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Ohhai Dreamwidth. I was kinda planning to eventually do an intro post on the off-chance that I might start using this thing, but right now I have a dilemma that someone said they'd help me with, so this is a teal deer about LJRP and indecision on a canon point for a character from the obscure manga Senkaiden Houshin Engi.

Ok, so right now I'm in two games. Today the game in question is [community profile] itsjustagamerp. Which I think everybody here knows. If you don't, why are you still here go app a character now. The character I'm working on an application for is Suupuushan from Senkaiden Houshin Engi.

No, not the guy in the bunny hat. The thing next to him. Yup, that's Suupuushan. He's a flying hippo and a derp who's pretty much constantly in "D8" mode. And we love him. The problem I'm having right now is his history. I just can't pick a canon point for him. I used to play him over at [profile] flamingoheights, but that game was so lax I never really thought too hard about where exactly to play him from; I don't think I ever actually SAID, either. He was pretty much a glorified NPC anyway, before he actually did get demoted to NPC.

Part of the problem I'm finding is that his character development stretches very, VERY gradually over the series. 23 books long and I'm on book 11 before we get even close to one of his major character development moments. And part of this is because he's very much just an observer for a lot of the series, he carries Taikoubou around on his back and comments on things happening. Not a lot of the things in the manga happen to HIM directly, and I always feel bad for giving a character's history through things someone ELSE did. It feels like a copout or something.

Right now I'm mostly leaning towards a bit very early on in the manga, like book 1 or 2, when Taikoubou and Suupuu were still working solo and infiltrated the palace to try to catch Dakki off guard or find a weak point. Suupuu acted as a spy and ended up getting hypnotized by Dakki and used as her personal toy while Taikoubou was arrested and thrown in a pit of POOOOOOOISONous snakes. I think it was implied that at some point he tried to dive in to save him but it's never been explicitly said. We know that Taikoubou got saved somehow and then Shinkouhyou saved Suupuu while Dakki was preoccupied with something else. I feel like this is a good point to pull him from because it's before a lot of the much, MUCH darker things started happening, and since iJAG is a light-hearted game I want to be before that point. It's also when Suupuu started to have more respect for Taikoubou and started to understand that he has a method to his madness. He's still an embarrassment to the Sennin world and doesn't act at all like a main character, but he's smarter than he looks. The problem however is that this is way, WAY early in the manga. We haven't even met most of the main cast at this point. While earlier may be better for a light-hearted game, it might be a little straining to not have any knowledge of potential canonmates. if I'd HAVE canonmates from this fandom, hurrr.

There's also a point somewhere near the end of volume 2 where they're back in the Sennin world and Suupuu gets essentially abducted by someone who always wanted a riding beast, but the problem with THAT point to me is that I'd have to dig up my Viz copy of the manga and reread it because the scans don't have it. Plus I...kind of don't like that chapter because it screams filler to me, ESPECIALLY when the scans omitted it XD I mean yes, that plot point does show up later, but I still don't like it and think it's filler.

And then the last point I'm considering is at about the halfway mark of the manga, in which it's revealed that Suupuushan is a closet badass (herp spoilers derp). This point would be best for establishing most of his character relations and stuff, but this is also a rather dark point in the series. I won't give the details, but yeah it's very much a "D8" moment for him if I pull him from there. Plus, after his closet badassery, he doesn't even remember it, and it's something he wouldn't be able to do at iJAG ANYWAY, so it feels a bit moot to use it.

The rest of the manga is extremely dark and overly complicated and I feel it wouldn't be appropriate for the story. Taikoubou goes through some major wtfery character-wise, and the series ultimately ends with him and Suupuu parting ways, and not in the "he doesn't need me anymore" way and I feel that all that would just get in the way of how I want to play Suupuu; a generally optimistic, if derpy and spazzy hippo.

Idk, I feel like I'm missing a lot of details, but given what I've put down...what would you guys think?

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