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- seeing [ profile] crii in theatre! (and getting his LJ username! muahhaahahaha)
- donut after school
- 7 days until [ profile] rinichan
- getting a little bit of writing done for a change
- funny Dexter's Lab short
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I'm being productive again!

I just went to the MC website again and picked out which classes I want to do. I'm going to get an Associates degree in General Studies. Listed below are the requirements for this degree, and what classes I am taking for those requirements (hopefully they count...the website was kinda vague on a few)

3 Credit hours of English 101; Techniques of Reading and Writing I. They made me do it.
3 Credit hours of English Foundation - English 102: Techniques of Reading and Writing II.
1 Credit hour of Health Foundation - Health 101: Personal and Community Health.
3 Credit hours of Mathematics Foundation - Math 130: Elementary Math I Number Systems. I wanted to take the followup class for that, Elementary Math II Geometry and Algebra, but I have to take this one first. Technically, I'm supposed to take Math 100 before I take this class, but that's the really really elementary stuff that even *I* can do, supposedly, so I can test out of it.
1 Credit hour of Physical Education - PE 103: Fencing. Yes, I've decided to take a break from Volleyball.
3 Credit hours of Speech Foundation - SP 109: Voice and Diction. It sounds like a stupid throwaway category to me, but I've been told that enunciation is my weakness in speaking, especially in acting, so may as well make the best of it.
3 Credit hours of Arts Distribution - English 218: Intro to Creative Writing; Fiction. They say that it's designed for people who don't write much fiction...hmmm...think I could blend in?
3 Credit hours of either Arts or Humanities Distribution - Theatre 109: Fundamentals of Acting
6 Credit hours of Behavioral and Social Sciences Distribution: Psychology 102: General Psychology. I'll also take Psychology 203: Human Growth and Development, since I need 6 hours, and they're only 3 each.
3 Credit hours of Humanities Distribution: German 101: Elementary German
4 Credit hours of Natural Sciences Lab Distribution: Astronomy 101: Introductory Astronomy
3-4 Credit hours of Natural Sciences Non-Lab or Lab Distributions: Astronomy 102: Intro to Modern Astronomy

24 Credit hours of Whatever the Hell I Want -
Computer Applications 106: Computer Use and Management. Taken so I can take the other computer classes I want.
Computer Applications 190: Intro to Game and Simulation.
Music 108: Class Voice
Music 111: World Music
Computer Applications 160: Computer Presentations
Computer Science Technology 111: Basic Programing
Japanese 099: Functional Spoken Japanese
Education 120: Child Growth and Development.

And, if for some miraculous reason I can squeeze it in (like if I decide to get rid of another class or something)...

Education 122: Child Care Practice and Workshop

Next stop...talking to my counselor about financial aid, applying, and job hunting.


Mar. 10th, 2006 08:55 pm
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I have been askeep since 4:30. Another crazy attempt to completely desctroy my sleep schedule? Perhaps.

I had a beautiful bittersweet dream...I swear to god I would do this...

I dreamed that after school one day, I stayed in the child development classroom for a long time. Really long time. As in hours. I think there was some sort of party. It must have been close to the end of the year. We watched a highlight video of the preschool year, and had a lesson on things to be careful for when teaching children. Then later, either the dream changed or time passed. I was in the gym with my creative writing class, including [ profile] spazmaqueen, who was in the class last semester. We had a reading session, and in the middle of it, Ms. Hardinge gave me a flower and mentioned how much they were going to miss me. [ profile] iamspicy started reading a children's book she wrote, and the visual style of the dream changed into a Reading Rainbow scene; pictures of the illistrations from Corey's book, read by a deep black man's voice, etc. Before the story even started, I remember a brief image of two young children cozying up to kiss. Tres Miyazaki.

Like I said, bittersweet. Those were obviously related to the fact that I'm not going to be there much longer. I almost cried when I saw my graduation ticker.
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I hate the people I have to work with in Child Development, but I loooooooooove the children ^_^

After my little meltdown, and I composed myself, I went out to play with the kids, and they imediately ran up to play with me.

Now usually, when I go out with the kids during playtime, I hang out more than I play. I watch them playing together and talk with them about what they're doing, and laugh and listen to them.

Today, C and M leaped out and challenged me to a battle with the puppets they were playing with. C had a shark, M had a bee. The bee attacked me, and being right next to the puppet rack, I jumped on the case imediately; "Oh no! The bee is attacking me! I need backup!" and I grabbed a frog puppet, and the battle of stuffed things began!

