Jun. 29th, 2005 02:23 am
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From the Big Belated Birthday Bash, as it shall forever be called, last April.

Orenda: Heather, could you grab me a glass of water?
Heather: *holds up camera* If you hold this I will. *Orenda takes the camera* But don't hit Damien on the head.
Orenda: Awww....*pout*


That reminds me...there's only one problem now that [livejournal.com profile] nandarou_life is a member of The Gang; now that he's here, Damien is no longer the only male of The Gang. We need new excuses to torture him :P

catch up

Jun. 18th, 2005 08:25 pm
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First week of summer vacation and already my sleep schedule has warped.

Anyway, I'm sorry I got so LJ-backlogged, but here is a list of what has occurred this past week;

Saturday, in which Saria-chan goes to a wonderful party )

Sunday, in which Saria-chan goes to the movies )

Monday, in which Saria-chan spontaneously hangs out with friends )

Tuesday, in which summer vacation starts and Saria-chan has a friend over )

Wednesday, in which Saria-chan goes to a not-so-wonderful party )

Thursday, in which Saria-chan goes to the theatre )

Friday, in which Saria-chan is lazy )

Today, in which stuff happened. )

So now, here we are, finishing a long overdue LJ update. Damien's trying to get us to watch Record of the Loddoss Wars. I might join. I dunno if I feel like trying something new right now :P
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the whole gang the whole gang

Except Corey who wasn't there :( And Heather, who was taking the picture.

Bottom left in blue shirt: me
Girl next to me: Rowan
Kid in Rowan's lap: Cory(not Corey, Cory)
Sitting on right armrest: David
Hidden behind David's leg: Matthew
Redhead behind the couch: Jordi
Guy in the bandana: Damien
Girl behind me doing the Spock gesture: Orenda
Thanks to David for scanning the picture!


Apr. 30th, 2005 10:15 am
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Having a party at our house. I went to David's house (on a scooter?) and invited him over. He fell asleep on the couch when we got back. I went downstairs to tell the gang (Damien, Rowan, Orenda, Jordi, I think Corey and Heather) that David was here, but asked not to wake him. (Orenda or Jordi) went upstairs and sat on the other couch and watched him sleep.

Something about a hotel. The same hotel that's been appearing in all my other dreams -_-
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I have been absorbed by the video game monster. Damien brought me his PS1 memory card. Oh, sweet, sweet Chrono Trigger, how do I save thee?

Anyway, recap of the party, in a giant coconutshell.
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This one is for [livejournal.com profile] evenshadowscry

D-kun is love

Copy this code into your journal to advertise Damien to the world :D just replace the brackets with greater than/less than signs.

[center][img src="http://pics.livejournal.com/sagesaria/pic/0009kq5d"]
[a href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/evenshadowscry/"]D-kun is love[/a][/center]


Apr. 16th, 2005 09:15 am
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Orenda, Damien, Jordi and Rowan are here as of last night! Rowan was much later than the others, so she lucked out on helping clean. But the gophers did a good job. The stairs look very nice :D

Heather is coming in about 2 hours, David in 5. I need to start waking people up at 10.

Wheeee....I'm only on six hours of sleep. Would have been more, but I had to go to the bathroom, and you all should know by now that that's what wakes me up in most of my insomnia rants -_-
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[livejournal.com profile] evenshadowscry is quitting LJ :(

But at least that's all he's doing. His first entry about had kinda double meanings for me and I freaked out and called him and he clarified.

Don't scare me like that, boy!

But I'm sorry you're quitting. You'll be missed.

PS: Next time we're on IM, I wanna talk to you about possible dates for my birthday party.


Dec. 19th, 2004 10:03 pm
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Heather, Rowan, and Damien's presents have all disappeared. We're trying to figure out what could have happened to them, and we can replace them fairly easily, but I'm just upset that it happened.

*glance at sky* Help?
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Cold shower=relaxing after playing DDR 3 times in a row. I might play more later, but I wanna rest a while.

I called Dunkin Donuts this afternoon. Got the Mad Hatter answer; "No room, no room!" Oh well. They have my number if they get room. I meant to call Wendy's, but Dunkin Donuts kinda got me down. If Wendy's doesn't have room either, I think Pizza Hut and Starbucks are next on the agenda.

I've been playing an emulator of Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past for the last couple of days. Ah, the memories *_* I'm gonna play a little more after I post this and post to Bunnyhat about DD's.

