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I'm gonna add the languages list to my char's profiles, and I'll also add the following XD

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My characters' languages:

Midna: Fluent in Hylian (including old Hylian), English and German, also has enough knowledge of Japanese to get by in conversation with the Japanese-speaking locals. Also while she can't communicate with it, she knows quite a bit about canine language; she loves wolves, after all.

Saria: English and Hylian, also some fangirl Japanese XD

Roushi: English and Chinese, and I think also Japanese XD

Foxxy: Bad English XDDD

Flea: English. I think he also speaks some monster languages or at least whatever language most spells are in.

Jade: Just English.

Dragon: English, olde English, and poetic English XD

Jack: English and emotes

Fugen: English, Chinese and Japanese

Vaarsuvius: Common, Evlish, and possibly some points in other languages

Elan: common

K.K. Slider: English and Animalese
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And now...Saria's relationships XDD

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God that only took me FOREVAAAR X_X anyway, the rest of my characters might be on one list XD we'll see what happens.
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I didn't know bandwagons were stackable XDD

Anyway, I decided to do relationship lists like some of the other folks here XDD Not for everybody, because some of them haven't interacted with many people yet, but whatever I can think of :3 gone down taken char list of each game. Let's just start with Midna for now.

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So I'm going to add a little something to my muse bios for fanny and flammy characters:

Privacy/Hacker skills!

Figure its good information to know, and it'll probably be fun for the curious, since these things don't always come up for my characters XD

Midna: Cannot hack. Has some limited knowledge of securing her private posts (maybe Mello taught her?), but rarely uses it. Nearly all of her private posts are easy to hack, but when she writes more deep emotional things, she will either make the post a little harder to hack, or write it in German to increase the effort one must go through to read it, or both. Knows that there are several hackers in Fandango and is a little annoyed that she can't keep most of them out. Makubex is the only one she doesn't get angry at for hacking.

Saria: Cannot hack. Posts are EASILY hackable.

Roushi: Since there is a lot of technology at Mount Konron, he has some decent, but rusty, computer skills. He is capable of hacking easy to moderately secure private posts, but he does not use this ability because he respects others' privacy, and he's lazy. He will, however, make his posts pretty hard to hack.

Foxxy: About as computer savvy as a tin can. Can't hack, can't secure her posts. But she never makes things private anyway.

Flea: Cannot hack, protects his posts via magic, making them slightly challenging to hack.

Jade: She herself is technically savvy, but not enough to actually hack or encrypt. Secundo, her SAC companion, is capable of hacking just about anything, but she doesn't let him. He also protects Jade's private posts making them moderately difficult to hack.

Dragon: Less computer skill, if not the same, as Foxxy.

Jack: Same as Dragon.

Fugen: Also trained at Mount Konron. Can hack up to a little more difficult than what Roushi can hack. Will only do so, however, if he feels he should know what the person is saying. Or if he's feeling mischievous. Can make his own posts super-duper hard to hack.

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