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I just wanted to make one little icon...but now...I made 6 icons!!!

It's like I'm obsessed or something...


This was too funny to pass up.
ZOMG Mah hat is on fire! ZOMG Mah hat is on fire!

I love his expression in this one.
Awww <3 Awww <3

Knuckles gets all the ladies. Must be the hat.
Tails flying the Tornado Tails flying the Tornado

We don't see enough of him in Tornado. Isn't his helmet so cyute?
Kowaii! Kowaii!

Cutest. Screenshot. Ever.
I'm absolutely in love with Tails. I had to make this an icon.
o_o o_o


I COULDN'T HELP IT!!! The picture was there and I couldn't resist iconing it!

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My gloves came today!!! Yaaaaaay!

Tomorrow I'm going out to Jo Anne Fabrics (again) to get some hooks for the skirt, then I'm going to the mall to get a back-up top, and some batteries and foot pads and maybe some aspirin from CVS.

7 days until Otakon!!!
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I agree with [ profile] lfangor; lists are wonderful. Especially when trying to get organized.

Things left to do before Otakon:
- Finish cosplay
- Call Tangent and make sure we're still on for that weekend
- Also ask Tangent about David

- Final shopping trip
- Make sign ("Video game music on request! Ask to see list of songs")

Things left to do for cosplay:
- Braid wig
- Hem skirt
- Shop for fabric for top
- Make top
- Decorate gloves when they arive
- Decorate cape

Things to pack for Otakon (If I miss anything you think I'd need, let me know!):
- Sun screen
- Hat
- Light clothes (possibly DBZ shirt?)
- Cell phone
- Costume
----- Ears
----- Top
----- Cape
----- Wig
----- Gloves
----- Sandals
----- Belt?
----- Bat plushie
----- Handkerchief
- [ profile] sagepurr (LEAVE AT TANGENT'S!!!!)
- Money (set aside $50 for Tangent)
- Keyboard & repotoir
- Sign
- Umbrella or poncho
- Disposable cameras (at least 3 or 4)
- Sneakers
- Pads for sandals
- Granola bars or other small eatibles
- Book(s)
- Glow jewelry
-----3 bracelets
-----2 rings

11 days until Otakon!
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- Got Katsucon pictures developed (The Naruto photoshoot pics didn't come out!!! ToT)
- Went to the party store and got a back-up wig in case the new shipment of wig dye doesn't do any better than the last one
- Got 2 wig caps and some clip-on glowstick earrings for the dancing at Otakon
- Got 2 bottles of sunscreen and 3 disposable cameras

I am now going to reward myself with freezing cold water from my elephant sprinkler :D

17 days until Otakon


Jul. 30th, 2005 02:24 pm
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My wig dye came today! I no longer have to worry about going to Otakon as a blonde Flea!

Mom and I are gonna go shopping for more costume material today. Can't wait!

Only 3 weeks until Otakon! EEK!

Anyway, hell week at work is over for me; I had the day off yesterday because the company is moving to a new building, so there wasn't anything for me to scan. It was the scanning that was getting really stressful; jam sessions and screwy computers kept slowing me down. And driving me closer and closer to insanity. Top it off with broken AC and whaddya get? A very very frustrated Saria-chan -_-.

But hopefully once we're settled and I go back into work on Monday, the pressure will be off and everything will get back to its regular, dullsville streak.
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Hero of the day next two months
[ profile] john_tangent: For saving me over $600 by giving me a room that's safer and no doubt comfier than any hotel in the Baltimore area.

Thanks to him, Mom is feeling much better about me going to Otakon, so now I am pre-registered and ready to start working on my costume!

Things to do to get ready for making the costume;

1. Cash my paycheck(s)
2. Order wig and wig dye
3. Take the bus to...
Joanne Fabrics, for...
- a new bobbin
- pink thread?
- patterns for a cape and blouse
The mall, for.....
- shoes
- belt
- gloves
- Genie Lamp?
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the finished hankie the finished hankie

All stitched up and washed in strawberry shampoo to give it a nice sweet scent
skirt material skirt material

comfy, stretchy, and rather cool to the touch when it hasn't been used.
top material top material

this has to be double-layered because it's transparently thin. Hopefully it'll be cool because it's so thin and light. I have a lot of it too, so it's good to make use of.
cape material cape material

this is where it gets really hot. This fabric is a little heavy. But it's the right size to make a cape.
glove material glove material

again, stretchy and comfortable, and the right size in finger-elbow length.
trim trim

nothing really to see here. just the trim for the various pieces of the costume

As for the costume itself, I just got a bigass jam out of the sewing machine, and I need another bobbin to hold pink thread. Also, I may have already screwed up my first glove. Well, worst comes to worst, I suppose I could use the leftover fabric for the skirt, which just needs trim and to be sewn together. And if that doesn't work...I'll go out to the mall and look for some gloves while looking for shoes and a belt.

