funny!

.....*looks back at description* Guess you had to be there. But it was still funny!
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Now that my guilt phase is starting to go away, I'm ready for more happy blogging!

Second semester = so far, so spiffy ^^

Jackie from the old lunch group is in my volleyball class! And so is ROBBIE!!!! YAAAAAAY!!! Robbie was one of the people I didn't get to ask if they were doing second semester, so I didn't know if he was in or not. But he is! YAAAAAY!!!

And by the way, no Carlos or Marcus either!

Carlos is in my Spanish class, but that's different because there's no ball or net involved.

I mentioned before briefly; the people who sit at my table in Food Trends are really nice people. They're a little perverse sometimes, but that's ok; I live with perverts, and it's not the worst thing they can do LOL I even told them that if we worked as a group, I wanted to do more than just dishes (explaining my situation from last year), and they said "Sure thing!" They're also much more attentive than the people I had to work with last year; they're really chatty, but if ANYTHING they say overlaps Ms. Wiggins's directions, it's in low voices so I can still hear her!

Ms. Wiggins is assigning groups next week. I should tell her that I really want to work with these people :)

Come to think of it, I don't think there's anybody in any of my classes that I consider people who piss me off. Maybe I'll be happier this semester!

Auditions for the morning announcements are this upcoming Thursday. I signed up last Wednesday :D

Ms. Bodmer's father passed away recently :( all the PE teachers were at the funeral today, so during Volleyball today I got to sit and write some of an 8-Bit Theatre fanfiction that I've been fiddling around with (there was no actual VB today).

Random thoughts:

- I should go to bed real soon
- 8-Bit Theatre, DDR and Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland in one day = <3
- the lead singer of the people who sang "Go West" on DDRExtreme has a really annoying voice, and it's stuck in my head >_<
- I played a little unsavable FFIV today. I now know where [ profile] damaru's "spoony bard" is from. Why he was called spoony, I might never know, but it was funny.
- Spencer dyed his hair bright orange w/ some red earlier this week. Holy difference, Hatman! He looks pretty cool, though.
- David offered me his part in The Importance of Being Earnest. That was really sweet of him, but I'd already decided I wanted to get back to work in job-hunting, so I couldn't accept. Thanks for the offer, though, Davi-kun! *hugz*
- Speaking of job-hunting, I've gotten application forms for Papa John's and Pizza Hut.
- by now I've finally gotten a different song in my head

Enough blogging. Sleep now. *conks out mid-loading of sleep music*
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When I clean my room.

So far I have found....

- my Dragonball Z shirt (which I wanted to wear to the anime club pictures! Waaah....timing sucks ToT)
- a ton of socks (I'm taking after my mother...)
- a few of [ profile] sagepurr's toys
- candies I dropped on the floor
- my entire collection of Gameboy games
- a piece of [ profile] evenshadowscry's cardboard flapper hat
- my script for SS Supernova
- 20 cents
- balls of yarn
- photographs
- a paper with chemistry notes on it
- my carpet!

And I've still got work to do! But I've made quite a bit of progress in an hour and a half of work, dontcha think?
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For several years, I've noticed that when I'm really focused on something like music or something I'm reading, or if I'm really into something and feel like I'll be embarrassed or get in trouble if someone sees me, and then somebody is walking around in the other room, the first sound I hear of their footsteps gives me this really weird fluttering sensation in my ears for half a second.

My Saria sense is tingling?
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Just wanna make an amused comment that [ profile] mynameismiles, a friend of my Mom's, who has a bunch of Sonic icons and such, has chili dogs as an interest.

God it's been way to long since I heard that one....
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Put the first sentence you posted each month last year into one big, scary, context-free paragraph:

Only remember this part of it. I was having some sort of operation. Better late than never, again. Mr. Diggs promised we'd watch Gone With the Wind, but he could only find the DVD version and didn't have a DVD player, so we watched the best of Eddie Murphy instead. I was in the metro station (waiting for somebody?) and I saw in a poster somewhere that for $40, you could take a metro to Japan. Convention hangover. Q: Saria-chan has to take a shower in the morning to that she can go to the library in the afternoon. There's a big marathon of Extreme Dodgeball re-runs on GSN tonight. I'm way late to say this, but I had a rough day yesterday and I'm gonna tell you why. This is probably one of the fanciest things I've done with the comic; the upper level. Sorry I'm late! 1. Which is your favorite Holiday Song? - Either Little Drummer Boy, Christmas Shoes, or God Rest Ye Merry.
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I'm such a wimp. I cried because they were looking at a Brachiosaurus. And it's all John Williams's fault.
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ZZzzzzzz....*snort* Huh? Wha? LJ? Oh, alright.

OMG, a Yu-Gi-Oh duel in season 3 (4?) ended in......dare I say it? TWO EPISODES!!! *gasp!* It's amazing! How on earth did you manage it, Takahashi-san?

And I had a little rant about Kaiba being an ignorant git about magic stuff when it's RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM!!!! One of the reasons I can't stand him.

(To Kaiba fans who are reading this and shocked: If he ever does something nice for someone when there isn't something in it for him or Mokuba, gimme a call. Then I'll consider changing my mind)

Damien has apparently gone somewhere for the weekend, and he didn't call me to let me know >_< Grrrr......this is getting discouraging.

