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I now have a backloggery account, which can be found at

This is way better than Dreamwidth for keeping track of my games, so updates will be over there from now on.
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I was watching a computer duel on Smash Bros. Melee; Young Link vs. Roy.  It was in Onette, so there were cars going back and forth, as you must always watch for.  By the time Roy killed Link so they were tied at one stock apiece, Roy was high enough on damage that if Link played his cards right, he would win.  However, JUST AS Link was coming back to life, Roy was lingering on the edge of the field, when a car comes from that direction.  BOOM!!! Roy goes FLYING to the OTHER SIDE of the field, where he rings out, and Link wins!

Roy just got PWNED big time.

It was even funnier because I was talking to Katrina on the phone at the time.  "Yeah, I'm watching some NPC's on Smash Brothers fight it out--OMG ROY GOT PWNED!!!"

I wish I could've taped it or something :)
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Yes, I finally did get past Ursula.

In fact, now I'm in Hollow Bastion. *waaaaah! I'm almost to the eeeeeend.....;_;*

And I think it's safe to say that I'm completely lost.
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My gloves came today!!! Yaaaaaay!

Tomorrow I'm going out to Jo Anne Fabrics (again) to get some hooks for the skirt, then I'm going to the mall to get a back-up top, and some batteries and foot pads and maybe some aspirin from CVS.

7 days until Otakon!!!
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I agree with [ profile] lfangor; lists are wonderful. Especially when trying to get organized.

Things left to do before Otakon:
- Finish cosplay
- Call Tangent and make sure we're still on for that weekend
- Also ask Tangent about David

- Final shopping trip
- Make sign ("Video game music on request! Ask to see list of songs")

Things left to do for cosplay:
- Braid wig
- Hem skirt
- Shop for fabric for top
- Make top
- Decorate gloves when they arive
- Decorate cape

Things to pack for Otakon (If I miss anything you think I'd need, let me know!):
- Sun screen
- Hat
- Light clothes (possibly DBZ shirt?)
- Cell phone
- Costume
----- Ears
----- Top
----- Cape
----- Wig
----- Gloves
----- Sandals
----- Belt?
----- Bat plushie
----- Handkerchief
- [ profile] sagepurr (LEAVE AT TANGENT'S!!!!)
- Money (set aside $50 for Tangent)
- Keyboard & repotoir
- Sign
- Umbrella or poncho
- Disposable cameras (at least 3 or 4)
- Sneakers
- Pads for sandals
- Granola bars or other small eatibles
- Book(s)
- Glow jewelry
-----3 bracelets
-----2 rings

11 days until Otakon!
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- Got Katsucon pictures developed (The Naruto photoshoot pics didn't come out!!! ToT)
- Went to the party store and got a back-up wig in case the new shipment of wig dye doesn't do any better than the last one
- Got 2 wig caps and some clip-on glowstick earrings for the dancing at Otakon
- Got 2 bottles of sunscreen and 3 disposable cameras

I am now going to reward myself with freezing cold water from my elephant sprinkler :D

17 days until Otakon
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In honor of my new fandom :)

Which, in case someone hasn't noticed, is Beyond Good and Evil.

My fandom fights for freedom.

Jade is Beyond Love

I doubt that anyone else on my F-list would be excited about this colorbar (except maybe Damien and David), but either way, here's the code. Remember to change the signs!

[a href=""]My fandom fights for freedom.[/a]
[img src=""]
[a href=""]Jade is Beyond Love[/a]

And I made meself a new icon, too :D

No, I'm not obsessed, not at all!

(Pssst....there are two links this time! The bottom one goes to this post, the top one goes to the official website!)


Jul. 30th, 2005 02:24 pm
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My wig dye came today! I no longer have to worry about going to Otakon as a blonde Flea!

Mom and I are gonna go shopping for more costume material today. Can't wait!

Only 3 weeks until Otakon! EEK!

Anyway, hell week at work is over for me; I had the day off yesterday because the company is moving to a new building, so there wasn't anything for me to scan. It was the scanning that was getting really stressful; jam sessions and screwy computers kept slowing me down. And driving me closer and closer to insanity. Top it off with broken AC and whaddya get? A very very frustrated Saria-chan -_-.

But hopefully once we're settled and I go back into work on Monday, the pressure will be off and everything will get back to its regular, dullsville streak.
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In Beyond Good & Evil fandom (teeny, tiny fandom... ;_;), people praise that Jade isn't like other video game heroines; she is not rediculously busty just so horny teenagers will buy it.

Yet through 75% of the game, she's crouched down and crawling on the floor.

Yeah, they don't need to look at her boobs...they can look at her ass instead!


I'd brought it up with people before, and they were amused. I'm sharing it now because I was just reading my previous post then looking at my wallpaper and going "OMG JADE'S SHOWING OFF HER BELLY! Don't look!" sarcastically.
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Some asshole wrote an ignorant review of Sims 2, accusing Maxis of bullshit:

Of the people on the community I saw this in, 1/3 said "Uh, earth to moron? There's nothing there!!!", 1/3 said "OMG Barbie dolls can be nekkid we should sue Mattel! (/sarcasm)", and 1/3 (the parents, specifically) said "Don't you fucking tell me how to raise my kids, asshole!"

Along with several other comments such as "Play the damn game and see for yourself!"

Once again, I can rest easy, reassured that some level of earth's population still has brains.
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Hero of the day next two months
[ profile] john_tangent: For saving me over $600 by giving me a room that's safer and no doubt comfier than any hotel in the Baltimore area.

