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Sorry about the last post, that was from a previous LJ account that I was transferring over. It kept coming back when I deleted it, so I've finally gone over and actually deleted the other account. I'm staying here.
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True Heroes archive of current script and brainstorming.

This isn't just about monsters anymore, is it? )
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No Title

Series: Undertale
Rating: PG
Genre: ...
Summary: ...
Notes: massive spoilers, but you probably knew that already. Other notes are at the end because they're spoilers about the fic itself.

Oh, and it's Undyne/Alphys )
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So today I found Achievement Hunter's Let's Play of a game called Until Dawn. It's a game I only recently really heard of but it's an interesting enough idea. The premise is that you play a band of teenagers in a cabin in the woods and - you guessed it - end up smack dab in the middle of a slasher film. And the pushing point of the game is its overarching theme of the butterfly effect; throughout the game you're prompted to make choices about what to do and those choices influence the story. Which in and of itself is an idea that sounds really awesome, but here's the thing. The game is basically an interactive choose-your-own adventure book.

And that's not INHERENTLY a bad thing. It's an interesting premise, there are relationship meters between all the characters that are affected by your actions and those will influence what happens, who dies, all that good stuff. I'm curious to see what choices the Achievement Hunter gang will make and how it'll turn out. But here's my gripe; the game's entire selling point, its entire core, is about choice. And at the end of the day, what are your choices, really? "What button do you press when you're prompted?"

Take for example one particular puzzle that I just watched in the Let's Play. spoiler warning just in case )
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Okay gang. Here's the deal. I have a bunch of stuff that's been burning a hole in my room for years. I don't have any use for it anymore, and some of it is stuff I can't donate or pawn somewhere because they're old and beat up. I have my doubts about eBay taking some of it too. But I don't have the heart to just throw it away, either, especially since some of it is really rare and might be valuable to somebody at least.

So below, I have a list and pictures of all the things that I have for sale. Prices do not include shipping, but if everything fits in a single package shipping is $6; priority mail USPS packaging. Prices are listed at the top by groups of items unless listed otherwise, and some flexibility possible if I'm overcharging. If you're interested in anything, send me a private message. I take paypal and checks. I'll keep this page updated as much as possible if things are sold.

click here )
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I now have a backloggery account, which can be found at

This is way better than Dreamwidth for keeping track of my games, so updates will be over there from now on.
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I have a story that I wish to tell everyone. Something that I’ve had on my chest for several years, and despite all my attempts at purging it it’s been clinging to me for dear life. I need someone to hear it, especially those dearest to me, because I feel it explains everything about me and how I interact with people and why I’m so easily broken by such little things. Maybe it isn’t everything, but it’s one thing I can pinpoint to for certain and say “yes, this is affecting me.” I’m tearing up even now as I’m typing this, and I haven’t even gotten to the real meat of the post. I don’t know if saying something now will fix it, but maybe if people understand where I’m coming from we can all move forward when I have my bad moments of feeling like I’ve ruined everything.

It's a long, rambling, emotional story... )
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Heya friends,

If you've been following me on plurk, you know one of the things I will never shut up about is Chessiecon and the video game room I'm putting together for it.

I'll be blunt. I don't have nearly enough games or consoles for it. Most of mine are really old and don't even have multiplayer. So I'm here now requesting help.

I need consoles, especially more recent releases, games, and controllers. If you have some lying around the house that you're not using anymore, I'd love to have them. PM me or email me at I'll be glad to work out the details of sending them to me with you and I'll find a way to compensate and/or thank you in the hopefully-not-too-distant-future.

If you live in or are in hassle-free-enough driving distance to Gaithersburg or Timmonium, MD, and would like to lend some things to me over the weekend of November 28-30th, please message me as well and we can figure out details. I will be obsessively keeping track of who gives me what and keep a close eye on them so that they can be returned to you safe and sound when the convention is over. I specify local people for loans because I don't have much money on my hands and thus can't really afford shipping on mailing things back and forth; I want to ensure that it's easy to get the equipment back to everyone who loaned it to me.

Any and all help would be appreciated in this endeavor. Thank you for your time.
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Does anybody happen to know where Plurk's HQ is? I'm legitimately wondering if their server's kaput because of the winter storm going around. That's the only guess I even HAVE because they are apparently completely dead and there is no news as to why.
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Andrew MakubeX Loveless
Beloved Dell Vostro and Sanity Saver

He was a trooper, alright. We thought he was lost long ago but then made a miraculous recovery when Matilda started failing on me. I'm amazed he lasted this long at all, and it's a shame that he had to go because of a stupid deviantArt virus. Unless there was just something else going on on top of that that he never told me about.

Thank you for sticking with me so long, MakubeX. I'm sorry to see you go, but I saw long ago that it was getting to be your time as you fell apart at the hinges and got slower and slower. It was a good, long run. Rest in peace.

(all of you can kindly keep your laughter to yourself right now. this is how I'm coping because I'm seriously frustrated with the whole computer situation.)
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I've been thinking about this for a while lately, and I thought I'd share it, because it's one of those few times in school where I've actually felt trapped in a box with Da Rulez. And I could see a million ways out that I couldn't use because Da Rulez said it wasn't allowed. I've been seething a bit about it for a long time, especially since I got into an argument about it with someone a while back and I still don't understand where they were coming from on it. I really wanna know if there's just something I'm not seeing or if she was just full of it.

aggressiveness and frustration within )
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! - Storyline episode. This episode contains scenes that move the AT4W plotline forward or at least foreshadow things to come or expand on the universe.
* - Crossover episode. Linkara reviews something with one or more other producers from TGWTG in this episode. More often than not these crossovers are movie reviews, and they do not affect the AT4W storyline unless otherwise stated
% - Anniversary special. For the past several years during the anniversary of the TGWTG website, twenty or so producers on the site would get together for crossovers and celebrations. The centerpiece of their gatherings is always a big movie starring all of them. These are part of AT4W canon according to Word of God, but do not necessarily affect current storylines.
Miller Time - An episode in which Linkara reviews a comic by notoriously heinous writer Frank Miller.
PSA Hell - An episode in which Linkara reviews a PSA comic.
Secret Origins Month - Every November, Linkara reviews the very first comic in which a big name superhero or superhero team appeared and discusses how the character and their universe has grown since and whether their introduction still holds water.

Hello and welcome to Atop the Fourth Wall where bad comics burn... )
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From [personal profile] skidmo_fic, it's the 69 Love Songs writing challenge, featuring the music of The Magnetic Fields. The titles, the lyrics, or just the music are used as prompts for fic. I figured I'd start doing this along with 100moods just because 100moods is more than halfway done and I often end up with bunnies that don't fit what I have leftover, and the rest I'm currently dry for.

Because I clearly don't have enough shit to do )
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Man, it's ALWAYS when I'm on my phone and bored before class. Dammit Plurk.
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Ohhai Dreamwidth. I was kinda planning to eventually do an intro post on the off-chance that I might start using this thing, but right now I have a dilemma that someone said they'd help me with, so this is a teal deer about LJRP and indecision on a canon point for a character from the obscure manga Senkaiden Houshin Engi.

IT BEGINS. I'll try to keep spoilers to a minimum but there will be a few. )

Idk, I feel like I'm missing a lot of details, but given what I've put down...what would you guys think?

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