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Undyne loved the summer. It was stupidly hot, but the time of year meant that she could practically live in the water for the next three months and nobody dared to stop her. All the time spent there ultimately inspired her to start giving swimming lessons to the children in town, human and monster alike, at her natural swimming pool at home. The aquatic monster children in attendance especially appreciated that part; humans' chlorinated pools tasted gross and burned the skin and gills. It took some time for her to remember that most kids couldn't breathe underwater, but if anything went wrong at least they had the town's best swimmer as their teacher. And she'd quickly show up anyone who disputed that title.

It was another full class day. Undyne was giving the kids some time to warm up - muscles and bodies; the water was pretty cold today - and already they were full of energy, as a giggly argument started spreading across the pool.

"Alright, who splashed me?"

"Josh did it!"

"Haha, did not!"

"Oh I'm so gonna get you, Carrie!"

"Gotta catch me first!"

Before long the light banter and posturing turned to excited yelling and laughing, and soon the whole pool was caught in an all-out splash fight. Undyne just watched with amusement; she always liked the spunk in this particular group. She was just considering taking bets when suddenly a lap of water slapped her across her blind spot, and she saw red. Or rather, she saw the mat of wet red hair that got thrown into her eyes. Pushing it slowly out of her face, she flashed a yellow-toothed grin.

It was on.

Easing to the far back of the pool, Undyne raised her arms, stretching the out to either side. A pause, then she quickly thrust her hands together just under the surface of the water. In the 15x30x6 pool, it was practically a tidal wave. There was a wave of screams as the pool-nami drenched all of the children, their parents sitting nearby observing the lesson, and even Alphys who had been browsing undernet on her phone in the back.

There was silence, then once the kids shook the water out of their noses and ears they erupted into laughter, cheers, and enthusiastic whoops.

"That was awesome!"

"Haha, oh man, mom looks so mad!"

"Dad! Dad! Did you see that? It was like WHASHOOSH!!!"

"Do it again! Do it again!"

The parents glared across the pool at Undyne. Alphys waved her wet phone in exasperation. Undyne just gave a sorry-not-sorry shrug.

Worth it!

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