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Prompt: #99: Weird
Fandom: Atop the Fourth Wall
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Notes: Inspired by Iron Liz's joke answer about how she knew Linkara, from the FAQ when she first opened her blog. This one's ok, I guess. This is kind of a weird relationship to write about ^^;

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Project What-Is-This-I-Don't-Even
By Sage Saria

Author's Notes: Ok, I just have to say, this is the craziest fucking project I've ever worked on, and I'm only just starting to flesh it out. What do you need to know about this thing? Well, it's based on characters from, namely Linkara's series Atop the Fourth Wall, starting in an LJ RP called Second City where the two characters, Mechakara and Judas Liz, dwell and work together. My friend and I call them the Impossible Ship, because it would be kind of awesome to see them as a couple, but it wouldn't work at ALL because of their personalities, namely Mechakara's in that he hates humans and wants to destroy them all. This idea all started as a simple little plot in an attempt to get the two of them together, even if only briefly, but the conflicting character traits and the explanations as to why things happen caused it to spiral out of control into the project you are now about to read, which is why I have dubbed it Project What-Is-This-I-Don't-Even. As a friend once said, I have no delusions about my delusions; I know this whole thing is insane and bizarre and is likely to have a few moments of OOCness and potentially obscure references to the game among other general nonsense. But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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Prompt: #81: Relieved
Fandom: Second City/Atop the Fourth Wall
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Notes: I hereby call this the Guilt Fic. I play Judas Liz on Second City, who tricked Linkara out into the open by pretending to be Iron Liz. This really took an emotional toll on him, no surprise, so this is my apology to him, so at least in some way he's getting a happy ending. Hopefully it'll make his mun smile too XD I apologize if he's OOC in any way.

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I'd been thinking about it for a while, and decided to be better safe than sorry. Of course this doesn't affect anybody who's already on my flist :3
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Well, with a little research, it seems modifying Raggedy Anne's costume to a steampunk design shouldn't be too difficult since she's sort of Victorian already. I'm thinking of something leaning towards a Lolita style, since that's also based on Victorian fashion, and of course I'm gonna look for something in duller colors when I make the dress, with maybe a few hints of blue in it.

I was browsing Michael's the other day for ideas, and according to one woman I asked, she thinks that glueing the tip of a wind-up motor on a piece of styrofoam would gum up the motor and never answered my question about whether it would hold. I'm not totally convinced it would gum up the motor, since I only want to glue the very tip of it; the white part that you actually use to wind up a toy. My biggest concern is it breaking out of place; I have no idea if superglue will hold. While I was there, though, I did find a section of charms by Industrial Chic, which must make a killing in the steampunk community. I also saw a little gold heart charm with a keyhole in it; if I can find it again when I start actually working on this thing, I think that'll be my golden heart, and I'll find a key charm that looks like it might fit and make it into an earring or something. And it's also looking like I will have to make the wig from scratch again...oy.

I also checked in the party store since that's where I got my striped stockings for the regular Raggedy Anne costume I did a few years ago. Unless I can find somewhere else with better options, it looks like my choices of stockings are staying with the red and white, or going to either black and red or black and orange.

Her storyline is coming together too, since I'm sort of making a character out of this too. Originally I was thinking she had sort of a Pinochio story; some toymaker wanted a child, but was an old widower, so he made a doll. But instead I've suddenly been inspired, and her story has taken a turn for the sadder; she was made to be the perfect doll that any little girl would want; the perfect companion, innocent and curious, and might be mistaken for a real little girl if she weren't doll-sized, yarn-haired and didn't have a key sticking out of her back. But once she was finished, the toymaker died, and the boy who took over the store didn't understand exactly what Annie was and just left her on a high shelf in the shop with a bunch of other old things, and nobody wants to buy her now that she's dusty and beginning to rust from neglect, where she now sits waiting for the day someone plucks her down and winds her up again.

Still on the fence about goggles and parasols, lol

This is definitely a project to keep me busy over the summer, lmao
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Panera's broccoli cheddar soup. Just knowing I'm coming home from work to a bowl of it is what gets me through the day sometimes; it is happiness in a little brown bowl. Seriously, that's what warming one's soul feels like.
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A dragon! :D

*old school reference is old school*
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Just checking in with the world before going to bed.

Shenanigans were had, including bunnies and raw pancakes, duck-billed cow platypuses with antlers, politicians with naughty names, QWOP, wet and dirty games, and more.

I dub this birthday seized.
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The teen involved should be held responsible, and quite frankly I'm starting to think the parents should too because I'm sick of everybody blaming everything ELSE for something that wasn't responsible for the problem, like fucking VIDEO GAMES.
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So in my precalc class we have homework, quizzes, and an online program called Math XL listed under one grade; basically of those three things, he's taking the top two scores/completions and using those for the final score in that category. Math XL is a mostly new thing and this is the first time I've ever gotten it with my class material, and according to the teacher, yes, I could blow it off with no penalty as long as I nail the homework and quizzes.

I'm going to do it anyway, just in case. Gonna register as soon as I'm done with my soup and practice stuff.

Man, five years ago I wouldn't even be bothering with all this. Hell, even three or four years ago I'd probably be blowing this shit off. That's seriously how much I love school now. I think I started to have more passion for schoolwork after I had the idea of where I want to go (still on the fence on it, I may not have the whole answer until after precalc and the two science classes I'll have to take next), and after I realized that I don't have to study cooped up in my room with distractions everywhere; I can sit out of the house, at Panera with a bowl of the most orgasmic broccoli cheddar soup in the world and an infinite supply of drinks and curl up with the book, listening to music if I want and occasionally taking a break for a quick youtube video or two when I'm starting to get fried. It's nice actually having freedom to get work done in a way that's comfortable for me, instead of being forced to do it a certain way because it's "easier".