Today I've worked more on a project that I've been wanting to do for a while; a music video of the old Legend of Zelda cartoon. I've been getting clips from all the episodes before I get started. I have one episode left to do. But I'm really annoyed; two of the episodes have parts cut off; one with five minutes missing, the other with two minutes missing. Fortunately, the episode with two minutes off only took off minor parts (didn't help the poor quality, though >_<) and the one with all the big important stuff missing wasn't a very good episode anyway.

I saw The Tigger Movie this afternoon. It was so cyute! I loved it! And I was relieved at how it turned out. Cut for spoilers )
And Christopher Robin had a British accent? I didn't remember that :\

I think that's it. I should get the last Zelda episode put up, then I'll prolly go to bed, then tomorrow, pumpkin and job hunting, and maybe get a gown for my Halloween costume! TTFN, folks!
I am awake for who-knows-why, when I planned to sleep until 11:30. So now I'm sitting here, mostly awake, kinda stuffy, listening to Enya <3 I swear See-Saw (the band of .hack) got their style from Enya.

I'd planned to go to Dunkin' Donuts yesterday, but I was so dizzy I didn't want to go outside, and I meant to go today, but last night I realized that I have no clean clothes except my PJs. Doh.

Damien's coming over today for a little mini party while my parents are in Myrtle Beach. We're gonna play a ton of DDR and eat yummy bacon pizza <3

I watched Return of the Jedi last night. I was sort of planning to watch it with my parents, but I was bored and tired and wanted to finish, and I decided to use it as revenge for them putting me in public school so I can't go with them anymore! Muahahahaha!

[ profile] damaru found me on IM yesterday. That was cool. She's a very strange lady, but I don't hold that against her. In fact.....Mearl-chan, you should check out [ profile] drwrong! :D
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I've been trying to decide what song lyric to use this week, especially since I forgot to update it last week, but I couldn't think of anything, and then a conversation came up on Bunnyhat that put the same song stuck in my head at five different times today, making me listen to it three times, and it's stuck in my head again now, so I've decided to post it as song lyric of the week.

This weeks profile song lyric is brought to you by....Queen.
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I have become addicted to making Sprite comics. I have been working on one, and I have 7 strips so far. But I should probably be in bed right now; I'm going over to Corey's*glances at clock* later meet her friend Conny.*zzzzzz*
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One year ago, around 1:30 PM on June 25th, I decided to join Livejournal. It has changed my life in several ways. I was introduced to Quizilla, I had a place to vent my anger, it gave me something to do, and, possibly best of all, I got in touch with my really close friend [ profile] selan, who was a Senior at my school when I was a Freshman, and we hadn't talked since graduation. Thank you, Livejournal, I hope next year will be just as great.
See random numbers that I calculated because I have too much time on my hands. )

Maybe sometime later today I'll go through my older posts and proofread them. Again, I have too much time on my hands.


May. 26th, 2004 08:47 pm
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Took the Biology HSA, hand has stopped hurting from the writing, 'nuff said.

We'll be dissecting rats next Tuesday :( Poor little critters.

That's all that was truly interesting, let's see....what can I babble about to cover my pitiful journal entry....

OMG! Mom's so...RED!!!! (

Tut tut...looks like rain...(That's what it looked like this morning too. No clue if it will actually rain)

I have to walk through the cicadas both ways again tomorrow >_< Well, Corey will be at school, so maybe it won't be so bad.

Balticon's almost here! WHEEEE!!!!!

Summer countdown update: 19 days until summer vacation

My day

Mar. 29th, 2004 09:18 pm
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Got an very brief and odd conversation with Whitney in the halls:
Whitney: I'm in agony!!!
Me: Why? What's wrong?
Whitney: My feminism came in!

Mr. Diggs was so funny today! We got into a conversation about whether or not we should get credit for effort. And people were blaming him for their bad grades. Ms. Eisenhower on the security team was there, checking the class, and she was cracking up too :)

Bani took custody of his g/f's Child Development baby, and all it did since lunch (had him in fifth and seventh) was drink from it's bottle. Hmm...he might want to look at that...could be an eating disorder.
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Quote current situation:
Fuji: *whispers in Rai's ear* I think a mime can defeat her. *waits a second* HIM! I mean him! *whacks self* Bad!
Anime-mun: *whips out machine gun* WHO YOU CALLIN' "SHE?!"
Fuji: Not me! *points to a vase* He said it!
Anime-mun: *shoots berries at Fuji*


Dec. 6th, 2003 10:11 pm
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Messing around on a chatroom called Warp 1. It's like Gateway Oracle, only not. We're having fun.

Fujiko lost her teddy bear and my kitty Purr was jumping around giving people kitty hugs. Fuji grabbed Purr and asked her if she had seen her bear. Purr didn't. Then Fuji suddenly fell through a hole. At the same time, Anime-mun dressed up as a clown, and Gina J, who's afraid of clowns, freaked out. Then I turned into Raishinshi (from Houshin Engi), saved Fuji, and went back to save Gina from the evil man-eating clown.

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