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I hate the people I have to work with in Child Development, but I loooooooooove the children ^_^

After my little meltdown, and I composed myself, I went out to play with the kids, and they imediately ran up to play with me.

Now usually, when I go out with the kids during playtime, I hang out more than I play. I watch them playing together and talk with them about what they're doing, and laugh and listen to them.

Today, C and M leaped out and challenged me to a battle with the puppets they were playing with. C had a shark, M had a bee. The bee attacked me, and being right next to the puppet rack, I jumped on the case imediately; "Oh no! The bee is attacking me! I need backup!" and I grabbed a frog puppet, and the battle of stuffed things began!

C, M, Se and T were the biggest participants in the war. We had the shark and the frog, a goose, and two ants. The shark was the most vicious; it had velcro in its mouth :) Most of the battle is a blur, but I remember lots of laughs and a few times I attempted to suck out the boys' brains with the ant puppet (it had a glove for feet).

I think my favorite part was when C and M fell down dead, and the aid who was playing with them before I showed up saw them and said "Oh no! They're dead! Hmm...I wonder if dead boys are ticklish." C jumped up imediately, while M continued to play dead, and got tickled.

I wonder if I can get myself some pictures of these kids...I love them all to death <3
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My gloves came today!!! Yaaaaaay!

Tomorrow I'm going out to Jo Anne Fabrics (again) to get some hooks for the skirt, then I'm going to the mall to get a back-up top, and some batteries and foot pads and maybe some aspirin from CVS.

7 days until Otakon!!!
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I can't download them to the computer, but STILL! I HAVE ACCESS TO BGE MUSIC NOW!!!!! I AM THE HAPPIEST PERSON ALIIIIIIIVE!!!!!!!
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In honor of my new fandom :)

Which, in case someone hasn't noticed, is Beyond Good and Evil.

My fandom fights for freedom.

Jade is Beyond Love

I doubt that anyone else on my F-list would be excited about this colorbar (except maybe Damien and David), but either way, here's the code. Remember to change the signs!

[a href=""]My fandom fights for freedom.[/a]
[img src=""]
[a href=""]Jade is Beyond Love[/a]

And I made meself a new icon, too :D

No, I'm not obsessed, not at all!

(Pssst....there are two links this time! The bottom one goes to this post, the top one goes to the official website!)
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Kaze ga yoseta kotoba ni
Oyoida kokoro
Kumo ga hakobu ashita ni
Hazunda koe

Tsuki ga yureru kagami ni
Furueta kokoro
Hoshi ga nagare koboreta
Yawarakai namida

Suteki da ne
Futari te wo tori
Aruketa nara
Ikitai yo
KIMI no machi ie ude no naka

Sono mune
Karada azuke
Yoi ni magire

Guess what scene I just watched. So beautiful....*sniffle* (of course, only FFX players will understand what all that was LOL)

And of course, I didn't save, so I can watch it again *_____*
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After 2 years of playing DDR...

After months and months of trying...

After trying and trying and trying since last summer when I got my own copy...

I've finally done it!



[ profile] nandarou_life's DDR pad officially ROXXORZ!!!
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[ profile] damaru Is back!!!

At least I think she is...

But she's brought the Bunnyhat forums back up!


I wonder if anyone else from the old forum is still there/coming back/know it's back.

And now, a meme )
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I saw the doctor again yesterday. They're taking a culture strep test as opposed to the quickie one I got last time, and they gave me a prescription of medicine that they suggested I start taking in case it was.

I'm feeling MUUUUUUUCH better today. Still sore throat and still coughing my lungs up, but it's not screaming agony to swallow. If I feel like this or better tomorrow, I think I can get myself back to school.

I emailed my teachers this afternoon, asking for missing work. Only two of them have replied. Hmmm.....

Estuans interius
Ira vehementi...
Estuans interius
Ira vehementi...

God I love this song. I need to play Final Fantasy 7. Last time I saw it was when [ profile] buff was living with us for a few days and was playing it. All I really remember about it was Cloud in a dress and the awesomeness of Sephiroth.
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I have been absorbed by the video game monster. Damien brought me his PS1 memory card. Oh, sweet, sweet Chrono Trigger, how do I save thee?

Anyway, recap of the party, in a giant coconutshell.
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finally got a good one on the dramanator )

I am posting to celebrate a momentous occasion...


It's not as big as the test I bombed last month, but STILL!! I got an A!!

ALso, Mom's getting us new cell phones! I can't wait! A working cell phone! With the flippy thing! And new ring tones! And a to-do list maker! And a calculator! And--EEEEEE!!!


They should be here in a couple of days. Can't wait!

That is all.

I now post the answers to my fandom meme cut in case you still want to try for the last 4 )
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After looking at the feed for a while, I decided to go to The whole time, I've been going "awwww...." "Awwwwwwwwwwww...." "AWWWWWWWWW!!!!!"

....I want a kitten ;_;
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We never do anything in school the day right before Winter Break, since most people go out of town. It'll be movies and games all day. Funness! Ms. Hardinge even asked me to bring in my big book of Mad Libs ^_^ (God I haven't played that game in sooooo long.....)

We had another rehearsal today. Pure. Anarchy. But I got my flapper dress approved by Lisa. And another ride home from Arden. Yay for the niceness of Arden!

I was with my guidance counselor most of the morning; she gave me a new backpack and helped me get organized. I wonder how long it'll last LOL Anyway, so now I have a new backpack, I'm fairly organized, and I got to sit and watch the class play volleyball since I didn't have time to change.