C, M, Se and T were the biggest participants in the war. We had the shark and the frog, a goose, and two ants. The shark was the most vicious; it had velcro in its mouth :) Most of the battle is a blur, but I remember lots of laughs and a few times I attempted to suck out the boys' brains with the ant puppet (it had a glove for feet).

I think my favorite part was when C and M fell down dead, and the aid who was playing with them before I showed up saw them and said "Oh no! They're dead! Hmm...I wonder if dead boys are ticklish." C jumped up imediately, while M continued to play dead, and got tickled.

I wonder if I can get myself some pictures of these kids...I love them all to death <3
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My Child Development group has just been thwacked by a Clue-by-Four. Finally.

An is one of the quietest kids in the class, next to R, and I've noticed that we have to repeat questions and directions several times before he responds. He's gotten better about this, but he still has a problem with it. I figured I knew the problem, and even if I didn't I had to go with it, so I've been very patient with him. But my group decides instead to make fun of what they don't understand. This has been corrected:

Masaweh: OMG, An is so stoopid!
Jessica: Oh, I *know!*
Class Aid: Uh, guys?
Jessica: You talk to him, and he just stares at you!
Class Aid: Guys!
Masaweh: I know! He's so dumb!
Class Aid: GUYS!!! He doesn't speak English!!
Masaweh and Jessica: o_o oh...

Of course, by now a few words have made it into his vocabulary, but he still has a lot of trouble. When I first noticed his silence, I figured it was shyness, but after a few weeks noticing that he needed things repeated, I assumed that it was because he had no clue what we were saying to him; Mrs. Mangene *did* warn us that some of our kids were foreign.

That's your lesson for the day; if you don't know, don't assume. No wait, scratch that...if you don't know, you may make *logical* assumptions, just don't display them as truth and do nothing else about it.
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Best...teaching day...EVER!

I'm not sure how the other group went, but Jessica and Jaron and I sang the Penut Butter and Jelly song with appropriate dance accompanyment. It definitelly wins the award for the most fun activity we've ever taught.

Three kids didn't want to sing with us, though; R was allergic to penut butter (which people later made fun of, but I can see why; if she can't eat penut butter IRL, how could she see the fun in singing about it?), Ju just didn't want to do it, and C did actually join us once we started dancing.

But it was SOOOOOOOO much fun! Jessica and I were laughing so hard by the end of the class, and the kids were so fun to work with! M kept eating his sandwich before we even got to the jelly ^_^ he was definitelly the most into the activity.

Tomorrow: sewing cards and pom-pom grape clusters. Can it defeat our champion, Penut Butter and Jelly song?

Probably not ^^

(god I love this class!)
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Today was my first day teaching. It went pretty well until the kids started complaining that they were hungry and couldn't get them to focus.

And apparently ducks say "quang quang." At least that's what it sounded like Al said LOL
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I've been busy cleaning my room. I'm finding more of that weird tannish fuzzy stuff.

Anyway, I wanted to talk about this earlier, but I didn't get around to it.

Monday was the kids' first day of school. They are total sweethearts!!! S (whom I think is younger than the others) is having trouble getting used to this whole away from mommy and daddy concept, but she's getting better about it. She cried all through the free play time on Monday, then calmed down when class started, but on Tuesday she only cried for a few minutes, after the teachers offered some toys.

Anyway, what I wanted to talk about was Tuesday morning. My group's first two days are observing, so our first job of the day is to greet the parents outside and pick up the kids. I love that job because it's another chance to talk to them. On Monday, I only needed to pick up An (the rest of the group took care of the others while I was helping him find his cubby), and he didn't really talk to me much. Also, while we don't *have* to hold their hand while we escort them inside, it's generally a good idea and a nice thing to do. He didn't really want to hold my hand either.

But on Tuesday, I took two kids inside. I picked up T, who *LOVED* talking to me. She bragged about how Monday was her first day, and how she "made breakfast for everybody" and stuff. That was really cool. I have trouble talking to the kids past "Hi, what's your name? I'm Miss Margaret.", so she gave us something to talk about and was really sweet.

But I must say, my favorite part of that whole day was, after taking T (who didn't hold my hand) inside, I picked up Ju, and after he toddled behind us a bit, he walked up to me, arm outstretched, obviously to hold my hand. God, it was so adorable! I almost melted!

