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Name: Midna
Series: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Journal: [ profile] twilimistress
Age: Unknown
Sex: Female
Species: Twilight Imp
Timeline: Before the Lakebed Temple (once post-Lakebed for one game only)

Appearance: Approximately two feet tall. Her face, belly and right leg are a greyish white, while the rest of her body is darker grey with glowing green markings down her arms and the tips of her long, pointed ears, and around her right thigh and left ankle. The upper part of her face is black, her eyes are yellow and catlike with red irises, and she has long flowing orange hair with yellow tips, like fire. She is often wearing a large stone helmet that adds about a foot of height. It has four horns, is intricately detailed, and was clearly broken off of a larger object, the break uneven where it meets her head, covering her left eye.

Personality: Midna stays very true to her impish appearance; she is sly, mischievous, and manipulative. She reveals very little about herself and very rarely makes close connections with others. Her lonely lifestyle is more out of her own defense than anything; she is very untrusting. She is fiercely stubborn in her goals, and will push others aside if they are in her way. She cares little about what happens outside of her goals. She has a natural way with animals, especially wolves.

Official Canon: Midna is the princess of the realm of Twilight, where criminals were once ritualistically banished to create their own world. But when she was officially crowned the leader of the Twilight Realm, an underling by the name of Zant took over; he had somehow claimed some very powerful magic and had used it to cover the realm in evil energy, transforming the Twili people into horrid beasts. The blow that took the crown at last was to Midna; he transformed her into an imp and banished her from the palace. Midna fled with a piece of ancient magic called the Fused Shadow. The other pieces were held in the world of light, and she planned to find them all to hopefully unleash its magic and use it to overpower Zant.

Zant's next plan was to take over the world of light, killing its guardians and spreading darkness over the world. As this happened, Midna stumbled upon a boy named Link who had been pulled into the Twilight and transformed into a wolf. The wolf being a sacred beast to her people, she determined that he was a hero who could help her take back her throne, and so she freed him from the prison he had been thrown in, and promised to help him find a way back to his human form and find his friends who had been captured as well, as long as he agreed to help her find the Fused Shadow. This she did, with very little explanation to Link about what he was questing with her for, except when she felt it appropriate. They now have two of the three missing pieces, and now head to the Lakebed Temple under Lake Hylia for the last piece.

Headcanon: Zant once hoped to be a suitor to Midna, staying loyal to her family and courting her when he had the chance. It's uncertain whether his feelings for her were true or not, but his love of her crown was clear when she refused him and began his hostile takeover of the Twilight Palace. He killed Midna's parents and locked her in the dungeon. She stayed there willingly for some time, keeping her ear to the ground on the state of her kingdom, until one royal guard still loyal to her gave her the chance to escape and find the piece of the Fused Shadow the royal family guarded. That was when she encountered Zant's magic in full force, transformed into an imp.

RP Canon - [ profile] fandangohigh/[ profile] flamingoheights: TBA later; a lot of content to remember from a LONG time ago.

Natural abilities: Midna has a knack with animals, and can often submit them to her will just by appealing to their instincts. In general she is good at reading people and appealing to their emotions, which she can use to her advantage. In [ profile] flamingoheights canon, she is fluent in German and a skilled violinist.

Supernatural abilities: Midna's imp form grants her the power to levetate, teleport, and hide in the shadows, and if she concentrates hard enough she can levetate objects besides herself. She also has some dark magic at her disposal, most notably being able to channel it in small energy balls that she can throw as projectiles. Her hair seems to have a mind of its own; it can stretch to about twice her body length and she can use it to grab nearby objects or as a weapon.

Image Song: Sleeping Sun by Nightwish

Origin of username: I just really like the word "mistress," and thought it fitting for her dominating and somewhat sophisticated personality. It would have been "twilightmistress" if that wasn't too long, and Twili IS the name of her race.
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