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I'm gonna add the languages list to my char's profiles, and I'll also add the following XD

religion )
drinking habits )
sexual habits )
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The following is Saria being paranoid and telling herself how not to be. Isn't a big deal, so don't worry.

Naru mentioned the whole TP!Link-getting-OOT!Link-arrested thing in the chat today. Mostly we laughed about it, but afterward I got kinda paranoid. I don't like myself or my characters being in the middle of a spat between two of my/their friends, which I'm half-worried that's what this will turn into. It's awkward and unpleasent. Also I'm a little scared of Midna getting all defensive girlfriend. Last time that happened was with Mello. Didn't end well.

So here's what I say to myself. You listening, self? Ok here we go:
1. this will probably not happen as big as you think it will.
2. if it does, it will blow over. And you will most likely laugh about it too.
3. Link is not Mello. If this does get too extreme, Midna has the ability and authority to say "No no bad dog."

that is all.
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Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Thanks for the drabble llama, it was cute ^_^

I'm kind of amused that Midna got more wolf things than Nightwish things XD She loves everything she got though.

Anyway, I might be a little slow in posting the next few days; gotta get back into the flow and of course I'll be playing with my loot ^_^

Also, after watching Pan's Labrynth again, I have a sudden urge to write a Twilight Princess fic; basically Midna's whole story, from her point of view, as a fairy tale. The trick is Twilight Princess is a LONG story, so I don't know how many details to chop out to make it a decent length. (since most fairy tales are vague on a lot of details). Also I can't decide if I should call it "The Twilight Princess" or "The Imp Princess".
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I decided when I first started playing Midna that her favorite movie is El Labrino Del Fauno (Pan's Labrynth, to us Englishfolk). It has that fantasy stuff that's always wonderful, and dark themes, which Midna's a sucker for. Also now I think it helps that it's about a girl who's a lost princess.

Well, I got it for Christmas, and after watching it with again, with Mom who never saw it until now, and we both wept in the end...

I think Midna secretly cries watching it too XDDD

And the lullabye/main theme drives me even further to want to bring up the idea that she used to play violin DX
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Looks like Midna's Christmas present will be here on time ^____^ Thank you Jess for apping, and thank you Naru for getting to apps ♥

In other news, I HAAAAAATE research papers X_X
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Don't play Twilight Princess when you're tired. Especially when you've played it before.

Unless of course you really like having "Durrrrrrr" moments.


In actual rp news, somebody promoted another RP on [ profile] _hyrule_, and I'm wondering if I should try it out with another Midna. I dunno though...the idea of having more than one journal for the same character kind of bugs me. And it took me long enough to come up with "twilimistress", Goddesses know what else I could use -_-
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I fell kind of bad that Midna doesn't celebrate Christmas. 'cause I'm gonna guess that at least SOMEBODY will be getting her something myself included lol, but she won't be giving anything back.

Unless I decide to force her into it or something...
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Midna: April 9th
Saria: August 26th
Roushi: January 18th
Foxxy: June 14th
Flea: September 27th
Jade: Marth 6th
Dragon: Undecided
Jack: July 6th
Fugen: February 15th
Elan: Undecided
V: Undecided

I don't pay attention to astrological signs. I just go to XD


Dec. 7th, 2007 11:40 pm
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So the idea of Diener came up when there was an unspoken bandwagon of getting characters pets xD I wanted her to have a really wolfie dog, and I was trying to describe the type of dog my neighbors have, and somebody sent me some pictures of Alaskan malamutes. Not the same breed, but at least in appearance it was perfect. Especially with how fuckin' HUGE those guys get.

Today while studying with my dad, we were at a Barnes and Noble, so during breaks I got to look at dog books and do some quick research on malamutes

It seems I got them mostly right XD Diener is a very sweet, affectionate dog, as those who have seen him have noticed. When Makubex came to visit, he bounded right up to him. Ritsu npc'd that Diener was a little apprehensive of him at first, which isn't as typical of a malamute, but whatever :3 and Link he also came pretty much right up to. However one point where I was off a bit was that they don't make the best guard dogs, because they aren't hostile toward strangers. When he met ebil!Maku, he knew something was wrong and refused to let him see Midna in the hospital. Not typical of a malamute, from what I researched, but I think it can slide because Diener is loyal to his mistress, and knew something was wrong (malamutes are quite smart).

There's another thing, loyalty. From what I recall malamutes aren't blindly loyal, and they're difficult to train because they like being silly and don't take it seriously. Training probably wouldn't be too bad, because while she doesn't show it much these days she is a playful soul. Also Diener would probably quite easily follow Midna's orders, because she is patient about it, see above re: playful soul, and also it's evident in the game that she's pretty good at taming animals; she jumped RIGHT onto a giant bird's back and within a minute said bird is used to fly through a canyon.