Think I can do it in 6 weeks?
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So I'm almost ready to start stitching my costume together, but the issue of a wig was left undone. But somebody on [ profile] chronotrigger told me about a forum where I can keep updated on news for the Chrono Trigger photo shoot at Otakon. Generally a good site for meeting cosplayers, planning photo shoots, and getting good advice for production of costumes. The site also has some wigs for sale. One problem; I'd still have to dye it. What to I ask the forum if they know where to find dye in the color I need. Somebody showed me a website that sold wig dye. And guess what? They have my color!!!

Must remember to call [ profile] nandarou_life, [ profile] mathaeus, and [ profile] keith_m043 to make plans for a room at the con. Then I must pre-register! Which of course means that Mom and I must go out and cash my check!

catch up

Jun. 18th, 2005 08:25 pm
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First week of summer vacation and already my sleep schedule has warped.

Anyway, I'm sorry I got so LJ-backlogged, but here is a list of what has occurred this past week;

Saturday, in which Saria-chan goes to a wonderful party )

Sunday, in which Saria-chan goes to the movies )

Monday, in which Saria-chan spontaneously hangs out with friends )

Tuesday, in which summer vacation starts and Saria-chan has a friend over )

Wednesday, in which Saria-chan goes to a not-so-wonderful party )

Thursday, in which Saria-chan goes to the theatre )

Friday, in which Saria-chan is lazy )

Today, in which stuff happened. )

So now, here we are, finishing a long overdue LJ update. Damien's trying to get us to watch Record of the Loddoss Wars. I might join. I dunno if I feel like trying something new right now :P
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I have been absorbed by the video game monster. Damien brought me his PS1 memory card. Oh, sweet, sweet Chrono Trigger, how do I save thee?

Anyway, recap of the party, in a giant coconutshell.
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Somebody showed me a link to where I could find a link to the Chrono Trigger OAV (which apparently doesn't have *too* much relation to the game), but something's missing from the program, so I can't see it!!! I can *hear* it, but that doesn't tell me what's going on!!!

Why does technology hate meeeeeeee???? T_T

EDIT: I've got what I need now. Thanks for your help, guys!
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*big grin* Take if you like! No need to credit; they'll come back here if they want it.

I'm probably gonna make a ton of different colorbars, so expect more in the near future!

Thanks to [ profile] lotus_flowers for attempting (and mostly succeeding) to help, and thanks to Mom for putting the code in for me

Macha is love

copy this code and paste it in your journal (and change the brackets to the appropriate symbol):

[img src=""]
[a href=""]Macha is love[/a]


Feb. 25th, 2005 10:29 am
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I wanted to go to a laser tag place, but didn't have any money. Dad lent me $15 and Housemate offered to pay for a bus. We were waiting outside for the bus, and somebody in black wearing sunglasses kept grabbing me and trying to drag me into his car, but I kept screaming and pulling away from him, while Housemate was completely oblivious to the whole thing.

At an auction house (which looked like the one I was at with my grandparents a long time ago) and was looking around at some of the stuff they had. I wasn't going to try for anything because I didn't have any money, but something that caught my attention and made me reaaaaaaallly wish I had money was a cell phone that had Magus's theme from Chrono Trigger as a ring tone. I stalked away before I could get enough of an urge to steal it. Met up with Mom later, and she apparently won the phone. She let me play around with it a little bit. It had several Final Fantasy rings on it, but the Magus ring was broken.

I was a maid for a rich family. On my first day, the spoiled daughter of the family (about my age) caught me and insisted I do her room first. She showed me around a little bit; her room looked like my room from our old apartment. While cleaning, I noticed she had an old, dusty violin. I was going to ask her about it when she came back.

Earlier this week:
I was at school (which looked like the hotel Katsucon was in) with the anime club. David had signed the club up for Puttin' on the Hits. Several people asked what we were supposed to do, and he just answered "I dunno, think of something!" I had a violin and started trying to teach myself the Mario theme. Sometimes I had it, sometimes I didn't. (I was trying to practice on the roof?)


Feb. 9th, 2005 05:46 pm
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I'm feeling MUUUUUUCH better now, and I bet you all wanna know why!

[ profile] maugorn came for my guitar lesson today, and he brought an early birthday card from his mother in Germany. Inside the card...


A check for $50!

You know what this means?


Looks like we really will be meeting in person, [ profile] cellophanefuji! Yaaaaaay!
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I was lazy once again and didn't post yesterday.

Although the only things I remember wanting to talk about are that the stiffness/soreness in my legs is completely gone now, and that the stir fry we (yes! We! I was part of it!) made was really yummy. A little spicy, but yummy. I ate everything that was in it except the onions! And it had things that I normally don't like, like carrots and tomatoes!

I now know how to listen to phone posts! Yay! I'm thinking of signing my phone up so that I can post when I'm at a convention and I have a dream I want to post or something like that. First I have to remember what my # is...LOL

By the way, I'm not going to Katsucon :( Mom said that I had a choice between Katsucon or laser tag for my birthday, and I already promised people a laser tag birthday party. So if anyone's going, hope you have fun without me!