Hehe, I'm getting all sniffly talking about was so sweet!

I can't wait until Monday when our group teaches for the first time. We were going to teach today, but the alumni conveniently FORGOT to tell Ms. Mangene that today was the PSAT, so nobody was there for the class, plus there's no school tomorrow for Yon Kipper, and we don't have the kids on Friday. So we just have to skip our science lesson and go with the Monday lesson; large motor skills. We're going to play duck-duck-goose, and do a game of barnyard animal impressions (our school theme for this month is the farm). And I'm head teacher that day, too! Should be fun ^_^

Yes, I'm having way too much fun with this class.

GOD, I still can't get over Ju....*melts*


Aug. 4th, 2005 08:33 am
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I was Buffy in the episode Helpless. Or more or less in the same situation.

It was the Friday of Otakon, and the first day of school. My plan was to go to the con with other people from school right when they let us out. I was in Algebra with Ms. Liu, and I turned in a book that I'd forgotten to return the previous year, but she said that I already turned in my book, and started trying to figure out whose book I had. I sat out in the hall while waiting. There were several people dressed up for Otakon so they could go after school; one person helping the janitor was dressed as Alucard from Hellsing. I saw Corey coming down the hall and ran up to talk to her. Woke up just as Heather came by and I was about to tell her and Corey that I was going to Otakon.

catch up

Jun. 18th, 2005 08:25 pm
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First week of summer vacation and already my sleep schedule has warped.

Anyway, I'm sorry I got so LJ-backlogged, but here is a list of what has occurred this past week;

Saturday, in which Saria-chan goes to a wonderful party )

Sunday, in which Saria-chan goes to the movies )

Monday, in which Saria-chan spontaneously hangs out with friends )

Tuesday, in which summer vacation starts and Saria-chan has a friend over )

Wednesday, in which Saria-chan goes to a not-so-wonderful party )

Thursday, in which Saria-chan goes to the theatre )

Friday, in which Saria-chan is lazy )

Today, in which stuff happened. )

So now, here we are, finishing a long overdue LJ update. Damien's trying to get us to watch Record of the Loddoss Wars. I might join. I dunno if I feel like trying something new right now :P


Apr. 21st, 2005 10:02 pm
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Muahahahaha! 15 note cards! And not only 3 bibliography cards that are required this week, but FIVE bib cards!!! Muahahahahaha! I am the last-minute actually finding stuff GENIUS!!!

And I may end up missing half of school tomorrow. Mom set me up for a doctor's appointment tomorrow because of my throat.

I hope it's no big deal; I don't want to miss Eve's seder :(


Apr. 20th, 2005 09:16 pm
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From the 14th:
I was at school (during Senior year?), and they'd merged with a big shopping mall. It was close to Christmas, so everything was decorated. I was walking around with Corey, and I kept leaning back on the escalators and falling over. I saw Arden (in an ice cream shop?) while going up the escalator, and I waved to him. I think I remember seeing Victoria somewhere too.

From the 18th:
I was at the hotel that the most recent Katsucon was in with Rowan, Orenda, Jordi (and Damien?). We actually went into the other hotel that was hosting the con.
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finally got a good one on the dramanator )

I am posting to celebrate a momentous occasion...


It's not as big as the test I bombed last month, but STILL!! I got an A!!

ALso, Mom's getting us new cell phones! I can't wait! A working cell phone! With the flippy thing! And new ring tones! And a to-do list maker! And a calculator! And--EEEEEE!!!


They should be here in a couple of days. Can't wait!

That is all.

I now post the answers to my fandom meme cut in case you still want to try for the last 4 )


Apr. 2nd, 2005 02:43 pm
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I was at school and forgot my backpack, so I called [ profile] maugorn. I stayed outside waiting for him, and I saw Eve drive up in a blue van. I ran up to her and asked her to stay with me while I was waiting, to keep me sane. We stayed outside, hiding in the van. We were tempted to go inside because it was cold, but didn't because it was class time and we'd get caught. Eventually we snuck in and made it to an abandoned room. Housemate was there, yelling at me for not taking care of a garden of flowers that Maugie gave me.

At the mall, and I had to call Maugie about my backpack. I talked to one of the shopkeepers, telling them that I had to make a call but I didn't have any money for the pay phone, and he gave me a handful of quarters.

