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True Heroes archive of current script and brainstorming.

WIP script
WIP soundtrack

8/4/16 - first mention of making a game out of the idea
8/5/16 - fuller description of the premise, after some concerns about being too angsty
8/6/16 - concerned babbling about save system
8/8/16 - worries about characterization and fridging that turns into discussion of True Heroes.
8/23/16 - brainstorming a title
9/2/16 - admission of really wanting Flowey and Undyne to fight at some point
9/5/16 - brainstorming Mettaton's role in the story
9/6/16 - realization regarding monsters and compassion
9/8/16 - discussing Flowey's role in the story
9/15/16 - Alphys must at one point Take Action
9/17/16 - brainstorming about Flowey and deciding on timeline
9/23/16 - realization that 01 and 02 are still alive
9/24/16 - TEMMIE ARMY!!!
9/27/16 - discussion of how explicit to make memories of previous runs, snippet of feelsy dialogue
10/2/16 - tutorial=Alphys fanfiction?
10/5/16 - rambling about music
10/14/16 - justification for the player starting genocide
10/15/16 - the idea of Frisk making an appearance
10/31/16 - surface worldbuilding
11/14/16 - Monster Kid and their family
11/20/16 - how or if the player should be discussed
12/8/16 - Does even Death ditch Jerry?
12/9/16 - Regarding the red human soul and Asgore
4/1/17 - Possible reasons for possible timeline jumping
4/9/17 - Concerns about how to end it and how to toe the angst line.

Script samples:
11/30/16 - Dogs of Future Past easter egg
12/3/16 - Howdy!
12/5/16 - Collecting the bird
12/22/16 - Undyne meets Flowey

other things of note: RP thread between Undyne and Sans in the early days of this AU. Won't be making an appearance verbatim but trying to keep a similar idea in.
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