Thanks to him, Mom is feeling much better about me going to Otakon, so now I am pre-registered and ready to start working on my costume!

Things to do to get ready for making the costume;

1. Cash my paycheck(s)
2. Order wig and wig dye
3. Take the bus to...
Joanne Fabrics, for...
- a new bobbin
- pink thread?
- patterns for a cape and blouse
The mall, for.....
- shoes
- belt
- gloves
- Genie Lamp?
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Kaze ga yoseta kotoba ni
Oyoida kokoro
Kumo ga hakobu ashita ni
Hazunda koe

Tsuki ga yureru kagami ni
Furueta kokoro
Hoshi ga nagare koboreta
Yawarakai namida

Suteki da ne
Futari te wo tori
Aruketa nara
Ikitai yo
KIMI no machi ie ude no naka

Sono mune
Karada azuke
Yoi ni magire

Guess what scene I just watched. So beautiful....*sniffle* (of course, only FFX players will understand what all that was LOL)

And of course, I didn't save, so I can watch it again *_____*
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the finished hankie the finished hankie

All stitched up and washed in strawberry shampoo to give it a nice sweet scent
skirt material skirt material

comfy, stretchy, and rather cool to the touch when it hasn't been used.
top material top material

this has to be double-layered because it's transparently thin. Hopefully it'll be cool because it's so thin and light. I have a lot of it too, so it's good to make use of.
cape material cape material

this is where it gets really hot. This fabric is a little heavy. But it's the right size to make a cape.
glove material glove material

again, stretchy and comfortable, and the right size in finger-elbow length.
trim trim

nothing really to see here. just the trim for the various pieces of the costume

As for the costume itself, I just got a bigass jam out of the sewing machine, and I need another bobbin to hold pink thread. Also, I may have already screwed up my first glove. Well, worst comes to worst, I suppose I could use the leftover fabric for the skirt, which just needs trim and to be sewn together. And if that doesn't work...I'll go out to the mall and look for some gloves while looking for shoes and a belt.

Think I can do it in 6 weeks?
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So I'm almost ready to start stitching my costume together, but the issue of a wig was left undone. But somebody on [ profile] chronotrigger told me about a forum where I can keep updated on news for the Chrono Trigger photo shoot at Otakon. Generally a good site for meeting cosplayers, planning photo shoots, and getting good advice for production of costumes. The site also has some wigs for sale. One problem; I'd still have to dye it. What to I ask the forum if they know where to find dye in the color I need. Somebody showed me a website that sold wig dye. And guess what? They have my color!!!

Must remember to call [ profile] nandarou_life, [ profile] mathaeus, and [ profile] keith_m043 to make plans for a room at the con. Then I must pre-register! Which of course means that Mom and I must go out and cash my check!
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Well, it's certainly not Chrono Trigger...hell, it's not LOTS of games, but...

Final Fantasy 10 is a very beautiful, entertaining movie game.
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After 2 years of playing DDR...

After months and months of trying...

After trying and trying and trying since last summer when I got my own copy...

I've finally done it!



[ profile] nandarou_life's DDR pad officially ROXXORZ!!!

catch up

Jun. 18th, 2005 08:25 pm
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First week of summer vacation and already my sleep schedule has warped.

Anyway, I'm sorry I got so LJ-backlogged, but here is a list of what has occurred this past week;

Saturday, in which Saria-chan goes to a wonderful party )

Sunday, in which Saria-chan goes to the movies )

Monday, in which Saria-chan spontaneously hangs out with friends )

Tuesday, in which summer vacation starts and Saria-chan has a friend over )

Wednesday, in which Saria-chan goes to a not-so-wonderful party )

Thursday, in which Saria-chan goes to the theatre )

Friday, in which Saria-chan is lazy )

Today, in which stuff happened. )

So now, here we are, finishing a long overdue LJ update. Damien's trying to get us to watch Record of the Loddoss Wars. I might join. I dunno if I feel like trying something new right now :P
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I saw the doctor again yesterday. They're taking a culture strep test as opposed to the quickie one I got last time, and they gave me a prescription of medicine that they suggested I start taking in case it was.

I'm feeling MUUUUUUUCH better today. Still sore throat and still coughing my lungs up, but it's not screaming agony to swallow. If I feel like this or better tomorrow, I think I can get myself back to school.

I emailed my teachers this afternoon, asking for missing work. Only two of them have replied. Hmmm.....

Estuans interius
Ira vehementi...
Estuans interius
Ira vehementi...

God I love this song. I need to play Final Fantasy 7. Last time I saw it was when [ profile] buff was living with us for a few days and was playing it. All I really remember about it was Cloud in a dress and the awesomeness of Sephiroth.
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I have been absorbed by the video game monster. Damien brought me his PS1 memory card. Oh, sweet, sweet Chrono Trigger, how do I save thee?

Anyway, recap of the party, in a giant coconutshell.
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So I fell asleep on the couch last night, and because of that I was woken up by the phone ringing. It was Mom. She was at Best Buy, looking at PS2 controllers. She found a pretty green one that she was pretty sure I'd love, but there was one thing she wanted to ask about; the directional arrows, which are connected on mine (which means that you can't push the buttons directly across from each other at the same time) are now separate buttons, was that ok? Are you kidding, Mom? That's a feature on my old one that I was *complaining* about!!!

So now I'm getting a new PS2 controller, in my favorite color, with a working X button and a DDR-functional arrow pad!

Dark Cloud....Harvest Moon..... .hack//INFECTION.....Sims....I'm coming back to you, my babies!!! *____*

"Great, now I'll be stuck with happy thoughts all day" (/Buffy misquote)

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