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! - Storyline episode. This episode contains scenes that move the AT4W plotline forward or at least foreshadow things to come or expand on the universe.
* - Crossover episode. Linkara reviews something with one or more other producers from TGWTG in this episode. More often than not these crossovers are movie reviews, and they do not affect the AT4W storyline unless otherwise stated
% - Anniversary special. For the past several years during the anniversary of the TGWTG website, twenty or so producers on the site would get together for crossovers and celebrations. The centerpiece of their gatherings is always a big movie starring all of them. These are part of AT4W canon according to Word of God, but do not necessarily affect current storylines.
Miller Time - An episode in which Linkara reviews a comic by notoriously heinous writer Frank Miller.
PSA Hell - An episode in which Linkara reviews a PSA comic.
Secret Origins Month - Every November, Linkara reviews the very first comic in which a big name superhero or superhero team appeared and discusses how the character and their universe has grown since and whether their introduction still holds water.

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Prompt: #99: Weird
Fandom: Atop the Fourth Wall
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Notes: Inspired by Iron Liz's joke answer about how she knew Linkara, from the FAQ when she first opened her blog. This one's ok, I guess. This is kind of a weird relationship to write about ^^;

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Project What-Is-This-I-Don't-Even
By Sage Saria

Author's Notes: Ok, I just have to say, this is the craziest fucking project I've ever worked on, and I'm only just starting to flesh it out. What do you need to know about this thing? Well, it's based on characters from, namely Linkara's series Atop the Fourth Wall, starting in an LJ RP called Second City where the two characters, Mechakara and Judas Liz, dwell and work together. My friend and I call them the Impossible Ship, because it would be kind of awesome to see them as a couple, but it wouldn't work at ALL because of their personalities, namely Mechakara's in that he hates humans and wants to destroy them all. This idea all started as a simple little plot in an attempt to get the two of them together, even if only briefly, but the conflicting character traits and the explanations as to why things happen caused it to spiral out of control into the project you are now about to read, which is why I have dubbed it Project What-Is-This-I-Don't-Even. As a friend once said, I have no delusions about my delusions; I know this whole thing is insane and bizarre and is likely to have a few moments of OOCness and potentially obscure references to the game among other general nonsense. But I hope you enjoy it anyway.

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Prompt: #81: Relieved
Fandom: Second City/Atop the Fourth Wall
Genre: Romance
Rating: G
Notes: I hereby call this the Guilt Fic. I play Judas Liz on Second City, who tricked Linkara out into the open by pretending to be Iron Liz. This really took an emotional toll on him, no surprise, so this is my apology to him, so at least in some way he's getting a happy ending. Hopefully it'll make his mun smile too XD I apologize if he's OOC in any way.

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