We're gonna try to see Phantom tomorrow! Yaaaaay! I have super-duper high hopes for this one, especially now that I've seen what [ profile] lfangor had to say about it ^______^

Well, sleepy time for Saria-chan now. Oyasumi nasai!
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Peter Pan:

That was so much fun! The actors were all great, as usual, and the kids were SO CUTE! Especially Michael. Corey says that the kid who played Michael was a monster, but he was so adorable and he played the part really well! Dunkan was playing the green laser pointer that was being used for Tinker Bell, and some girl I didn't know did her voice on violin. Apparently they didn't have a bell, so a violin was a good second choice, but it bothered me that they kept the line in about her sounding like a bell. I LOVED the crocodile. It was amazing how life-like it moved! Did I mention that I really liked the actors? I liked how Corey and her twin look nothing alike IRL, but they managed to cover that :D And I got to see Spencer as a pirate <3 and how strong he is *____* they were hurrying the kids up onto the deck, and he picked a few up, including some of the bigger kids. Uwwaaaaaah, Spencer-sama was sugoii da ne!

(sweet little post-show tidbit: Corey told me that he actually picked Arden up and ran across the parking lot with him once. Mmmm....strong sexy senior....*drool*)

Unfortunately, Spencer and Jeremy (who was playing Captin Hook) had to die. Than the whole play went downhill.

The Incredibles:

What can I say about this one without spoiling too much? about....IT ROCKED! I know humans aren't Pixar's strongpoint in animation, but these guys looked great! And once again, we've found that Pixar has added to our daily conversations. "Mom, you're making your faces again." "No capes!"
And I loved Violet. I love it when superpowers match personality.

Erm, I think that's it....(man, I wish I hadn't put this off so long...)
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I auditioned for Puttin' on the Hits today! I was waiting forever before I finally went in, but at least I got to talk to Corey for a bit and give Maggie a teaser, and I got to talk to Spencer! EEEEEEE Spencer! He names his guitars! You don't see that very often :D <3

And I got to see him falling asleep on some girl's shoulder. SOOOOOO CUTE! Corey, get that picture for me soon! <3 Yup, that's me, the yearbook stalker. We've also established that he looks very nice in Arden's hat <3

Okay, enough about Spencer. For now.

The audition went pretty well. The guitar went a little out of tune when I got in there, but I seemed to be the only one who noticed. I'm not *too* worried, 'cause they know me and my potential, and someone actually said that they needed me. LOL

Incidentally, it's also that time of year when I actually start cleaning my room. There wasn't too much this time; just stuff that I never cleaned up because I've been distracted by my computer. I still need to organize a little, and I need to find my ex-desk a new home.

Soooo......anybody want a desk?

Ok ok, I'll stop putting it off. Tomorrow, I will post that Incredibles/Peter Pan blog I've been meaning to post.

Maybe eventually I'll get to some more Sprite Comics, too.

Bed now. G'night.


Aug. 12th, 2004 07:29 pm
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So I wake up fairly early this morning, because I knew we were going to the water park, and Dad sees me and tells me to call Mom. I call her, and she tells me to make a new folder on her computer and move everything I want to keep from my computer into that folder. You wanna guess what the surprise was?


This one's a Windows XP, so it's faster and has more space than my current one, and it's brand new, so there aren't a ton of glitches on it! This is great! No more having to stop playing EQ or The Sims when Mom comes home from work! No more stomping around the house half the day going "GAAH! I HATE THIS COMPUTER!!!" I'm freeeeeeee!!!!!!!

And I got a printer with it too! No more going back and forth to print out stuff for school etc.


Of course, right now I'm having to play a very complex game of Rush Hour meets Tetris to get everything set up. Right now I have to just clear a path so we can get it up to the corner it's to go in.

We did a little bit of B2S shopping too. Got some of the smaller stuff: post-it notes, book socks, folders, a 3-ring punch, etc. We're gonna go to Target this weekend for the other things.

My day

May. 17th, 2004 06:14 pm
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Just got my yearbook today!!!! ^___^

*ogle ogle gush gush* OMG Danny was such a KEEE-YUTE little boy!!!!!.....Heather looks stoned LOL.....where's Ms. Ryan's picture???.....EEE! Cute picture of Donn! *ogle ogle gush gush*

*ahem* yeah. So now I'm running around getting people to sign it. So far I have three signatures. Maybe with a few days I'll be brave enough to ask some of the
Danny...Bobby....Donn.... *blush* Hmm...Danny seems sweet enough to sign a fangirl's book, but.......*blushes harder* I dunno if Bobby will go for my excuse; "Mom loved you in My Fair Lady and wants your autograph"

It kinda makes me sad, that all these wonderful people I've admired since freshman year are going away :(

People I hope to get to sign (this post will be edited as people sign): Danny, Donn, Mandy

Summer countdown update: 25 days until summer vacation
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I have Dancing All Alone and the long version of Dynamite Rave now too! ^_^ I'm sure you all feel very happy for me. But I've had a monster craving for DDR lately and have no way of playing it ;_;

Maybe I should rob a bank and buy a PS2.

....or maybe not.


Dec. 18th, 2003 04:22 pm
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Ever since I played DDRMax on Playstation, I've been in love with the song "Sandstorm." Then one day when Rowan and I were talking, she told me that it was actually something somebody performed live and was a big hit. So today I decided to try to find an MP3 of it. And I did! Yay!
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Everyone was screaming when we got onstage (they remember me, really ^_^), and then about a HUNDRED cell phone lights went on as we were singing! IT ROCKED! WE ROCKED!!! YAHOOOO!!!!!!! *grabs random people and dances around with them*
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The two things that I was certain were going to happen for Puttin on the Hits did happen!

1: Corey and I are in!
2: Bobby is one of the two MCs!

Whoo and also Hoo!!!! ^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^_^

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