Mar. 10th, 2006 08:55 pm
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I have been askeep since 4:30. Another crazy attempt to completely desctroy my sleep schedule? Perhaps.

I had a beautiful bittersweet dream...I swear to god I would do this...

I dreamed that after school one day, I stayed in the child development classroom for a long time. Really long time. As in hours. I think there was some sort of party. It must have been close to the end of the year. We watched a highlight video of the preschool year, and had a lesson on things to be careful for when teaching children. Then later, either the dream changed or time passed. I was in the gym with my creative writing class, including [livejournal.com profile] spazmaqueen, who was in the class last semester. We had a reading session, and in the middle of it, Ms. Hardinge gave me a flower and mentioned how much they were going to miss me. [livejournal.com profile] iamspicy started reading a children's book she wrote, and the visual style of the dream changed into a Reading Rainbow scene; pictures of the illistrations from Corey's book, read by a deep black man's voice, etc. Before the story even started, I remember a brief image of two young children cozying up to kiss. Tres Miyazaki.

Like I said, bittersweet. Those were obviously related to the fact that I'm not going to be there much longer. I almost cried when I saw my graduation ticker.


Aug. 4th, 2005 08:33 am
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I was Buffy in the episode Helpless. Or more or less in the same situation.

It was the Friday of Otakon, and the first day of school. My plan was to go to the con with other people from school right when they let us out. I was in Algebra with Ms. Liu, and I turned in a book that I'd forgotten to return the previous year, but she said that I already turned in my book, and started trying to figure out whose book I had. I sat out in the hall while waiting. There were several people dressed up for Otakon so they could go after school; one person helping the janitor was dressed as Alucard from Hellsing. I saw Corey coming down the hall and ran up to talk to her. Woke up just as Heather came by and I was about to tell her and Corey that I was going to Otakon.


Jul. 6th, 2005 10:39 pm
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I found Corey.

She has a new LJ name.

And apparently her life has been a living hell since she got too busy to eat with us.

I'm scared.

I've known Corey for more than 2 years now...I know her and love her like a sister...she's the best fellow High School student anyone can have. But sometimes, since she's stopped coming to visit, I get pessimistic and paranoid. I think of all the times I've tried to see her; Ms. Hardinge's bbq, our parties, Whitney's party...every time. She's too busy. I caught her on AIM once, and she logged off after three lines of conversation. This could all be coincidence. It probably even *is* all just a coincidence. But....I keep feeling like she's avoiding me.

I am 99.9% certain she is not. She emailed me and told me she's not. She signed my yearbook. She even said hi to me in those two seconds we passed each other in the hall. But I just want to see her again in person. Have an actual face-to-face conversation with her. Then I can be absolutely sure. According to her last email, it's not gonna happen this summer. But I hope...I hope hope hope HOPE...that I can see her when we go back to school.

Corey-chan...if you're reading this...I'm sorry that I'm doubting you. I know I shouldn't. I hope to see you in August (Heather's party?), and be prepared to be attacked with a birthday present I've been planning to buy you since last year.


Apr. 30th, 2005 10:15 am
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Having a party at our house. I went to David's house (on a scooter?) and invited him over. He fell asleep on the couch when we got back. I went downstairs to tell the gang (Damien, Rowan, Orenda, Jordi, I think Corey and Heather) that David was here, but asked not to wake him. (Orenda or Jordi) went upstairs and sat on the other couch and watched him sleep.

Something about a hotel. The same hotel that's been appearing in all my other dreams -_-


Mar. 1st, 2005 08:23 pm
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Thanks to Mom, Tilly and Ekaiyu for replying to my post last night. I'm feeling much better and ready to talk.

Since about a week before Katsucon, I was really depressed. Really depressed. Before the con, it was just "I want it to be summer...*whine*" depressed, but after the con it became "Kleenex and chocolate! NOW!" depressed. In the mornings I was fine, but after lunch, I crashed emotionally, once to the point of actually crying during sixth period.

[livejournal.com profile] maugorn thinks that it might be post-con depression because I didn't really make any new friends or talk to many people (except [livejournal.com profile] cellophanefuji, but I only saw her briefly). But here's what *I* think it is, since I had time to think over the weekend;

[livejournal.com profile] coreybear has been really busy since the beginning of the semester, and has only been upstairs with me and Heather once or twice this semester. We've kept trying to get her to come up soon, but things have always been getting in the way.