Don't worry, [ profile] cellophanefuji, we'll meet in person someday :/
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Otogi, Yami Yugi and Jounouchi from Yu-Gi-Oh were challenged to a Shadow Game by Malik; they had to do a song on DDR, and if they messed up one step, they were sent to the Shadow Realm. Otogi was first, and he only made it halfway through the song. Jounouchi was next, and he messed up close to the end, but Yami found a way to bypass the banishment to the Shadow Realm (don't remember what it was), and thus saved Jounouchi and defeated Malik.
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No, for the thousandth time, I DON'T want to run virus scans right now!


Well, my three-day-Rowan turned out to be a two-day-Rowan, 'cause she had to leave early Sunday morning. *glare* You could have woken me up to say goodbye, you know...

Anyways, [ profile] coreybear and I meant to do an act in Puttin' on the Hits this year, but we could never find a time to practice together, so we decided it was for the best if I went solo this year. And I'll have to change the song too. I haven't gotten any practice on the song we wanted to do.

Dylan wasn't at the anime club meeting today! And we were watching the second episode of Naruto! It was actually ENJOYABLE because of Dylan's absence! WOW! What a coincidence!

I also heard that Dylan is actually getting arrested for something. And someone asked me if he had ever threatened me. Hmm...

I'm syncing stuff from Mom's "Widget" right now. Muahaha! Her entire collection is MINE now! My precciousssss......*gollum! gollum!*

[ profile] damaru uploaded new issues of the Houshin Engi scanslations! Glee! *glomp* Yu sho good to ush, Mearl-chan <3
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We have Stupid Flippant Senior Logic! Yay....-_-

We were watching Naruto in the anime club today. It was pretty good, and it had nice music, but compared to FLCL, it was a bit of a downer, especially since we didn't get to watch the last five minutes of FLCL.

But here's the thing; Dylan was being a JERK! He was yelling at the screen CONSTANTLY, making fun of EVERY little thing! Being two rows away from him, it was really annoying. And it seemed like I was the only one not laughing at him. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and snapped "Dylan! SHUT UP!" And he blurted back "I don't care! This is boring!"

Uh-huh. First of all, YOU were the one who wanted to watch Naruto instead of finishing FLCL, so I would expect YOU of all people to sit quietly and WATCH like the rest of us. Second of all, since WHEN does finding something boring give you the right to be disruptive and bother everyone else who is TRYING to ENJOY it?!?

Good thing Ms. Hardinge isn't letting him have seconds with the cookies anymore.
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ZZzzzzzz....*snort* Huh? Wha? LJ? Oh, alright.

OMG, a Yu-Gi-Oh duel in season 3 (4?) ended in......dare I say it? TWO EPISODES!!! *gasp!* It's amazing! How on earth did you manage it, Takahashi-san?

And I had a little rant about Kaiba being an ignorant git about magic stuff when it's RIGHT THERE IN FRONT OF HIM!!!! One of the reasons I can't stand him.

(To Kaiba fans who are reading this and shocked: If he ever does something nice for someone when there isn't something in it for him or Mokuba, gimme a call. Then I'll consider changing my mind)

Damien has apparently gone somewhere for the weekend, and he didn't call me to let me know >_< Grrrr......this is getting discouraging.

Today I've worked more on a project that I've been wanting to do for a while; a music video of the old Legend of Zelda cartoon. I've been getting clips from all the episodes before I get started. I have one episode left to do. But I'm really annoyed; two of the episodes have parts cut off; one with five minutes missing, the other with two minutes missing. Fortunately, the episode with two minutes off only took off minor parts (didn't help the poor quality, though >_<) and the one with all the big important stuff missing wasn't a very good episode anyway.

I saw The Tigger Movie this afternoon. It was so cyute! I loved it! And I was relieved at how it turned out. Cut for spoilers )
And Christopher Robin had a British accent? I didn't remember that :\

I think that's it. I should get the last Zelda episode put up, then I'll prolly go to bed, then tomorrow, pumpkin and job hunting, and maybe get a gown for my Halloween costume! TTFN, folks!
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Well, today--er...yesterday, has been interesting. Rowan and Damien and I went down to hook up the PS2 to play DDR, but then Rowan discovered that the discs were switched; there was a different game in the DDR case. After a lot of plan attempts and me getting overly-emotional, I finally ended up with my own copy of DDRMax ^_^ Housemate and Mom went out and bought it for me while we were babysitting [ profile] chessie_cat.

We've pretty much spent the day playing DDR, and we were going bonkers when Jordi ended up coming! Whee! And we watched disc five of .hack//SIGN, thanks to Rowan! ^________^ Disc five was kinda scary! Why the heck was Jordi giggling through the scariest scenes?!? But they FINALLY mention Aura's name! That was cool, 'cause it was driving me crazy that she had a name, and I only knew it because of online information, but they never mentioned her name! Can't wait till later when we'll watch disc six!!! ^__^

Anyway, since I now have a copy of DDR in my possession (THANK YOU MOM AND HOUSEMATE!!!*biiiiiiig hugs*), I have made a new journal, [ profile] dancingsaria. This one is to record my progress in DDR. Including weight loss, which would probably be the most interesting to people. But, you know, whatever.

I'm exhausted from playing like a mad monkey, so I'm gonna go to sleep. G'night!

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