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This is just a list of logs that I still need to do. Will be tagged and updated appropriately

Flamingo Heights

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Jade meets Kakashi about what happened during the Creative Writing event
Chloe's art appreciation class - Jade answers a question, so here it is :3
Dragon's class intro post. - mixed because Jade's in the class.
Jack's class intro post. - mixed again 'cause Saria's in this class.
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Also updated at

Matt tries to kill Midna.
Midna's memories return, and she confronts Matt about trying to kill her.
Saria comes home from the Disney trip and she and Tsukasa go out on a date.
Makubex is depressed, and Saria goes to talk to him in his virtual world. - He's such a big brother~♥♥♥
Saria is upset over her situation with Tsukasa after the Creative Writing event, and she talks to Ichigo about it. Unfortunately, he is cursed to make every girl in close proximity obviously crush on him.
Upset about still not being able to find Tsukasa, Saria goes to Ichigo for a hug and a shoulder to cry on.
Tsukasa returns! And as a bonus, the conversation that started the whole problem.
After encountering Makubex's evil twin, Saria goes to Ichigo to help her with an idea that she thinks will help: Phoney kidnaping.
Makubex's evil twin, after supposedly killing the real one, comes to take Saria home from Ichigo's. But they're both onto him.
Guilty over Makubex's death and scaring everybody with the kidnapping, Saria holes herself up in her room. Ichigo visits her and awkwardness and frustration happens.
Ling and Roushi get engaged!!! - EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I was doing the angst log with Makubex around this time too, and I had to actually pause the scene because of the proposal XD It was funny
After breaking down over relationship troubles, Foxxy and Jet talk, and decide that they're just friends.
Foxxy finally gets Schuldig! :D Pillowtalk ensues.
During a pregnancy scare, Chloe confronts Foxxy in a jealous rage.
Schuldig talk to Foxxy after her fight with Chloe.
Foxxy has brain cancer, and it's turned her into a racist steriotype.
Free talks with Foxxy while she's on her death bed.
Foxxy only has a few minutes left to live, and Schuldig comes to say goodbye. - *weep* This was so sweet. And technically I'm not even in it (she wrote the whole thing herself), but I'm involved, so here you go XD
Confused and frustrated about his situation with Marjoly, Flea goes to his best friend, Winry, for counsil. - I think Winry still likes him XD
Comatose Princess Schala finally awakens in Flea's apartment.
Pirate ship rescue mission! - this was just fun XDD
Midna and Ichigo talk about personal things while Saria sleeps on the couch.
Midna is hospitalised, Saria, Makubex and Ritsu go to see her.
A haunted house hosted by Mario - :D

Post for flammy logs coming up too! Not as many as this though.
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