One thing I think I'll have to change, though, is his attitude toward Link when Jess's app is accepted. Originally Diener trusted Link because he had Midna's scent on her, and he somehow knew that they were in love and needed to talk in private and stuff. But I thiiiink while still keeping that in mind, Diener may also be a little wary of him when he comes back, because he smells like another dog, and according to most of my research they do NOT get along well with dogs of the same sex.

Excercise routine, malamutes need a lot of excersise; running and pulling things. Obviously Midna takes him for rides walks before she goes to school, and at sunset; lots of just letting him run around like the happy malamute he is, but I'm actually wondering if she should have him do some sort of sled work or something sometime. They LOVE that shit. I really hope fanny has a white christmas so he could do something like that, or at least have a more comfortable climate; they're called Alaskan malamutes for a reason XD

Erm...I think that's all XD in other news for Midna, I'm tired of her angsting about Mello; it's not fair to her love for Link and it's all the same thing over and over DX His birthday is coming up, so I have some plans to get her to finally let him go. For real this time. I just need to work out some rough edges (specifically how this realisation comes up; Matt-mun and I are STILL having trouble getting together to RP that damn therapy session) and then I think I'll be ready to go come Thursday XD

EDIT: Cute malamute vids that inspire Diener's cuteness :D
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Select three of your characters.
Have them answer the following questions.
Tag up to three others to do the same.

1: Midna: Emo, wolf-loving lady of the Twilight
2: Saria: sweet, innocent forest child
3: Foxxy: Mystery-solvin' musician with a sweet ass

> What do you think of Christmas?
1: It's too cheerful and bright for me. And like many holidays, its meaning has been lost to materialism, and its current message is not to be remembered only once a year.
2: Omigosheverything'ssocolorfulandbeautifulandtherearesomanysongsandsweetsandnewthingstolearnandEEEEIcan'tgetenoughIwanttolearnmore!
3: Iss a gud day t'get drunk.

> Do you believe in Santa Claus?
1: No.
2: I want to meet him! ^^
3. He a creepy ol' man who nevuh gave Foxxy nuthin'

> What would you like most for Christmas?
1: To go home .........
2. Oh anything is just fine, as long as I can spend it with my loved ones ♥
3. Telepath sex.

> Do you give to charities during the holidays?
1: I barely have my own money with what I spend on keeping Diener happy and healthy
2: I give a little bit of my allowance money to the salvation army when Momma and Poppa and I go to the store ^^
3: Yeah..."charity"...*wink wink*

> What is your favorite Christmas song?
1: I'm not fond of Christmas music. Though the Arabian Dance from The Nutcracker is a nice piece.
2: Little Drummer Boy! ♥
3: Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Wizards o' Wintuh. 'sgood t'fuck to.

> Do you have any friends that celebrate Chanukah?
1: I know someone in the school does, but I wouldn't call him a friend.
2: Sonic-sensei, ne?
3: pfft, Jews.

>Finally, who is the last person you would want to be caught under the mistletoe with?
1: Matt.
2: Sakon-kun ;;;;
3: nobody! Come an' get it, guys' an gals!
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My characters' languages:

Midna: Fluent in Hylian (including old Hylian), English and German, also has enough knowledge of Japanese to get by in conversation with the Japanese-speaking locals. Also while she can't communicate with it, she knows quite a bit about canine language; she loves wolves, after all.

Saria: English and Hylian, also some fangirl Japanese XD

Roushi: English and Chinese, and I think also Japanese XD

Foxxy: Bad English XDDD

Flea: English. I think he also speaks some monster languages or at least whatever language most spells are in.

Jade: Just English.

Dragon: English, olde English, and poetic English XD

Jack: English and emotes

Fugen: English, Chinese and Japanese

Vaarsuvius: Common, Evlish, and possibly some points in other languages

Elan: common

K.K. Slider: English and Animalese
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Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
Make them answer the following questions.
Then tag three people.
Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!

sleme 8D )


Nov. 29th, 2007 03:23 pm
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Midna is more willing to do social things when she's in love. And I do mean in the sense of actually dating somebody.

Damn stubborn muse >/
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I don't remember exactly why Nightwish reminds me of Midna so much. I think it's because before I started playing her, I listened to my two albums of them that I owned, and tried somehow to associate as many songs as I could with Twilight Princess, because I was addicted to the game (and I didn't even own it yet; the only time I'd played was New Years when my friend Rowan brought it over). Probably of course because a lot of their songs have that mystical edge to them, and I think Tarja's voice reminded me a little of Trueform!Midna (yes, I had that spoiled for me be accident T_T). A lot of Midna's personality is influenced by Nightwish.

which songs I connect with Midna and why )

Yeah, kinda rambling and some of that sounds like BS, but there you go XD
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My other secrets were posted :D

Only two of them are mine. One of them's pretty obvious ^^
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[ profile] ic_secrets finally posted some of my secrets :D

Four of them in this post are mine. Guess which ones :D though it probably won't be hard.

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