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Title: Path of a Rising Sunn
Category: Fanfiction, computer game, Everquest
Rating: PG
Genres: Action/Adventure, Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Summary: A story of revenge, devotion, and forbidden love, staring my character Sunnburst.
Status: Incomplete
Chapter 1 )


Apr. 2nd, 2004 04:14 pm
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You know I'm really sick when I don't even feel like playing EQ.

Took some sudafed, took a brief nap, hopefully this'll clear up.

I hate being sick on spring break.


Mar. 16th, 2004 05:57 am
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Corey and I were in my room hiding from a sniper.

I was at school, and somebody there wanted to start an Everquest raid. So he sends everyone interested into the library and I play in my room upstairs (the school was connected to my house). The raid is IN the school/house, and we fight with super soakers and plastic balls. Somewhere in there, we had a break and captured our family friend Liz.

I remember somewhere in there I went to Dunkin Donuts and saw Mrs. Hines (Bio teacher) working there.

Woke up with a DDR sing whose name escapes me stuck in my head.
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By now, you're probably sick of Syngo. Or maybe you've been mentally bringing us together. Well, either way, I am very happy now because of today's rendezvous with him.

He actually came around to saying that he loved me ^____^ So I told him that I felt the same. Then we spent the rest of the time sitting together talking. A little while before we had to leave, he went out of character to talk to me a little bit. I thought that was cool; it shows that the person playing the guy I love sees me as a friend. It was kind of amusing how he talked OOC as if they were two separate people. ("Take care, hun. I'll let Syngo say goodbye now.")

Syngo will always love Sunnburst and Sunnburst will always love Syngo. I am off now to write about what I remember of our conversations. Bai-bai!


Feb. 8th, 2004 12:09 pm
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It's official....too much Everquest and talking to Syngo *_*

I was in a group on Everquest. It was me, someone else (Jessimica?) and Syngo. Syngo was guiding us through the tower of the Crushbone castle (which looked like one of the Forest Temple's stairways from Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time). He was playing a song that made us all invisible. At some point I fell behind slightly and the effects of the song wore off briefly. Ambassador Dvinn (*THE* toughest being in all of Crushbone) saw me, and then I went invisible again 'cause I caught up with the others. He had a bow with him, and he started taunting us by loading his bow reeeaaaaally slowly, then started oiling it (??? Do you oil bows?) reaaaaaaally slowly.

Then I woke up in Mr. Calandro's English class, which was taking place in my College Prep Literature classroom.

That's all I remember. Woke up out of a need to go to the bathroom and a DESPERATE need to blow my nose.
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I saw Syngo again today. He helped me part-way through this quest to bring up faction in Luclin. (EQ stuff, that's not important) It was really sweet of him. He was really protective too, when we were going through the rougher terrain. He told me to stay close so he could protect me (I assumed), then added "I enjoy it." *_* At some point he actually called me "Sunny" instead of "M'Lady," then later actually called me Sunnburst.

Then when I told him I had to go he said that he had something to ask me next time we met. *___* *can only imagine*
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I had an interesting dream last night, but I only vaguely remember it.

I wanted to play Everquest, but we had to drive to some sort of military base in order for me to play. So I ended up playing on this HUGE computer screen. And the loading sequence was different somehow, but I don't remember.

Once I got playing, I'm not sure if I got sucked into the game or what, but Sunnburst and all the other characters started talking. Not like text message talking, but actually talking, with real human voices. Sunnburst sounded like Zelda from the old Legend of Zelda cartoon. And Kelethin looked different (more realistic?).

That's about all I remember.

Geez, I've been so hot all day! How can one feel feverish and have a normal temperature?
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I just finished my last EQ run of the month. If I'm good, which I'll try to be, next month I'll be allowed to start playing again. But I'll still need to do the whole homework bedtime school thing. So before I logged off I said goodbye to everyone who was there and who was willing to lend an ear--er--eye--er....

well anyway, it's gonna kinda suck not being able to play. I didn't even get to give Syngo and Jessimica the news because they haven't been on in ages! Waaah!

*sigh* Tomorrow I go back to school. At least it'll give me things to post here.
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Only a week and a half until school starts. Man, I don't want to go back yet! Summer's too much fun!

Oh well, the good side is that this year we're doing three plays instead of two. I hope we pick Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as our musical! I'd be a great narrator! And Arden Moscatti would make a perfect Joseph! Normally I would say Bobby Libby would be perfect, but Bobby graduated last year, so that leaves Arden open ^_^

Rowan and her little brother Cory have been appearing in my dreams a lot lately. Guess I'm still wondering if Rowan's coming down to live with us or not. Amazing the things your subconscious tells you.

I met this really cool guy in a group on Everquest yesterday. His name is Syngo. I think he's a Wood Elf, I'm not sure because he's anonymous on the "Who" list. But I do know that he's a bard,and he's really nice and really charming. He calls me "M'lady." I think he likes me ^_^. I know I'm taking quite a liking to him ^_^_^. Maybe he'll be on today!


Jun. 26th, 2003 12:33 pm
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Mom just gave me a free month. My character is a Wood Elf Ranger named Sunnburst. I'll post a picture sometime soon (if I can figure out how to take pics).

Damien wants to play now. Gotta go.
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Mom says we can use the credit card for a month, so I'll be able to play. Right now I'm waiting for everything to upload. *sigh* bloody boring.

Damien's on a chatroom at the moment, so I'm trying to keep this short :P
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Ah....I went to lie down on the couch for a while and watch Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, and I think that helped 'cause I'm not shaking anymore.

There are actually things going on online now! Namely, there are some message boards that have posts I can reply to.

There's just one thing that gets me now; there are three packages for Mom sitting on the counter.....I doubt any of them are my games (they'd be addressed to Mom. I have the money, she has the Ebay account and the bidding strategies), but still, they make me curious. Hmmmm......

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