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Series: Undertale
Rating: PG
Genre: ...
Summary: ...
Notes: massive spoilers, but you probably knew that already. Other notes are at the end because they're spoilers about the fic itself.

Undyne was unnaturally quiet, leaning against the wall watching the monitor out of the corner of her eye as she turned a blue spear idly in her hands. Alphys, meanwhile, was active and vocal enough for the both of them, hurrying back and forth muttering frantically about contingencies and routes as she rushed to cram supplies into a tote bag.

Neither of them thought this was how their day was going to go. It had started like any other day, until frantic reports came in from Snowdin...a human had arrived in the Underground. Of course, there were plans in motion for humans. But those plans never accounted for humans who wantonly destroyed everything in their path. There were questions whether it was even human at all, with that strange look in their eyes that made scales crawl.

By the time any plan could be set into action, it was too late for most of Snowdin...Papyrus never stood a chance. But they had a plan now...Alphys was instructed to lead the evacuation. They just needed time to get out before the human found them. And Undyne knew exactly one person fit for the job of giving them that time.

“Ok...ok...” Alphys stuttered as she rushed down the stairs, grabbing a few final packages of instant ramen and her Mew Mew Kissy Cutie figurine, “I think that's e-everything. I-I'll be ready to go if...if...”

If Undyne failed. She was trying not to think about that detail. Papyrus's death was a humbling reminder of how easily any of them could go out in an instant...but she wasn't Papyrus. She had to beat this human. She would.

She stepped forward, coming behind Alphys as she watched the monitor. They were close to the border of Waterfall now.

“You know the way, right?”

Alphys nodded, “I've got the map on my phone. A-and I've alerted everyone on Undernet to stand by.”

Undyne nodded back, “Good.”

Only the hum of the machines could be heard for a moment. Alphys didn't look up from the monitor, her clawed hands wringing and fidgeting. She was nervous. She often was, of course. Undyne wished she could say it was going to be okay...but those words weren't exactly reassuring at this moment. All she could offer was a slow, tentative hand on the shorter monster's shoulder, which made Alphys turn her head away, adjusting her glasses idly.

“...y-you should go.”


“Please be careful out there. I-I'll watch you fight on the cameras.”

Undyne smiled, though it didn't quite meet her eye.

“I'll give you a hell of a show.”

Another moment of silence passed. Undyne knew she should leave now to stand a chance of catching up with the human before anyone else died. But her body couldn't will itself to move. Not yet.


Undyne gripped Alphys's lab coat, tugging to turn her to face her. She looked up at Undyne in bewilderment. Undyne looked down to the floor, stooping to Alphys's height, taking the dinosaur's face gently but firmly in her hands.

Then Alphys suddenly went rigid as Undyne held her tighter and pulled her closer, pressing her lips hard against hers. Alphys didn't pull away or hit her, though. In fact she didn't move at all. Not until a second or more passed and Undyne broke off the kiss. Then Alphys raised a shaking hand to her mouth, her eyes wide and glassy, while Undyne still held her, meeting her eyes. Neither of them noticed the activity from the cameras – a monster child following excitedly in the human's tracks.

“Be safe, okay? No matter what happens.”

Alphys stuttered to find her words, one hand rising to meet Undyne's.


“...I know. Me too.”

That was all she could say. They were running out of time. Undyne rose, reluctantly breaking eye contact and turning to run, grabbing her helmet and slipping through the laboratory doors.

Notes: A friend noticed that in a neutral run, if you kill Undyne, she says “Alphys...this is what I was afraid of...this is why I never told you...” implying that Undyne never told Alphys her feelings because she knew that as captain of the royal guard, there was always a chance she would die and leave Alphys all alone. But a lot is different in a neutral run vs. a genocide run; in a genocide run, all the matters the cast has been dwelling on for years are set aside because there's a real emergency and monsterkind is being slaughtered. And perhaps Undyne losing her best friend without ever being able to say goodbye to him would make her change her mind and decide it's better she say it than die with regrets. Or maybe it's her way of promising for herself and Alphys that she'll come back (even if she failed on that part). Or maybe I just wanted to write depressing ship fic and said 'fuck it'.

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