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Okay gang. Here's the deal. I have a bunch of stuff that's been burning a hole in my room for years. I don't have any use for it anymore, and some of it is stuff I can't donate or pawn somewhere because they're old and beat up. I have my doubts about eBay taking some of it too. But I don't have the heart to just throw it away, either, especially since some of it is really rare and might be valuable to somebody at least.

So below, I have a list and pictures of all the things that I have for sale. Prices do not include shipping, but if everything fits in a single package shipping is $6; priority mail USPS packaging. Prices are listed at the top by groups of items unless listed otherwise, and some flexibility possible if I'm overcharging. If you're interested in anything, send me a private message. I take paypal and checks. I'll keep this page updated as much as possible if things are sold.

Beanie Babies and other stuffed animals - $5 each, $6 each for ones still in the packaging

White tiger

VHS Tapes - $10 each
Dragonball Z: Dead Zone - uncensored, Pioneer English dub

Dragonball Z: Frieza Desperation - uncensored, Funimation English dub

Dragonball Z: World's Strongest - Pioneer English dub

Dragonball Z: Arrival - Pioneer English dub

Dragonball Z: Pendulum Room - Pioneer English dub, case missing - $3

Sailor Moon: Jupiter and Venus Arrive! - DiC English dub, case heavily damaged - $3

Sailor Moon: A Moon Star is Born - DiC English dub, some damage to the case - $6

Timeless Tales: The Emperor's New Clothes

Timeless Tales: The Elves and the Shoemaker

Timeless Tales: Rumplestiltskin

Timeless Tales: The Ugly Duckling

Disney's Fantasia SOLD

Santa's Surprise

Behind the Scenes with Leonardo DiCaprio

Video Games - $8 each

Gameboy Color: Pokemon Pinball - Comes with cartridge, manual and box. Rumble pack takes AAA battery

Gameboy Color - Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Dark Stories - Comes with game and manual only - $6

PS2: High School Musical 3 Dance

PS2: Guitar Hero - game only

PS2: Taiko Drum Master With Drum - one drumstick missing -$10

Trading Cards and TCGs
Harry Potter Trading Card Game Set - Comes with play mat, 9 tokens, advanced rulebook and over 300 cards - $50

Pokemon Trading Card Game Set - ~32 first and second generation cards including two holofoil enteis and one holofoil skarmory, two chansey coins, one meowth coin and one vileplume coin - $20

Sailor Moon Japanese trading cards - $8 for whole set

Books - $10

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - original British version! - $20

Kingdom Hearts Manga Volume 1

Hoshin Engi volume 11 - Viz localization

Dragonball Z tabletop RPG rulebook

Pipe Cleaners Gone Crazy - Pipe cleaners not included - $5

Other Nerdy Swag

Goku alarm clock - plays the Japanese Dragonball theme. Takes AA batteries. WARNING: REALLY FREAKING LOUD ALARM - $6

Mario Smarties Dispenser - $5

Sailor Moon temporary tattoos - $3

Naruto headband - $4

Homemade Sailor Moon curtains - 2 curtains, rod not included - $6

Pikachu bank - $4

Pokemon Battling Coin Game - Comes with Geodude, Chancy and Cubone coins - $10

Furbies - $5 each- no guarantee that they work, only three instruction books and two Furbish-English dictionaries available

Misc. Toys

Polly Pocket: Pollyville School - one character missing, AA battery operated lights - $10

Shark Attack Bowling set - shark can take a while to get moving, eye decals missing on some of the fish - $6

Discovery Toys 7 Pieces of Cleverness set - $8

Barrel of Monkeys - $5

Misc. Electronics

Office Depot Calculator - $5

AM/FM Radio - still works, takes AA batteries - $8

basic desk calculator - $5

Hobby/Arts + Crafts - $3 each:

Wooden B2 Stealth Bomber kit

Reindeer Basket - $4

Paper scissors - two regular, one crimped - $5 for all three

DIY hair clip set

Cross-stitch Angel kit - $5 SOLD

Angel mini-mop doll kit - $5

Butterfly bead kit SOLD

Whimsical Bears Christmas tree-topper kit - $5

Lisa Frank mini magnetic corkboard

Travel Spirograph - paper not included, pens may not work, one of the pieces bent - $8

Travel chalk board

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