This lack of Corey's presence has affected me in two ways;

1. I've been alone with Heather practically every day, which is more stressful than school itself.
2. I've been starting to really really REALLY miss Corey, and the paranoid, pessimistic side of my brain was starting to think that she was avoiding us.

So after figuring this out, I sent an email to Corey telling her this. Thus the crying. Actually I was crying before hand because I was thinking about why I was depressed. But still....

This morning I got a reply; she's not avoiding us (that's the FIRST thing she said in her reply. Smart Corey!) and she's gonna try to come up to visit tomorrow morning or on Thursday.

So I'm feeling much better now. Thanks again everyone! *huggz*
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No, I didn't audition for the musical. I was kinda thinking about it at first, but like I said before, I want to start looking for jobs again right after the One Act festival, so there's no way I'd have time for both. But I decided to go watch Corey audition at least, and I ended up seeing lots of cool people audition :D

So...once again, Mrs. McCary couldn't get the rights to the play, but this time it wasn't her fault. They haven't decided on the play yet, so the singing auditions are on hold. So I got to see people's monologues. There were some pretty good ones. I think my favorite was the one where I got to do a little improv;

This one girl's monologue was about how sick she is of every boy she meets staring at her chest. She had Spencer on stage drooling at her, then at the end of the monologue she kneed him in the crotch (acting, of course). Then while she was getting her picture taken for the audition papers, I ran over and helped Spencer up the stairs (yes, still acting). Now, I know what you're thinking; "Was this an excuse to act and be silly or was this an excuse to touch Spencer's arm?"

Good question. *giggles*

My gaaaaawd I want Spencer's audition mug shot! *hypersonic squeee*

And I was very happy for the people who did the lunchtime monologue from You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown. Because without a very kind Charlie Brown wiling to donate his sandwich, I wouldn't have been able to watch the whole audition, let alone Corey's.

Speaking of Corey, we established once again how clueless Heather is; I came into the building, and Corey and Heather were having a discussion. It was obvious from the look on Corey's face that Heather was being stupid again. Heather sees me and asks "Do you notice anything different about Corey's hair?" I blink at Heather and say "Uhh....she got it cut?" in a "duh" voice. Corey jumps up and thanks me graciously. Apparently Corey asked her this and she thought it got longer. Umm...yeah....I think Heather needs a little bit of Corey's Ritalin or something.

Another rehearsal tomorrow, which means being out reaaaaaaallllly late. But at least we're getting costumes prepared! Yay!

Must remember to pack my cell phone.
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No, for the thousandth time, I DON'T want to run virus scans right now!


Well, my three-day-Rowan turned out to be a two-day-Rowan, 'cause she had to leave early Sunday morning. *glare* You could have woken me up to say goodbye, you know...

Anyways, [livejournal.com profile] coreybear and I meant to do an act in Puttin' on the Hits this year, but we could never find a time to practice together, so we decided it was for the best if I went solo this year. And I'll have to change the song too. I haven't gotten any practice on the song we wanted to do.

Dylan wasn't at the anime club meeting today! And we were watching the second episode of Naruto! It was actually ENJOYABLE because of Dylan's absence! WOW! What a coincidence!

I also heard that Dylan is actually getting arrested for something. And someone asked me if he had ever threatened me. Hmm...

I'm syncing stuff from Mom's "Widget" right now. Muahaha! Her entire collection is MINE now! My precciousssss......*gollum! gollum!*

[livejournal.com profile] damaru uploaded new issues of the Houshin Engi scanslations! Glee! *glomp* Yu sho good to ush, Mearl-chan <3
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Meh.....Halloween itself wasn't much this year. I was taking a shower before getting into my costume, and by the time I got down there, there was no more candy, thus having no chance to show off my costume to trick-or-treaters :(

Mom and I just watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Spiffy-wheeness! It was kinda on the short side, sadly, but it was way cool! Yes, Mom, you have my vote on BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!!!

It's got me all wound up now too! Good thing there's no school tomorrow. Or Tuesday. Then I have only two days of school, then ROWAN! is coming over! Then there's a possibility of seeing the play that weekend too!

Speaking of which, I have to call Corey tomorrow or Tuesday and ask which day I should come.

And I need to call KB Toys. Gah....why does everything have to involve phones?

This week's profile song lyric is brought to you by....Flashman
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Today was Pajama Day at school, so by the time I was dressed to go, I was ready to go back to bed LOL. I decided to bring my stuffed kitty, Purr, with me, promising myself to be super-duper careful. She had a fun time! Lots of people thought she was the cutest thing in the world and asked to be introduced. And she liked to sit in my lap while I did my work.

