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Waaah, Heather, Rowan and David left already.....;_; There's supposed to be one more day of the party!! Meaniehead parents :(

Pictures )
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the whole gang the whole gang

Except Corey who wasn't there :( And Heather, who was taking the picture.

Bottom left in blue shirt: me
Girl next to me: Rowan
Kid in Rowan's lap: Cory(not Corey, Cory)
Sitting on right armrest: David
Hidden behind David's leg: Matthew
Redhead behind the couch: Jordi
Guy in the bandana: Damien
Girl behind me doing the Spock gesture: Orenda
Thanks to David for scanning the picture!


Apr. 30th, 2005 10:15 am
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Having a party at our house. I went to David's house (on a scooter?) and invited him over. He fell asleep on the couch when we got back. I went downstairs to tell the gang (Damien, Rowan, Orenda, Jordi, I think Corey and Heather) that David was here, but asked not to wake him. (Orenda or Jordi) went upstairs and sat on the other couch and watched him sleep.

Something about a hotel. The same hotel that's been appearing in all my other dreams -_-
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I have been absorbed by the video game monster. Damien brought me his PS1 memory card. Oh, sweet, sweet Chrono Trigger, how do I save thee?

Anyway, recap of the party, in a giant coconutshell.


Dec. 19th, 2004 10:03 pm
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Heather, Rowan, and Damien's presents have all disappeared. We're trying to figure out what could have happened to them, and we can replace them fairly easily, but I'm just upset that it happened.

*glance at sky* Help?
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No, for the thousandth time, I DON'T want to run virus scans right now!


Well, my three-day-Rowan turned out to be a two-day-Rowan, 'cause she had to leave early Sunday morning. *glare* You could have woken me up to say goodbye, you know...

Anyways, [ profile] coreybear and I meant to do an act in Puttin' on the Hits this year, but we could never find a time to practice together, so we decided it was for the best if I went solo this year. And I'll have to change the song too. I haven't gotten any practice on the song we wanted to do.

Dylan wasn't at the anime club meeting today! And we were watching the second episode of Naruto! It was actually ENJOYABLE because of Dylan's absence! WOW! What a coincidence!

I also heard that Dylan is actually getting arrested for something. And someone asked me if he had ever threatened me. Hmm...

I'm syncing stuff from Mom's "Widget" right now. Muahaha! Her entire collection is MINE now! My precciousssss......*gollum! gollum!*

[ profile] damaru uploaded new issues of the Houshin Engi scanslations! Glee! *glomp* Yu sho good to ush, Mearl-chan <3
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Almost time for my three day Rowan!

*gets funny looks*

You know! Four day weekend, three day school week, three day Rowan!
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Meh.....Halloween itself wasn't much this year. I was taking a shower before getting into my costume, and by the time I got down there, there was no more candy, thus having no chance to show off my costume to trick-or-treaters :(

Mom and I just watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Spiffy-wheeness! It was kinda on the short side, sadly, but it was way cool! Yes, Mom, you have my vote on BUY IT BUY IT BUY IT!!!!!

It's got me all wound up now too! Good thing there's no school tomorrow. Or Tuesday. Then I have only two days of school, then ROWAN! is coming over! Then there's a possibility of seeing the play that weekend too!

Speaking of which, I have to call Corey tomorrow or Tuesday and ask which day I should come.

And I need to call KB Toys. Gah....why does everything have to involve phones?

This week's profile song lyric is brought to you by....Flashman
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Well, today--er...yesterday, has been interesting. Rowan and Damien and I went down to hook up the PS2 to play DDR, but then Rowan discovered that the discs were switched; there was a different game in the DDR case. After a lot of plan attempts and me getting overly-emotional, I finally ended up with my own copy of DDRMax ^_^ Housemate and Mom went out and bought it for me while we were babysitting [ profile] chessie_cat.

We've pretty much spent the day playing DDR, and we were going bonkers when Jordi ended up coming! Whee! And we watched disc five of .hack//SIGN, thanks to Rowan! ^________^ Disc five was kinda scary! Why the heck was Jordi giggling through the scariest scenes?!? But they FINALLY mention Aura's name! That was cool, 'cause it was driving me crazy that she had a name, and I only knew it because of online information, but they never mentioned her name! Can't wait till later when we'll watch disc six!!! ^__^

Anyway, since I now have a copy of DDR in my possession (THANK YOU MOM AND HOUSEMATE!!!*biiiiiiig hugs*), I have made a new journal, [ profile] dancingsaria. This one is to record my progress in DDR. Including weight loss, which would probably be the most interesting to people. But, you know, whatever.

I'm exhausted from playing like a mad monkey, so I'm gonna go to sleep. G'night!


Aug. 20th, 2004 02:27 am
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Rowan's coming over for the weekend*glance at clock* Later today! And Damien's coming this evening or tomorrow morning!

And tomorrow afternoon, I get to go play with [ profile] chessie_cat! Whee!

And in other news, the Crimson family has had their first child and their puppy is finally housebroken! (The Sims for people who want context)


Jul. 23rd, 2004 01:42 pm
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I went back to school, but there was something wrong. It looked like they had just repaired fire damage. [ profile] rinichan was in the gym, setting up for the first pep rally of the year. I thought that was strange because the first pep rally wasn't going to be for a week and a half, and it would be outside, not in the gym. The labels on the seats, where they put the different grades (9-12), were wrong; they said things like 4th grade and such. The bell rang, sounding like a real bell instead of an electronic bell, but before I could go to home room, (Rowan hypnotized me?) and I ended up in first period, apparently Child Development, since I got one of their baby dolls, which was odd, because the baby dolls don't arrive until second semester. The bell rang, and I didn't know where to go next because I got there before homeroom.