At my old apartment complex, at my neighbor's house. I was trying to write her a letter saying I didn't want to be friends with her anymore, but I kept getting distracted because she was being really cool. But I was trying to write the letter quickly, because I was missing school.

....................why would I call Maugie because I forgot my backpack? LOL

I guess this is mostly because school lets back in on Monday?
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WHOO-HOO! *dances around* DDR all night long, baby!

And maybe my folks and I will actually get a chance to watch The Incredibles together :D

No capes.

volleyball blogs )

Today wasn't that much overall. Had one more test, went over homework, finished an English paper, blah blah blah there wasn't really that much to do since it was almost break and the quarter is ending soon and they don't want to bury us for the week. Although in Food Trends, Mrs. Wiggins asked me to come up to help AGAIN! *gasp!* I was mostly just getting paper plates and stuff. When I was done, she treated us all to brunch; she made bacon and eggs for us all.

You know what? That teacher rocks!

I never noticed before since I was so pissed off and a certain pair of classmates >_>.

Also, Lindsay and I had to clean out our refrigerator for stuff that went bad, or that would go bad ever break. Our milk was *really* bad. Don't believe me? Ask my nose; I was stupid enough to ask it. Whoo....>_<

Anyway, today was fun, and now it's a whoooooooooole week of nothing but sleep, movies, video games, and maybe the occasional...well, I dunno. We never really do anything over spring break :P
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Who knew I'd actually like split pea soup?

It was YUMMY! It had a lot of ham and stuff in it, though, so that could be part of it.

A lot of people were complimenting the soup. We did good. Ms. Wiggins thought so too :)

Thank you Lindsay for using her lunch time to finish it yesterday so we had it done today :)

I'm addicted now! Must....find....meaty....split-pea....recipe!

EDIT: On another note, I can finally see my pictures again! Yay! Thank you Livejournal staff!
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Mr. Hinkleday, Modern World teacher this semester, has been a really nice guy for most of the time I've been in his class.

But today, when nobody was doing the work they were supposed to do, he just EXPLODED!!! I mean, I can understand him being upset, but yikes, overkill much?

Then of course he added a little more of a jarring effect by kicking a chair loudly across the room after his big monologue. Either he'd *really* had a bad day or he *really* hates the class...

I hope the former...

Gods! I was shaking for the rest of the class! I know he wasn't yelling at me, 'cause I was working, but still...

I really hate being in the presence of people yelling like that, whether it's directed at me or not.

I'm scared to go into that classroom tomorrow...
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I had a SHOWER and BREAKFAST this morning! Oh sweet alarm clock, I bless thee! *hugs now functional alarm clock*

I talked with my counselor today and got my schedule all set up. Yes, I could fill my extra space with electives, and GUESS WHAT? I've wanted to take Child Development for a while, and apparently 1 semester of that class is worth 30 hours of service hours (which I need 60 of to graduate and haven't gotten any so far), so I'm taking a whole year of that and I'll be free!

I'll still probably get some hours over the summer too; depends on what I'm doing.

And Mom claimed that CD was a waste of time ;)

I'm gonna call the remaining people I need to talk to tomorrow/Sunday to continue determining plans for the laser tag birthday. And I need to make sure Corey can still come; she told me she sold her soul to the Devil and has no time to hang out at lunch or in the mornings :( But hopefully this doesn't affect her weekends.


Feb. 28th, 2005 04:14 pm
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In Food Trends in a kitchen that I'd never seen before; it was huge; about the size of the auditorium. I was with a group of people I didn't know.

At some point the group and I had to go into this kitchen (hiding from somebody chasing us?). One of the group collapsed from exhaustion and a really nasty fever.

Had to go to Japan for some reason (going to court?). The person sending me there (Shampoo from Ranma 1/2?) was really strict; I couldn't have music or a cell phone or anything. My cell phone went off, playing Schala's theme from Chrono Trigger. I kept trying to turn it off, but it wouldn't turn off. Finally it ended up playing something else, and I realized that I was waking up and the music was from my computer.

Something about a giant swimming pool outside a hotel.
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Apparently I made Honor Roll last semester. I was surprised at first, but then I went "Duh, with a 3.28 GPA of COURSE I got Honor Roll!"

Silly me...

In other news, I've been watching Houshin Engi to collect screenshots to make my own mood set! I've just finished disk 3, and I have at least one screenshot that I want to use for all but one or two moods.

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