Ms. Bodmer's gonna be out tomorrow and the day after, and she was out today too. Waah, I miss her already! Come baaaaaack! ;_;

Corey doesn't know Wacky Wednesday?!? I can forgive her for not liking Dumbo (barely), and I can understand not knowing half of the anime I watch, but SHE'S NEVER EVEN HEARD OF WACKY WEDNESDAY?!?!?!?! *Used Book Store Alert*

We had an assembly about drinking and driving. It was annoying. Mostly because the speaker had speaking problems. I have nothing against him trying, but I couldn't understand a single word he was saying and he talked for about 10 minutes -_-. But I understood once they showed the video on it. But something in the video bothered me; the driver was drunk, and carpooling his friends home. He fell asleep at the wheel. He hit the guardrail, which woke him and the others in the car up. When he dropped the last guy off, he asked him if he was going to be ok, and then just went to bed. Hello?!? If someone falls asleep at the wheel, you should assume that they're NOT ok!!! Let them spend the night! Have someone else take them home! Whatever you do, DON'T LET THEM DRIVE HOME BY THEMSELVES!!!! *pant pant pant*

In CWr, we had to write a poem about our thumbprint, combined with information about ourselves. I thought mine looked like a fuzzy caterpillar (I used too much ink) so I wrote about one. I was rather proud of it, and somebody said that it was really cute and that I should write children's books LOL

Which reminds me, I should update [livejournal.com profile] sarias_stories *sweatdrop*

I took the bus to the mall after school. After getting lost and killing my feet, I turned in my application. They told me that there's a job fair on Wednesday. I should call [livejournal.com profile] maugorn and let him know.

That's all for now. Sleepy Saria go update story journal.
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Corey and Heather and my parents and I spent the day at the county fair. It was fun! We spent the first few hours in the agricultural section, and we saw the piggie races (SO CYUTE!) and there were some beautiful pictures in the art exhibit. Reminds me that I really need to make something to submit to the fair sometime.

Then we went to the rides. We went on the ferris wheel first, to see what else was there, then we went on the Bobsled, which basically spins around and is really fast and has heavy music and a cool snow machine. I got some of the snow in my mouth, though. Ptooey. Then Corey and I went against each other in the bumper cars, with Heather shotgun in my car. Then we went on the carousel. Then Heather and Corey went on this really intense spinny ride that went verticle, and Heather started to get sick, so we walked around for a little bit. I did a ducky game where I won a fake red rose. Heather asked who my secret admirer was, and we all agreed it was from Syngo ^_^ Heather started feeling a little better, so we went on another spinny ride that wasn't as intense. That was fun, and Corey said we looked really funny with Heather squashing into me and my head leaning over the side of the car. Heather was still a little woozy after that, so we stopped to try to meet up with Mom and Dad. We walked around some more after meeting up with them, I won a stuffed clownfish on a stick (which I wrapped around my rose for convenience), Corey and I went on the Bobsled again, then we started getting tired, so I played a few more games and won a little stuffed whale and a stuffed ray. We met up with my folks, won a prize for Mom, got some funnel cake, then started heading home.

So now here I sit, feet no longer hurting, but legs starting to ache, with the rose in my lap, thinking that this is the most fun I've had at the fair ever. Probably 'cause I'd never gone with friends before.

It's a shame Damien couldn't come with us :(
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I have become addicted to making Sprite comics. I have been working on one, and I have 7 strips so far. But I should probably be in bed right now; I'm going over to Corey's tomorrow...er...*glances at clock* later today...to meet her friend Conny.



Jul. 7th, 2004 12:28 pm
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There was someone in my room who needed my help with something, and he got my attention by mentioning that he can transform into other people, and turned into Vin Diesel. I agreed to help him, but then either the dream changed or the something else I don't remember, and I was at a convention with Rowan and Corey and Heather. We kept getting separated because going up the escalators was making me nervous and dizzy. At some point we were in the bathroom, and a group of Sailor Moon cosplayers was harassing me because I got the name of one of their costumes wrong.

I usually don't get nervous on escalators, though...hmmmm
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Today was my last exam! Summer vacation is finally here! YEEEEE-HAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! *throws confetti*

I have to go to the library later (today or tomorrow) to get some books for summer reading. I meant to do that today, but the library didn't open until 1, so I tried going back into the school to wait, but it was way too hot and the library didn't open for hours, so I just gave up and came home.

