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Prompt: #21: Creative
Fandom: Senkaiden Houshin Engi
Genre: General
Rating: G
Notes: Slight AU in Fugen’s backstory? Silliness and fluff abounds. Also good Lord, how long has it been since I wrote one of these? o_O

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I just wanted to make one little icon...but now...I made 6 icons!!!

It's like I'm obsessed or something...


This was too funny to pass up.
ZOMG Mah hat is on fire! ZOMG Mah hat is on fire!

I love his expression in this one.
Awww <3 Awww <3

Knuckles gets all the ladies. Must be the hat.
Tails flying the Tornado Tails flying the Tornado

We don't see enough of him in Tornado. Isn't his helmet so cyute?
Kowaii! Kowaii!

Cutest. Screenshot. Ever.
I'm absolutely in love with Tails. I had to make this an icon.
o_o o_o


I COULDN'T HELP IT!!! The picture was there and I couldn't resist iconing it!

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In honor of my new fandom :)

Which, in case someone hasn't noticed, is Beyond Good and Evil.

My fandom fights for freedom.

Jade is Beyond Love

I doubt that anyone else on my F-list would be excited about this colorbar (except maybe Damien and David), but either way, here's the code. Remember to change the signs!

[a href=""]My fandom fights for freedom.[/a]
[img src=""]
[a href=""]Jade is Beyond Love[/a]

And I made meself a new icon, too :D

No, I'm not obsessed, not at all!

(Pssst....there are two links this time! The bottom one goes to this post, the top one goes to the official website!)
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This one is for [ profile] evenshadowscry

D-kun is love

Copy this code into your journal to advertise Damien to the world :D just replace the brackets with greater than/less than signs.

[center][img src=""]
[a href=""]D-kun is love[/a][/center]
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Working outside on a freezing Spring afternoon with water-based paste. Brilliant, Saria-chan >_>

The things I do for a hobby.

Anyway, this is my second break, and the first layer is almost finished. I was smart this time and I'm using both sides of the balloon to make 2 masks. One of them has ears, and I'm a little worried; I think the ears are too small LOL

Maybe after dealing with these two, I might make something else. Like a bowl or something :)

Man I love paper mache!

On a side note, apparently today is Icon Makers Day. Must have missed the memo...

Well, congrats to [ profile] tillymunson then!

I made a few icons congrats to me too? LOL
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I really miss making paper mache masks. I made about five of them several years ago, all based on the Zelda 64 games (Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask). I want to continue this project. Maybe make some original masks too....

First I need to see if I have any balloons.

I was thinking about this because I have the whole week off for Spring Break, and I have no idea what I'm gonna do with all me time, since I'm not going anywhere.

Perhaps I shall get pictures of the masks I made at some point and show them off...

They're kinda falling apart, and some of them are a little sloppy, but I still like them.
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*big grin* Take if you like! No need to credit; they'll come back here if they want it.

I'm probably gonna make a ton of different colorbars, so expect more in the near future!

Thanks to [ profile] lotus_flowers for attempting (and mostly succeeding) to help, and thanks to Mom for putting the code in for me

Macha is love

copy this code and paste it in your journal (and change the brackets to the appropriate symbol):

[img src=""]
[a href=""]Macha is love[/a]


Mar. 2nd, 2005 07:51 pm
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So I was tinkering with the overrides, trying to get my journal transparent enough to see the picture, thanks to the link [ profile] lotus_flowers sent me. The page was taking forever to load, and I told Mom about it when she came home, so she decided to try to take a look. I came back to check on the page, still not loaded, and then I hear Mom shout "Oh! Pretty!"

So yeah, new layout ^_^ I'm rather proud of it, especially my find for the picture; it's the closest one can get to the meadow from the game ^___^

Also today, in Food Trends, I got to make a smoothie, and did some experimenting on it ^_^ I was gonna make a chocolate banana smoothie, but I had to make the chocolate milk from scratch. But all I had was a little bowl that wasn't very good for making chocolate milk. No biggie. I put the milk in with the chopped banana, added some more chocolate syrup, and blended. Tasted too banana-y and not chocolaty enough. But Lindsay had just made a chocolate milkshake, so I grabbed some if the chocolate ice cream from the box that was still on the counter, added yet more syrup, and once again blended. Much better ^_____^

I feel so smart ^___^
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It took me all night, but I finally got all the pictures arranged, cropped, uploaded, and stuck into a nice little mood set for myself! Hooray for Senkaiden Houshin Engi!

Let's see...what shall I put as my current mood to demonstrate...? I'm kinda tired...a little sore....nah, I'm definitely accomplished.
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I've finished collecting screenshots for my mood set!

Now I have to sift through them all and decide which ones I want, then I have to find a place to put 'em. I'm not sure that the LJ pic hosting will be big enough to hold all 110 pictures, and I'm not sure if I'd want to join something like Photobucket just for that.

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Apparently I made Honor Roll last semester. I was surprised at first, but then I went "Duh, with a 3.28 GPA of COURSE I got Honor Roll!"

Silly me...