We're gonna try to have Damien over tomorrow. *crosses fingers*


Oct. 10th, 2004 05:29 pm
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Damien's dad said he didn't want his little sister left home alone, so he couldn't show up today either.

We're trying again for next weekend.

This is annoying.


But on a happier note, Happy Birthday [livejournal.com profile] moviebear! *hugs*
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Guess who didn't tell Damien that he was going out and couldn't give him a ride here?


We're gonna try again next Sunday.

This is annoying.

I hate Damien's dad.
I am awake for who-knows-why, when I planned to sleep until 11:30. So now I'm sitting here, mostly awake, kinda stuffy, listening to Enya <3 I swear See-Saw (the band of .hack) got their style from Enya.

I'd planned to go to Dunkin' Donuts yesterday, but I was so dizzy I didn't want to go outside, and I meant to go today, but last night I realized that I have no clean clothes except my PJs. Doh.

Damien's coming over today for a little mini party while my parents are in Myrtle Beach. We're gonna play a ton of DDR and eat yummy bacon pizza <3

I watched Return of the Jedi last night. I was sort of planning to watch it with my parents, but I was bored and tired and wanted to finish, and I decided to use it as revenge for them putting me in public school so I can't go with them anymore! Muahahahaha!

[livejournal.com profile] damaru found me on IM yesterday. That was cool. She's a very strange lady, but I don't hold that against her. In fact.....Mearl-chan, you should check out [livejournal.com profile] drwrong! :D
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Well, today--er...yesterday, has been interesting. Rowan and Damien and I went down to hook up the PS2 to play DDR, but then Rowan discovered that the discs were switched; there was a different game in the DDR case. After a lot of plan attempts and me getting overly-emotional, I finally ended up with my own copy of DDRMax ^_^ Housemate and Mom went out and bought it for me while we were babysitting [livejournal.com profile] chessie_cat.

We've pretty much spent the day playing DDR, and we were going bonkers when Jordi ended up coming! Whee! And we watched disc five of .hack//SIGN, thanks to Rowan! ^________^ Disc five was kinda scary! Why the heck was Jordi giggling through the scariest scenes?!? But they FINALLY mention Aura's name! That was cool, 'cause it was driving me crazy that she had a name, and I only knew it because of online information, but they never mentioned her name! Can't wait till later when we'll watch disc six!!! ^__^

Anyway, since I now have a copy of DDR in my possession (THANK YOU MOM AND HOUSEMATE!!!*biiiiiiig hugs*), I have made a new journal, [livejournal.com profile] dancingsaria. This one is to record my progress in DDR. Including weight loss, which would probably be the most interesting to people. But, you know, whatever.

I'm exhausted from playing like a mad monkey, so I'm gonna go to sleep. G'night!


Aug. 20th, 2004 02:27 am
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Rowan's coming over for the weekend tomorrow...er...*glance at clock* Later today! And Damien's coming this evening or tomorrow morning!

And tomorrow afternoon, I get to go play with [livejournal.com profile] chessie_cat! Whee!

And in other news, the Crimson family has had their first child and their puppy is finally housebroken! (The Sims for people who want context)


Oct. 19th, 2003 09:41 am
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Quick! Before I completely forget it!

I was at my high school. Three friends and I were having some sort of competitive LARP; Damien and some other boy (his friend Danny?) vs. me and (Rowan or Corey?). We're going all over the place, inside and outside of the school. For some reason parts of the inside are pieces of a hotel.

Damien and (Danny?) started to get really aggressive, and they ended up getting me and (Corey?) trapped in one of the hotel rooms, and I had a broken ankle. Literally broken, like a ceramic doll.

The only other thing I remember about it is that when we were outside (and sometimes inside), we kept seeing Sonic the Hedgehog working at a hot dog stand. And he kept giving them away; running around at top speed giving hot dogs to everyone he passed. He gave hundreds of them away.

That's all I remember. I woke up with "We Have Forgotten" by Sixpence None the Richer stuck in my head.

Edit: Oh yeah, and I think child!Goku from the original Dragonball was there too. Flying around on his Kinto'un.
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We had a party this weekend. It's still running right now,but a lot of people have already left. Damien, Orenda and Corey, namely. Several others too. I had way too much fun! Why'd they have to leave already?

Heather's still here, but she's playing a game with Marc.

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