Corey invited me to come to her house in July to meet her friend Conny, who is coming to visit from Germany. That should be fun :D


Jun. 5th, 2004 12:42 pm
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The first one is from last night, the other two are from Friday night at the convention.

Corey, Rowan and I were at Balticon. There was a big book of 8-Bit Theatre comics in the con suite. Brian Clevinger (author of the comics) was there. He didn't look like him as I remembered from his pictures, but his name was on the tag. I hopped into his lap (getting a very confused face from him) and begged him to read the comics out loud for us. He hesitantly started reading it.

I was on some sort of trial in Health. If I didn't prove to Mr. Doody that my assignment was finished in 2 days, I would be expelled. I only convinced half of the jury by the first day and I was fresh out of ideas.

I was watching graduation. Only 4 people (didn't recognize them) graduated and they flew away after getting their diplomas, much like Peter Pan. The others threw their hats. My Heart Will Go On was playing on solo guitar the whole time.

There was another one that night that was really scary, but I don't remember it.
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Corey and I were in my room. I was trying to clean, and Corey was talking loudly on my Sonic doll (which acted as a phone o_O). She was getting in the way of working, and I didn't like her using Sonic. I eventually got her attention and asked her to use the phone downstairs. After she left, I closed the door and turned on my radio, which started playing "I'll Make Love to You". Arina burst into the room, saying that she hated the song. So I yelled "Then don't listen! And stay out of my room!" I shoved her out, slammed the door in her face and locked it. Later on, I went out of my room to get something, and Arina came out of the bathroom and started screaming at me about how the world hates me. I turned around and slapped her. She made a comment like "How childish" and went downstairs. I went back into my room, slamming and locking the door. I think she was trying to get in again when I woke up with In My Room performed by Bar Code stuck in my head.

I'll have you know that Arina was very in character, and that dream-slap was very satisfying.

My day

May. 20th, 2004 04:54 pm
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The seniors are way too busy. Why do all the big important things that leave them running around with no time happen during the first week yearbooks come out???

*sigh* Anyway, I got Sher, Eve and Thomas today. Plus a few other strangers. Donn said I can catch him at lunch tomorrow (at least he'll be in one place, unlike SOME seniors....*grumble*) and Heather has Andy third period, so she's gonna take my yearbook with her for the old "My friend made me ask because she couldn't find you." excuse.

Corey's coming by later to drop off stuff like a sleeping bag and videos and such, so she doesn't have to carry it all to school with her. And then tomorrow....WE PAAAARRR~TAY!!!

Oh, and last night, I saw Shrek 2! It most certainly didn't live up to the first one, but it was fun. And Puss in Boots was soooooo CYUTE!!!!!! *squee*

Summer countdown update: 22 days until summer vacation.


May. 12th, 2004 09:52 pm
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(Forgot to put these up earlier.)

I was in the school auditorium, waiting for a showing of Into the Woods, but something happened. I don't remember what, but I sprained my ankle because of it. I ended up with a cast and was put in a wheelchair in some nice apartment, decorated like the kitchen of Corey's house. I kept wheeling around and standing up to grab snacks from shelves.

That's all. Me go sleep now. Nighty night.


May. 1st, 2004 08:35 pm
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I was in the metro station (waiting for somebody?) and I saw in a poster somewhere that for $40, you could take a metro to Japan. I told Mom that I was gonna do this, and she claimed that there was no way I would be able to save up $40. There were other details, but I don't remember them.

Strange things happen when you spend the night at Corey's house and stay up late watching Ranma 1/2 and Arjuna and reading Miss Mab.

My day

Apr. 14th, 2004 06:37 pm
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Corey came in late, obviously feeling much better :)

My classmate Lauren and a friend of hers and I had a very interesting conversation about explosions. Apparently Lauren used to blow up marshmallow peeps.

We've started reading Much Ado About Nothing in English, and I get to read Beatrice's parts! Wheeee!

Forgot to mention the other day...apparently the book report is due tomorrow, so those two nights of spring break spent on it were worth the time :)


Mar. 16th, 2004 05:57 am
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Corey and I were in my room hiding from a sniper.

I was at school, and somebody there wanted to start an Everquest raid. So he sends everyone interested into the library and I play in my room upstairs (the school was connected to my house). The raid is IN the school/house, and we fight with super soakers and plastic balls. Somewhere in there, we had a break and captured our family friend Liz.

I remember somewhere in there I went to Dunkin Donuts and saw Mrs. Hines (Bio teacher) working there.

Woke up with a DDR sing whose name escapes me stuck in my head.

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