Woke up with Tourniquet by Evanescence stuck in my head.


Jul. 7th, 2004 12:28 pm
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There was someone in my room who needed my help with something, and he got my attention by mentioning that he can transform into other people, and turned into Vin Diesel. I agreed to help him, but then either the dream changed or the something else I don't remember, and I was at a convention with Rowan and Corey and Heather. We kept getting separated because going up the escalators was making me nervous and dizzy. At some point we were in the bathroom, and a group of Sailor Moon cosplayers was harassing me because I got the name of one of their costumes wrong.

I usually don't get nervous on escalators, though...hmmmm


Jun. 5th, 2004 12:42 pm
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The first one is from last night, the other two are from Friday night at the convention.

Corey, Rowan and I were at Balticon. There was a big book of 8-Bit Theatre comics in the con suite. Brian Clevinger (author of the comics) was there. He didn't look like him as I remembered from his pictures, but his name was on the tag. I hopped into his lap (getting a very confused face from him) and begged him to read the comics out loud for us. He hesitantly started reading it.

I was on some sort of trial in Health. If I didn't prove to Mr. Doody that my assignment was finished in 2 days, I would be expelled. I only convinced half of the jury by the first day and I was fresh out of ideas.

I was watching graduation. Only 4 people (didn't recognize them) graduated and they flew away after getting their diplomas, much like Peter Pan. The others threw their hats. My Heart Will Go On was playing on solo guitar the whole time.

There was another one that night that was really scary, but I don't remember it.


Jan. 23rd, 2004 08:14 am
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I was with Rowan's family and Orenda in a big cave. We got separated somehow, and I was stuck with Rowan's dad. There was a train station where we were, and there were lots of different trains coming through, some on the same track going in opposite directions, some going by and not stopping at all, some with doors that opened for two seconds.

Don't remember what music I had stuck in my head, 'cause I went back to sleep afterward.

And a dream

Dec. 2nd, 2003 04:38 pm
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I was at Puttin' on the Hits without Corey, and performing a different song (I don't remember which one). Suddenly, a bunch of weirdos (Nazis?) showed up and arrested us all for no reason. We were all taken in separate vans to some sort of underground tunnels. Rowan was with me, and we were plotting means of escape.

And I kept getting "meanwhiles" of Bobby, babbling away, having the time of his life as if nothing was happening, and really annoying the Nazis. *sweatdrops* At least he can stay calm under pressure.

And there were some weird clips of some Simpsons video game where you could play Maggie.


Oct. 19th, 2003 09:41 am
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Quick! Before I completely forget it!

I was at my high school. Three friends and I were having some sort of competitive LARP; Damien and some other boy (his friend Danny?) vs. me and (Rowan or Corey?). We're going all over the place, inside and outside of the school. For some reason parts of the inside are pieces of a hotel.

Damien and (Danny?) started to get really aggressive, and they ended up getting me and (Corey?) trapped in one of the hotel rooms, and I had a broken ankle. Literally broken, like a ceramic doll.

The only other thing I remember about it is that when we were outside (and sometimes inside), we kept seeing Sonic the Hedgehog working at a hot dog stand. And he kept giving them away; running around at top speed giving hot dogs to everyone he passed. He gave hundreds of them away.

That's all I remember. I woke up with "We Have Forgotten" by Sixpence None the Richer stuck in my head.

Edit: Oh yeah, and I think child!Goku from the original Dragonball was there too. Flying around on his Kinto'un.


Aug. 15th, 2003 10:23 pm
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Just received the news that Rowan isn't moving in with us. Oh well :( we weren't sure of the likeliness of it anyway. And there would've been downsides to it as well as upsides. It's still disappointing, in a way.
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Only a week and a half until school starts. Man, I don't want to go back yet! Summer's too much fun!

Oh well, the good side is that this year we're doing three plays instead of two. I hope we pick Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat as our musical! I'd be a great narrator! And Arden Moscatti would make a perfect Joseph! Normally I would say Bobby Libby would be perfect, but Bobby graduated last year, so that leaves Arden open ^_^

Rowan and her little brother Cory have been appearing in my dreams a lot lately. Guess I'm still wondering if Rowan's coming down to live with us or not. Amazing the things your subconscious tells you.

I met this really cool guy in a group on Everquest yesterday. His name is Syngo. I think he's a Wood Elf, I'm not sure because he's anonymous on the "Who" list. But I do know that he's a bard,and he's really nice and really charming. He calls me "M'lady." I think he likes me ^_^. I know I'm taking quite a liking to him ^_^_^. Maybe he'll be on today!
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Hi! I just got back from New Jersey! Yay! I had fun!

We got to do some writing on one of our stories!

Rowan got to do some stuff on Harvest Moon, which she hasn't gotten to do in a while!

Rowan's housemate Cayne scared me once o_o.

And we got to play lots of Dance Dance Revolution. The arcade version was awesome! It'll never be the same after hearing "Midnight Blaze" at full blast on huge speakers.

One dance on DDR burns 500 calories.....hmmm....I wonder how many calories I burned. I lost count of how many times I played :P
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Rowan came home a few days ago! Yay!

I'm going up to visit tomorrow and will probably be there until Wednesday. There's an arcade up there near her Karate Dojo that has Dance Dance Revolution, and we might go down to play a bit. If not, Rowan already has one of the games herself, and we could play that ^_^

I should probably go to bed now so I can be ready to go in the morning. G'night!

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