Aug. 11th, 2012

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! - Storyline episode. This episode contains scenes that move the AT4W plotline forward or at least foreshadow things to come or expand on the universe.
* - Crossover episode. Linkara reviews something with one or more other producers from TGWTG in this episode. More often than not these crossovers are movie reviews, and they do not affect the AT4W storyline unless otherwise stated
% - Anniversary special. For the past several years during the anniversary of the TGWTG website, twenty or so producers on the site would get together for crossovers and celebrations. The centerpiece of their gatherings is always a big movie starring all of them. These are part of AT4W canon according to Word of God, but do not necessarily affect current storylines.
Miller Time - An episode in which Linkara reviews a comic by notoriously heinous writer Frank Miller.
PSA Hell - An episode in which Linkara reviews a PSA comic.
Secret Origins Month - Every November, Linkara reviews the very first comic in which a big name superhero or superhero team appeared and discusses how the character and their universe has grown since and whether their introduction still holds water.

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