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The activity check has been good for me, and it hasn't even happened yet XD It's made me go "OH CRAP O_O" and comment a lot. I try to comment with SOMEBODY every day now, especially my less popular characters.

To this day though, I think my least active characters are Jade and Dragon.

Dragon I understand why, because I have a rule for myself that his posts HAVE to be poems. I need to have him comment more though.

ANyway, as for Jade, I have a few thoughts on her. Stuff I wanna do with her. She's been making friends with Michel, but she needs others too XD like one of these days I should stop being shy and ask Eme about scening with her roommate.

I keep wanting to bring out Secundo, her AI assistant. He really only gets chances too, though, to hack entries or if somebody brings up techy stuff. I dunno, should I do more with him?

Also, some spoilerific stuff and thoughts on Jade...


...I dunno, I'm tired and rambling. Ideas?
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I'm gonna add the languages list to my char's profiles, and I'll also add the following XD

religion )
drinking habits )
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Midna: April 9th
Saria: August 26th
Roushi: January 18th
Foxxy: June 14th
Flea: September 27th
Jade: Marth 6th
Dragon: Undecided
Jack: July 6th
Fugen: February 15th
Elan: Undecided
V: Undecided

I don't pay attention to astrological signs. I just go to XD
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My characters' languages:

Midna: Fluent in Hylian (including old Hylian), English and German, also has enough knowledge of Japanese to get by in conversation with the Japanese-speaking locals. Also while she can't communicate with it, she knows quite a bit about canine language; she loves wolves, after all.

Saria: English and Hylian, also some fangirl Japanese XD

Roushi: English and Chinese, and I think also Japanese XD

Foxxy: Bad English XDDD

Flea: English. I think he also speaks some monster languages or at least whatever language most spells are in.

Jade: Just English.

Dragon: English, olde English, and poetic English XD

Jack: English and emotes

Fugen: English, Chinese and Japanese

Vaarsuvius: Common, Evlish, and possibly some points in other languages

Elan: common

K.K. Slider: English and Animalese
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Choose a few of your own characters. Five at the most.
Make them answer the following questions.
Then tag three people.
Feel free to go ahead and add some questions yourself!

sleme 8D )
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Pock, you inspired me! As if I haven't posted enough tonight @_@

[ profile] twilimistress - (TP SPOILERS) Long before my suspicions were confirmed that Midna was indeed the Twilight Princess, I referred to her as the Twilight Mistress, 'cause she's dominating that way XD I wanted her username to be twilightmistress, but that was too long.

[ profile] sylvan_child - Sylvan is one of my absolute favorite words. It means of, pertaining to, or inhabiting the woods. That's the kokiri race all over ^^

[ profile] oyasumisheep - I was originally going to give him a name like sleepysheep or something, 'cause sheep are one of the few things I remember about him XDD but I decided against it for some reason. Then I kept thinking of one of his sillier moments of the manga: "Ja! Oyasumiii!" Yeah.

[ profile] fxxylve - I don't really remember the story behind this was made back when I used it on [ profile] drawntogetherrp. I think the story went something like "needed a username, foxxylove was taken, took out the o's"

[ profile] beautifulpower - my personal favorite name choice. It comes from a quote directly from the game, said by Flea of course: "Male, female, what's the difference? Power is beautiful, and I've got the power!" I LOVE that quote. It just says so much about him XD

[ profile] saycheesefellas - I couldn't think of anything else. It's the title of one of the numbers in the Beyond Good and Evil soundtrack:

[ profile] upsidedwncake - I decided to play Dragon loooooong before I actually got to. (IE: finally got pictures) I'd decided on the username upsidedowncake looooong before I made the journal. But the name was taken so I just took out the one o. It comes from his most familiar poem in the short, as he posted here:

[ profile] ihasahoe - I don't remember exactly how I came up with this one. I think it just occured to me while brainstorming names and I decided on it because I knew fannypeeps would appreciate it XD

[ profile] angel_sennin - Fugen was another tricky one to name. My first idea was "fishing_needle", because one of the things he's famous for in the manga is coming up with a straight fishing hook, like a needle, so he could do this sport with Taikoubou without hurting the fish. I brainstormed other ideas; immortal_peace, playing with the idea of being a pacifist sennin, pacifist_smile, again his hate of violence, and the fact that he's always smiling, and of course angel_sennin, because of the halo around his head. I asked folks at [ profile] houshinengi to vote. For a while it was tied two votes apiece for angel_sennin and pacifist_smile (yes, only two apiece. HE's fandom is THAT tiny.) Then finally there were two more votes for angel_sennin, which is what I was leaning toward by then without the vote anyway.

[ profile] kk_journal - because all of his stuff is K.K. Something-or-other.

[ profile] vforverbose - Yes, I wanted to make a V for Vendetta joke ^^ I was actually scared people were going to think it was that guy when I kept refering to him as V. Anyway, I wanted a good v word that was good for him, and verbose was the first one that came to mind.

[ profile] banjoforagod - I couldn't come up with anything else, and one of Elan's many silly traits is that he tries to convert people to his religion; Banjoism. Banjo the Clown is a puppet that he claims is a God ^^
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So I'm going to add a little something to my muse bios for fanny and flammy characters:

Privacy/Hacker skills!

Figure its good information to know, and it'll probably be fun for the curious, since these things don't always come up for my characters XD

Midna: Cannot hack. Has some limited knowledge of securing her private posts (maybe Mello taught her?), but rarely uses it. Nearly all of her private posts are easy to hack, but when she writes more deep emotional things, she will either make the post a little harder to hack, or write it in German to increase the effort one must go through to read it, or both. Knows that there are several hackers in Fandango and is a little annoyed that she can't keep most of them out. Makubex is the only one she doesn't get angry at for hacking.

Saria: Cannot hack. Posts are EASILY hackable.

Roushi: Since there is a lot of technology at Mount Konron, he has some decent, but rusty, computer skills. He is capable of hacking easy to moderately secure private posts, but he does not use this ability because he respects others' privacy, and he's lazy. He will, however, make his posts pretty hard to hack.

Foxxy: About as computer savvy as a tin can. Can't hack, can't secure her posts. But she never makes things private anyway.

Flea: Cannot hack, protects his posts via magic, making them slightly challenging to hack.

Jade: She herself is technically savvy, but not enough to actually hack or encrypt. Secundo, her SAC companion, is capable of hacking just about anything, but she doesn't let him. He also protects Jade's private posts making them moderately difficult to hack.

Dragon: Less computer skill, if not the same, as Foxxy.

Jack: Same as Dragon.

Fugen: Also trained at Mount Konron. Can hack up to a little more difficult than what Roushi can hack. Will only do so, however, if he feels he should know what the person is saying. Or if he's feeling mischievous. Can make his own posts super-duper hard to hack.
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Also updated at

Jade meets Kakashi about what happened during the Creative Writing event
Chloe's art appreciation class - Jade answers a question, so here it is :3
Dragon's class intro post. - mixed because Jade's in the class.
Jack's class intro post. - mixed again 'cause Saria's in this class.

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