In other news, I've been watching Houshin Engi to collect screenshots to make my own mood set! I've just finished disk 3, and I have at least one screenshot that I want to use for all but one or two moods.
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For a while, I've been kicking this idea for a manga around in my head. So far, I have a few summary ideas, a few images for the first issue, and one character sketch. Perhaps if I post my ideas, I could get some feedback, and possibly think through my story? Well, let's find out...

Title: Double Take

Summary: Maru Yuki is a lonely, romantic 11th grader. She has never had a boyfriend, and her desire to have one is always overpowered by shyness in the presence of every cutie she meets. It doesn't help that Yami, a sarcastic spirit whom nobody else knows inhabits Maru's body, is always making snide comments about this in the back of her head.

Then one day, a new student comes into Maru's class, and shows a moderate interest in her and Yami.

Double take...!

This new kid can see Yami?!


I'm not quite sure how I want the beginning to go. My basic idea is this:

Maru introduces herself to the readers. A few conversations to develop the characters of Maru's friends, then she starts to go down the stairs to her next class, but trips and stumbles down the stairs into one of her crushes. She apologizes rapidly, and when he leaves, Yami appears and teases her for once again missing her chance. Maru ignores her and continues to her class; volleyball. During class, she spaces out, thinking about how lonely she is. Yami appears again and comments on how many times she could have had a chance, listing several names. Maru whines at her, unaware that a volleyball is flying right at her forehead. WHAM! Next scene, she's lying in bed, ice pack on her forehead, listening to some kind of romantic music (Phantom of the Opera or Passion, for instance). Another conversation with Yami about being lonely, then we go to the main plot point of the new kid.

I'm not sure how to pull that off without being too repetitive. What do you guys think?

Please give feedback? I'll love you forever~!
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Today was Pajama Day at school, so by the time I was dressed to go, I was ready to go back to bed LOL. I decided to bring my stuffed kitty, Purr, with me, promising myself to be super-duper careful. She had a fun time! Lots of people thought she was the cutest thing in the world and asked to be introduced. And she liked to sit in my lap while I did my work.

Ms. Bodmer's gonna be out tomorrow and the day after, and she was out today too. Waah, I miss her already! Come baaaaaack! ;_;

Corey doesn't know Wacky Wednesday?!? I can forgive her for not liking Dumbo (barely), and I can understand not knowing half of the anime I watch, but SHE'S NEVER EVEN HEARD OF WACKY WEDNESDAY?!?!?!?! *Used Book Store Alert*

We had an assembly about drinking and driving. It was annoying. Mostly because the speaker had speaking problems. I have nothing against him trying, but I couldn't understand a single word he was saying and he talked for about 10 minutes -_-. But I understood once they showed the video on it. But something in the video bothered me; the driver was drunk, and carpooling his friends home. He fell asleep at the wheel. He hit the guardrail, which woke him and the others in the car up. When he dropped the last guy off, he asked him if he was going to be ok, and then just went to bed. Hello?!? If someone falls asleep at the wheel, you should assume that they're NOT ok!!! Let them spend the night! Have someone else take them home! Whatever you do, DON'T LET THEM DRIVE HOME BY THEMSELVES!!!! *pant pant pant*

In CWr, we had to write a poem about our thumbprint, combined with information about ourselves. I thought mine looked like a fuzzy caterpillar (I used too much ink) so I wrote about one. I was rather proud of it, and somebody said that it was really cute and that I should write children's books LOL

Which reminds me, I should update [ profile] sarias_stories *sweatdrop*

I took the bus to the mall after school. After getting lost and killing my feet, I turned in my application. They told me that there's a job fair on Wednesday. I should call [ profile] maugorn and let him know.

That's all for now. Sleepy Saria go update story journal.
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Last night I updated [ profile] sarias_stories with a new poem; "Fly Away."

My neck's feeling better. I haven't put hot water on it yet, but there's definite improvement.

Wheeee, we're going to see Sweeney Todd today!!!! :D
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I've decided to make another account. This one is for fanfictions and stories and filks that I've written. I'm adding everyone from my friends list to the friends list on that one. If you're interested, come check it out at [ profile] sarias_stories.
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For my review, I wrote one for Pitch Black, and I am very proud of it :)
Read my wonderful review! )
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My mom sent me this link yesterday, and I have been making emoticons with it. Thus, my new friend is born. Her name is Saria Emoti-chan. She conveys the many moods of my livejournal. Tonight, I shall go through my whole journal and put the appropriate Saria Emoti-chan on each post ^_^

....yes, I have way too much time on my hands.

See the many moods of Saria Emoti-chan

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot to give Mom credit for Hyper ^^ it's thanks to that one that I was inspired to make my own.
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I wrote it in the middle of the night. It's in Spanish. PLan to spring it on Sra. Butler at some point soon.

Las cantantes cantan muchas canciones
Y los cantantes cantan tambien
Las cantantes cantan tantas canciones
Y todos los cantantes cantan muy bien

The singers (female) sing many songs
And the singers (male) sing as well
The singers (female) sing as many songs
And all the singers sing very well.

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