(I totally keep meaning to make a post of some not-so-happy stuff that's piled up now and then, but then I keep making observations like this, lol)

Drabble #59

Feb. 7th, 2011 07:16 pm
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Prompt: #92: Surprised
Fandom: Calvin and Hobbes
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Notes: Something I wrote during NaNo, couldn't think of any improvements, so here it is. I'd been on a big Calvin and Hobbes kick, and decided to do a little drabble about it. I just love looking at the "X years later" idea of innocent things like comics and children's stories. Also I wanted to do something with Calvin growing up that didn't involve him outgrowing Hobbes; I'm as old as I've depicted him in this drabble and I still carry my favorite stuffed cat around. That's a kind of friendship you can't give up on just because you're older; I never liked that "you don't believe it this anymore just because you're older" thing. Like poor Puff the Magic Dragon. So yes, he still has Hobbes :)

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I have decided that I want to do a crazy project that I am calling Clockwork Anne; a Steampunk take on Raggedy Anne. My idea so far is to go with a duller color theme, make the dress more Victorian, obv., change the candy heart to a golden... heart, make a flower out of watch cogs (like the paper flower she gave Andy in the animated musical), and make an attachment on the back with a wind-up key in it because instead of a ragdoll, she'll be a wind-up doll. Bonus points if I can actually get it to wind up.

This is basically a shoutout for any suggestions of what else I could do to make it more Steampunk, suggestions for how to make the windup key work (I'm figuring what I need is something elastic enough to wind up something this big, but strong enough as to not break nor break the key.), and how easy it is to dye yarn, since I really don't want to go through the effort of making a new wig.
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Prompt #42: Giddy
Fandom: King's Quest
Genre: Romance-ish
Rating: PG-13
Notes: Inspired by a scene from the VGA remake of King's Quest II. Kinda based on the idea of the merfolk being sort of temptresses, kinda based on what would probably be going through the head of a lonely man being kissed by a naked brunette. XD

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Ok so I was talking with Irena tonight about Karrah and its related stories and just wanted to vomit out what I can comprehend of what we talked about before it goes out of my head completely

Primarily we were talking about Ryder and his backstory. I brought up some of the questions I still had about him and some new ones arose. First was about his family; she wanted to know what his parents did that got him on the hitlist, and we brainstormed that his father may have in charge of some sort of underground cultish thing, which meant wanting him dead, and by proxy his wife, but of course she was pregnant at the time so they couldn't take her out just yet, but then of course once the baby was born that was no problem.

His accent, we brainstormed, may actually be related to this cultish thing; they're some sort of hidden race or culture that have a similar accent, which would mean that Ryder would have to be old enough to remember overhearing it; we're thinking between two and four years old. Which means the baby his mother was pregnant with was another child; his sister. Of course both of them would be taken in by the rogue guild, but neither of them would know they're related. I mean the guild isn't just gonna say "yeah, we killed your parents, here's your sister!" Ryder's age is a good point to remember bits and pieces, but probably block out a lot of the more scary stuff like watching them kill his mother, whom I'm starting to decide was also raped (which got the assassin in trouble, I'll tell you what); I imagine the offender strangling her to death while doing so. The unusual accent becomes a sort of personal separation from the guild when he starts to resent what they do; he speaks to himself, imagines himself in that accent, but covers it when speaking to them. After Grace's death, it becomes part of his being, just as his new name Ryder does. Still unsure what his name was with the guild, or in his early life with his family, or whether Ryder is his real name from the latter. Mixed feelings about the accent being a separate entity as well; perhaps it could be how he talks anyway just because of weird trauma and vague memories of his father's work, and he could just be "the new kid who talks funny"

The sister thing won't come up until the sidestory where Ryder goes to take out the guild so he doesn't have them over his head so he can be with River and their daughter. Not sure of the details yet, possibility of my mental image of him being captured is not by the assassins, but by someone who knows them and is wary of him, and knows Ryder's family and what his father was in on. Who his sister turns out to be or how they will interact is yet to be established; won't really be involved in River's story.

Original establishment of the guild as completely neutral may be more difficult than I thought, maybe even impossible. Will have to talk further when we're both more awake and coherent.

TL;DR: Ryder's backstory is still way more interesting than River's. Though it has been mentioned that being a freedom fighter has plenty of potential.
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What better way to play with my shiny new Gamebridge then by making a Let's Play of my favorite game?

So here's my take on Beyond Good and Evil. Playlist here:

Any feedback would be appreciated :3
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Physical description of Karrah

about average height and weight...she looks like she's about 20-23...I don't remember what color I made her eyes. Brown hair, very thin, very light, very straight and very long. She always has it tied in a ponytail, and when she does the very tip is at waist level. Her bangs are really long too, about halfway down her nose in length, and always combed over the left side of her face. She has a scar across her forehead all the way to her temple, as if somebody slashed her with a knife there. She hates it, which is why she grows her bangs out to hide it. She usually wears a white dojo uniform with a blue tunic underneath the top, and she prefers to go barefoot, when she needs shoes she wears Japanese sandals.
(1:07:28 AM) Saria-chan: of course in this scene her hair's down...who knows how freaking long it is by now XD
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And it is turning out to be a happy new year indeed. The deep fryer I got for Christmas is getting quite a workout and the food has so far been a swimming success. The doughnuts and the mozzarella sticks have my votes. Also I smell like canola.

AND AND AND my Gamebridge arrived a week before I expected it to and it works like a dream! Hello Let's Plays!

I am a happy Saria. And I am a Saria who is up past her bedtime.

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